VIP Roulette

Playing VIP Roulette

The very nature of a VIP program is to offer a superior gaming experience with added extras, which is what Evolution Gaming have emphasised on when creating Live Roulette VIP. This standard European roulette game will take you into a casino floor where not only can you engage in conversation with the dealer at your table, but you get to see the other tables and dealers in action in the background – this adds an element of realism to your gameplay. The camera will change as your play, focusing on the dealer from the front and sides, as well as close up views of the roulette wheel and the ball. Minimum bets will set you back 10.00 and the maximum bet you can place per game is 20,000.

How to Play VIP Roulette

VIP Roulette comes from an elegant casino studio which is created to look like a land-based casino. The walls and floors and decorated in rich reds and glorious golds, to give a touch of elegance. The dealer will welcome you to the table and will indicate when the bets are open and closed. Settings allow you to view the wheel from an angle that suits you – simply click the camera icon to the top right of the screen to change the current view. Use the betting chips to the lower of the screen to place your bets, by dragging them to the table. Players have approximately 20 seconds to place bets, if for any reason you are not happy with your choice, you can click the undo button to reset the table. As soon as the ball comes to a stop and the winning number is displayed, you can place bets for the next round. Total bets and balance are housed to the lower left of the screen and opposite this, you will find neighbour and special bets, favourite and special bets, statistics, auto play, add a table option and the lobby. Use the chat feature to talk to other players or the host. Analyse the history graphics to place successful bets – a list of hot and cold numbers will always be shown.

Playing VIP Roulette on Mobile

VIP Roulette on mobile is accessible in landscape mode and the gameplay, layout and bets available are identical to the desktop version. Instead of using a mouse to place your bets and accessing settings, you simply use your finger. The layout is a little compact and the wheel is very small, unless you have the camera angle set to the wheel only – if you choose this option, the betting table becomes small. However you decide to play VIP Roulette, you will enjoy the engaging experience and quality of the live streaming. When accessing the chat feature, you will notice that the table and wheel is partially hidden, but once you have finished typing, the screen will return to normal.

Verdict on VIP Roulette in Live Casino

In the casino industry, the VIP status is applied to someone who has remained loyal for a sustained period of time and has placed numerous bets, which means in turn means those VIP players will have spent a fair amount of cash to be crowned a VIP, so learning the VIP Roulette was a high roller game was no surprise. Not all players can afford to place bets of at least 10.00, but VIP’s can. High rollers who love to bet big can certainly scoop huge cash in this exciting variant of the game, but the constant switching of camera angles can get a little annoying. Thankfully, players have the option of switching view, back to the standard layout with the betting table to the bottom, chat to the left, history to the right and a small screen top central for the dealer and the wheel – that being said, the camera still rotates. Live VIP Roulette is designed to bring the casino floor into your own home, thanks to other dealers in the background, but it does look cluttered – for us, a VIP experience would be more of a one-on-one experience, not lots of dealers and lots of noise.


Software: Evolution Gaming
Min. Bet: €10
Max. Bet: €20000
Mobile: Yes
Live Chat: Yes
Language: English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish
Player Type: High Roller
Game Type: Live Casino

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