Roulette is one of the best-known casino games out there. The game requires three elements: a roulette table (complete with roulette wheel and ball of course), a group of enthusiastic players and a croupier.These three elements you encounter when you step into a casino to play a game of roulette .You can also deal with a real croupier and other players online. Because the gambling experience is as complete as possible, it is possible at most online casinos to play live roulette. But whether you go for live roulette or the regular online version, it always starts with understanding the game rules.

French roulette with one zero and American roulette with two zeros

There are two classic variants of the roulette game: French roulette and American roulette. Both variants are very similar. Yet the layout of the roulette table is slightly different. French roulette (also called European roulette) consists of 37 numbers, while the other game variant has one more. The difference is in the number ‘0’.

French roulette is traditionally played with one zero, while there are two in American roulette. This extra box automatically has consequences for the odds. If you bet on a number, then at French roulette you have a chance of 1 in 37 (or 2,70%) that the ball comes on your box. Are you going for American roulette? Then the probability drops to 1 in 38 (or 2.63%). The chance of winning lies maybe not much lower, but in the gambling world this can make the difference.

From scientific experiment to popular gambling

The roulette game has become a real classic in the casino world. It is most likely that it originated in eighteenth-century France. But the idea behind the roulette game has been around a bit longer. It was the well-known mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal who studied the so-called cycloid some 150 years earlier .This is a mathematical figure that follows the path that is traveled through a fixed point on a circle. Do you not immediately have an image here? Do not worry, because it is far more important to know that Pascal designed a wheel for his experiments that he called roulette .With this wheel he went looking for a way to create eternal movement.

Blaise Pascal’s wheel was intended for serious scientific experiments.How it eventually ended up in a gambling game is therefore unclear. The fact is that this roulette wheel suddenly appeared in the casinos of Paris at the end of the eighteenth century. Jaques Lablee even published a book in 1796 entitled ‘la Roulette, ou le jour’.In it he described the roulette wheel that was used by the Parisian elite at the Palais Royal.Strangely enough it was not about the variant we now know as French roulette. It was the variant with two zeroes that became so popular among the French elite. Some 50 years later, in 1843, there was for the first time a roulette wheel with a single zero. The idea behind this was simple. The French brothers François and Louis Blanc (whose first nickname was The Magician of Monte Carlo) sought a way in which a casino in the German Bad Homburg could compete with other casinos. Of course, distinguishing yourself is always a smart move. And that’s exactly what happened when not two zeros but only one appeared on the roulette table. This new roulette game was successful. This is now the most played variant in Europe.

How does the roulette game work again?

For over two centuries, roulette is a popular game among gamblers. The advantage is that you do not have to think of strategies, like you should, for example, with poker. Roulette is such a game where it is purely about luck. You put your chips on one of the many squares on the playing field and then you have to wait. As soon as every player has bet, the famous words ‘ rien ne va plus’ sound and nothing more can be changed. Now it’s up to the roulette ball. The croupier drops the ball into the rotating roulette wheel and then everyone’s eyes are only directed at this. The slower the wheel starts turning, the greater the tension becomes. You see your number getting closer, but will the ball really stop there or is it missing your box and are you going home with nothing?

The roulette wheel consists of the numbers 0 to 36. The zero has a green color, while the other numbers are red or black. And that is not only because it is aesthetically more beautiful. The colors black and red are also simply an option to put your chips on.

What do you focus on and what does it yield?

If you go for a game of roulette, you must always bet smartly. The playing field offers you many different possibilities. So you can bet the chips on:

  • One of the numbers on the playing field (square)
  • Two numbers that are below or next to each other, for example 1 and 4 (cheval)
  • A row of three adjacent numbers, for example 25, 26 and 27 (transversal)
  • Two complete rows among themselves, for example 13, 14, 15 + 16, 17, 18 (transversal simple)
  • Four numbers that adjoin each other in a square, for example 1, 2, 4 and 5 (carré)
  • A complete column with 12 numbers (column)
  • Two adjacent columns (colonne à cheval)
  • The color red (rouge) or black (noir)
  • An even (pair) or odd number
  • All numbers from 1 to 18 (manque) or all numbers from 19 to 36 (passe)

You obviously take much more risk if you bet your chip on a single number than on a complete column. But that extra risk is rewarded by the casino with a higher payout. And that difference can increase considerably. In black / red, even / odd and manque / passe you get the bet once paid.In column this is twice, while carré and transversale can yield the bet eight and eleven times. Do you dare to take the risk by going for a cheval ?There is an amount of no less than seventeen times the stake waiting for you. It is of course the ultimate guess when you bet your chip on one number. The chance of losing is big, but your lucky number can generate a lot of money. The casino has 35 times the stake for so that a decade is worth 350 euros. Let alone what that means if you bet with larger amounts.

Live roulette and other variants

The croupier plays an important role in the roulette game. The feeling is simply less magical when you play against a computer in an online casino. But something has come to mind: live roulette. Via a video connection you end up at a real gaming table, where a nicely dressed croupier is waiting for you. You hear the words ‘ rien and va plus’ and you see live how the ball lands in the roulette wheel and eventually stops.Often you can also communicate with the croupier and with other players via a live chat. You have that unadulterated casino feeling, but in the comfortable environment of your own home.

Live roulette is popular, although there are many more variants to choose from. In casinos you sometimes encounter names such as multi-wheel roulette , double ball roulette and 3D roulette . These kinds of games look extra spectacular, but the basis is always the same. So make sure you first master the classic version before switching to one of these flashy roulette games.

With which strategy do you start the roulette game?

We told you earlier that roulette is purely about luck. You can of course use your chip strategically by going for a complete column or all red numbers. This way you increase the chances of winning, but the luck factor is still decisive.Despite that, there are players who stick to a game strategy confidently. The best known strategies are the Fibonacci series and the Martingale system.

All strategies in the roulette game are aimed at ultimately gaining profit. You do this by smart use. With the Martingale system, you double the bet every time you lose a game. The time you win, you automatically correct the previous losses. The Fibonacci series is very similar to the Martingale system. Only there is no doubling now, but you use the number sequence 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – and so on to determine the bet. Both strategies are only suitable for 50/50 bets. These are bets such as red or black and even or odd.

Whether you play with a strategy or not: the roulette game always creates tension. Everyone can play and win the game. Who knows, you might be lucky and go home with the win.

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