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Play online slots at your favorite online casino

Classic slot machines as found in pubs are fairly simple. The government have by now imposed stricter rules on the placement of slot machines. Thankfully you can still find them in online casinos. And if you play the game online, there obviously will not be an actual lever and you simply operate the game with one push on the button. If you play online slots and win at the right moment, you might just walk away with hundreds of thousands of euros.

World of Slots

The entry level for most online gamblers is the humble slot. That should be the not-so-humble slot these days because the machine that once sat in the corner of a bar waiting for an unsuspecting passer-by to pull a handle to spin the reels is now a surround-sound, animated graphics, bonus-game-packed, multi-platform monster. Or maybe it isn’t. Because today’s slot market also takes in machines that really are as simple as that original one-armed bandit. Just click, spin, and see if you win. What a varied market. And what an exciting time to be alive.

We've selected the most exciting and famous online slots for you!

How to play slots

While slots can be simple they are generally very simple to play. A lot of the complexity of the games is essentially automatic, and most players will get by without too much trouble. However, it’s worth going over the basics. Most slots will be operated via a line of buttons at the bottom of the screen. The main button – usually green – will be the “start”, “play” or “spin” button, which does exactly what you imagine it does. Elsewhere you’ll likely see buttons to set the amount you’re going to wager on that spin. Your betting might be done as a simple total, or it might be done by pay-line. Most machines have multiple pay-lines, which you’ll be able to survey by clicking on the help or “information” button. You can usually select your bet by selecting both a bet amount and the number of lines on which you want to stake that amount. A “max bet” button might cut out some work for you and give you the top stake in a shortcut.

You’ll also find, in most cases, an autoplay button that will allow you to set the reels spinning without having to click again, often with quite sophisticated controls. The most important button on the screen may well be the “?” though. Either in that form or in the three horizontal lines of the modern menu selection icon you’ll find information, and the information is power, in online gaming as much as anywhere else.

Slot machine secrets and how to win on slots

The best way to win on slots is to play them and keep playing them. Unfortunately, that is also the best way to lose on slots. We’d love to give you a nice easy way to guarantee a win when you click to spin. Sadly, no such trick exists. There’s a lot you can do to play safely and to extend your playing time, but when it comes down to it you’re up against luck – you might win a life-changing amount of money on your first ever wager! That’s the magic of gambling. And, especially online, you can’t get around the randomness!

What we will advise you to do to get the best experience out of your slot machine experience is to be well-informed, to play the market, and to use your money safely and wisely. The first thing we’ll tell you – and we’ll tell you for free – is that you won’t win anything at an unlicensed or scammer site! So make sure you’re playing safe. You won’t lose money playing free games. An obvious thing to say, but it bears repeating, so sign on and check out games for free whenever you can. You should also make sure that you know the rules of the game you are playing because not knowing what you are doing is a quick way to lose money. But when it comes to secrets, tricks, betting strategies, timing, and the like – it’s all random. Accept that and enjoy your games, that’s the real secret of successful slots playing.

Type of Slots

Here are some of the most popular type of online slots:

3 Reel Slots

The online video slots games you love so much have a long history. In the real world, they’ve been playing slots since 1895.

When Charles Fey invented that first machine in San Francisco he used three reels.

There is so much about that first machine, called the Liberty Bell, that you would recognise in today’s simpler slots. And you still can play 3 reel slots today.

These machines are more common in the real world than on websites, but the growth of mobile browsing has made simpler machines much more popular so we’re happy to see 3-reelers back and hope you enjoy playing them.

5 Reel Slots

Much more common than 3 reel slot games these days are ones with 5 reels.

The standard modern set-up for an online video slot is a 5-reeler. They’re usually, but not always, 5 by 3 grids that put 15 symbols on the screen.

Five reels mean more symbols, more colours, more pay-lines, more possible combinations… so it’s an attractive choice for players. But the possibility of a better deal for players doesn’t always mean that it’s going to be delivered. Check the rules and the theoretical return to player on the machine you’re playing on to make sure you know what the chances of winning are.

6 Reel Slots

One more reel! Players – perhaps – asked for it, and they got it.

Six wheel slots are relatively new and still quite uncommon. You are very unlikely to see a 6 reel slot game in real life, but in online reel life, you might easily come across one.

The good news for players is that the gameplay won’t change in any meaningful way for players. You should always make sure you know the rules, and you on unfamiliar machines take the time to check out all the pay lines.

Again, another reel adds more possible winning combinations, and also more space for nice, pretty symbols, but it is unlikely to majorly affect your chances of winning.

7 Reel Slots

Novelty hungry players now have the option of playing 7 reel slots. This option really is one you might want to consider playing only at a desk-to site because there’s a lot of information to squeeze onto a mobile slot screen.

But tech is getting faster and more sophisticated, so the option to add more, more, more is very tempting.

Putting these extra reels on makes the games more likely to be low-variance, that is they pay out smaller wins more often, so it’s a good option if you’re not a high roller.

Again, check the pay lines, the pay tables, and the rules before you play any game and you should be able to navigate any 7-reel slot as easily as a 3-reel.

3D Slots

So another level of sophistication gets added to the slot world.

Graphics are an added extra when it comes to online video slots. You could play the game with just a row of ever-changing binary numbers – that’s what is actually going on behind the scenes in the games you are playing.

But players love good-looking slots. Animations have arrived, moving symbols have arrived, and so once 3-dimensional graphics were possible it was only a matter of time before they appeared on online video slots.

The only time graphics become a problem is when they interfere with your concentration on the game. So we do highly recommend that you play some 3D slots for free before you start stumping up too much money.

We know that simpler machines have had a bit of a revival in the mobile age, simply because smaller screens are better suited to simpler graphics. So whether you play by download or in a browser, don’t play a game that doesn’t render well on your screen.

There is a load of 3D slots now, including 3D versions of lots of classic games, and you should be able to play them on all operating systems on platforms. Dig in and give them a try.

Fruit Slots

We reported above that the oldest game in the world was invented in 1895 and was called the Liberty Bell. And those were the winning symbols: three patriotic American Liberty Bells lining up against a backdrop of playing card symbols.

So the pattern was set from the start. But not long after this breakthrough fruits started to elbow their way into the slots world. They became so popular that in the UK it’s still common to refer to any slot machine as a fruit machine.

The symbols aren’t quite the mystery you might think them to be though. America has a long history of banning gambling. So they banned the first slot machines. The fruits were a way of getting around that ban by removing the cards.

Cool, huh!

They still persist to this day. Oranges, lemons, melons and cherries go whizzing around on millions of online reels every day.

Unlike cards there’s no natural order to fruits, so make sure you check the pay-table to check the scores before you play. Higher paying symbols are most often the figure 7 and variations on bars, another long-lived favourite of the slots world.

Fruit slots are great fun. They’re usually colourful and relatively simple to play, but a whole new wave of them is throwing sophisticated gameplay into the mix alongside these much-loved reel symbols.

Penny Slots

A free game is the best game of all. Perhaps next best is a penny slot.

It might not cost a literal penny to spin to win on these games, but it will be cheaper than the average game, which can cost many dollars, pounds or euros to spin even once.

Penny slots dominate the real world casinos of Las Vegas, which, in reality, aren’t quite the high-rolling glamorous places that they’d like us to believe they are. And now they’ve gone online.

Playing for pennies is a good way to explore the market, but go in with your eyes open. If there are multiple pay-lines it’s very easy to turn a bet of a few pennies into something more substantial, so make sure you do your sums.

Classic Slots

We’ve looked at a number of variations of slot machines. Despite a history of over 120 years, slot machines – even online – haven’t changed a great deal in some ways. There may be a whole load of bells and whistles on the front screen, but the gameplay and the mechanics behind the scene would be recognisable to a player who put a nickel in that first card machine back in 1895.

So a classic slot is something of a misnomer in some ways – all slots are classic. What we’re looking at most of all is a classic or old-fashioned design.

So what should you expect from a classic slot?

It will have either three or five reels. Anything with six or seven reels is not really a classic.

You’ll also see a traditional design. Fruit symbols – as mentioned above – are very classic; cards, bells, bars, sevens… all very traditional and classic.

You might expect the gameplay to be relatively simple. If a machine has several bonus rounds and wilds that do the dance of the seven veils before exploding onto the reels it’s not a classic.

Controls should be simple too. You won’t have too many decisions to make with a classic slot. You might just have a start button to push!

Some classic slots go beyond the call of duty and completely replicate some of the classic machines that stood in bars, arcades and casinos many years ago, down to the quite frankly infuriating beeping soundtrack.

That’s too classic for us, but you may have your own views on that.

Classics keep coming because they deliver everything you could possibly want from a slot game. That includes big wins. These games caught on because they’re good fun to play, easy to pick up and have plenty of suspense, and if you put your money in you have as much chance of picking up a giant jackpot as if you were playing on the flashiest machine on your favourite casino site.

Video Slots

All online slots are video slots really. But in the context of game style, they are a little more sophisticated than the classic slot.

All those features that we’ve listed about as not featuring on classic slots are ones you’re likely to see featured on video slots.

That’s not to say that video slots should be considered difficult or complex to play. They’ve maintained the simple gameplay that we all love in our online video slots. You press a play button, a load of stuff goes on, and some outcomes are rewarded.

The difference between a classic slot game and a video slot game really lies in that central section. A load of stuff will happen invisibly and that will be much the same, but a video slot is likely to have a lot more visible stuff going on!

If you like animations, moving symbols, symbols that rumble or drop into place, and extra video effects too.

Gameplay is likely to be a little more complicated too. There will almost always be a bonus game, and quite possibly four or five of them. And these bonus games will be more complicated and might make some demands of the player – video slots are moving closer to video games in some parts of the industry.

Wilds might work in multiple ways too.

All this shouldn’t put you off playing video slots! They’re great fun, and it’s a stupid designer who actually makes a game that’s difficult to play.

However, as we say with every game or style we cover we will say READ THE RULES of video slots carefully and make sure you know what you’re doing. If a bonus round needs you to make some decisions, you don’t want them to be rushed.

We love video slots. There’s nothing wrong with sophisticated and enjoyable graphics and – as long as they don’t get in the way of getting on with games – a good intro sequence and some animation add to the experience too.

Progressive/jackpot slots

You click, the reels spin, and you win. Or you don’t. That’s the deal. The prizes are set by a pay-table that’s based loosely on the odds of the particular combination that pops up on your spin.

Progressives are a bit more exciting than that. If any game can actually deliver life-changing wins it’s a progressive slot.

This is because of the way the machine works.

Progressives contain a form of lotto in the prize make up. Each time you play a tiny amount of your stake is taken off you and added to a prize pot. This is the progressive jackpot. It pays out rarely, but when it does it might be a massive amount.

Because you’re paying into a pool you’ll find that the theoretical return to player is going to look a little lower than on non-progressive slots.

Lots of progressive slots operate on their own. That is, the cash from each player builds up over time, but only in the specific machine, you are playing. Locally networked progressives can network up over a particular casino site. And wide area progressives tie together a load of sites.

The first two of those types are more common in real-life casinos. The internet has opened up massive networks, and this is how online progressive jackpots are able to build up such huge jackpots, including what are probably two of the biggest wins in gambling history, both of them on the way to €20million from a single spin.

Not all progressive slots will offer such easy wins, and you might find yourself going through several stages of bonus play before you’re able to actually play for the progressive. Some pay out a guaranteed number of times a year.

Play progressive slots in the same way that you would play any other slots. That means to play them primarily for fun. Factor in that slightly lower RTP if you’re making your choices and make sure you’re clear that the big prize is very unlikely to be yours. But if it is…!

What is an online slots tournament?

A further way to turn slots into some sort of communal play is by joining an online slots tournament.

Playing slots in real life can be a rewarding social experience. That’s harder to do online, but it’s no longer impossible, and players are getting more and more from social features like chat in their online casino experience.

Tournaments are a way to do that more often.

Tournaments allow you to take on other players. The usual deal is: a site sets up a tournament on a certain game. Players are allowed to play that game for a set period of time. Points are awarded for wins. At the end of the tournament the player with the most points – or the highest balance increase – wins the tournament.

This will probably mean that the winner gets a cash prize! Though if you’re the lucky winner you might find yourself granted bonus funds or free spins.

It’s a fun way to play, particularly if the time limit is a very short one, meaning there’s almost a feel of being in a race. Longer tournaments often allow you to buy in extra spins if you’re not doing so well and you want to make up ground.

It’s a different experience in a slots tournament. In some ways, it’s more akin to playing a free game because you don’t gamble on each spin but on a final outcome in the game.

Online slots tournaments aren’t necessarily for everyone, but it’s a very good extra for a site to offer in our opinion, showing some variety in gameplay options for players.

It might seem to go against the very idea of what is so often a solitary pursuit but we recommend giving these a go. Your loss potential is often limited by the lack of individual betting, you might win a big prize, and you might get to meet some great people on your casino site!

Why play free slots?

You are probably wondering why we’re bothering to ask this question.

Well, don’t worry because the answer is exactly as simple you imagine it to be.

You should absolutely play online free slots. It’s almost always a good deal.


So remember that not every deal is what it seems. Free is never really free. If you have to sign up to a site then you are giving them something for your “free” games. They will use the information that you give them to try to market more of their services to you. You should also know that handing over information these days comes with its own set of risks.

So when you’re playing free games you should have your wits about you perhaps even more than when you sign up for the full casino experience.

But don’t let this put you off. A lot of the time you can play free games not just at casinos in free mode but also at review and preview sites.

That’s something you should definitely do because it seems to be as close to catch free as it’s possible for a deal to be. Yes, the game will be offered to you free in the hopes that you will play it for cash somewhere down the line, but as long as you’re aware of that then you should be good to go.

Use free games well, and learn your way around a game, how it works, what to expect in a bonus game and more.

Throughout our guides, we always emphasise the power of knowledge. A player who doesn’t know games will not get the most out of playing them. Reading about games is a good start but it will never equal the depth of experience you can get for playing for free. Do it now!

Why claim free spins and online slots bonuses?

Again, an obvious question has an obvious answer.

It’s a good idea to claim free spins and online slots wherever you see them. With – of course – a few caveats.

Let’s go through the positives first. Free stuff is great. Free spins – especially if they’re without restrictions – are a wonderful way to discover games. They might even give you some big wins. Look out for them around new titles in particular. Also when you sign up at sites or when new sites appear.

The same is true for online slots bonuses. You will probably have to deposit some cash of your own, but in doing so you’ll get a big bonus – 100% is a good starting point.

But here we come across one of the issues with free spins and slots bonuses. There are catches and restrictions.

In the bonus world that often means a restriction on how much of your own money you will have to put up in order to start to claim winnings from the money you get. This is often described as a play-through restriction.

It’s a catch, but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Just be sure that you know what it is and what it means. And the same goes for free spins too – always read the rules.

The final warning we would give on claiming free gifts is that you should be aware that you may be cashing in a one-time deal for a site. The site will certainly want you to know that, because they would like you to sign up now and start playing now. They’ll tell you that this offer can never be repeated.

But that may not be the case, and when next month a better deal comes around and you’re already signed up and can’t claim it you might well regret rushing to sign a deal.

Take care and be informed and you should enjoy free spins and casino slots bonuses both.

Tips To Play Real Money Slots

In the end, while slots can be great fun, there is a reason why most people play them, and that reason is to win money.

So, in the end, after all the free spins and bonus funds in the world you’ll probably want to stick some real money in and start spinning those reels for real money prizes.

When you do that make sure you know what you are doing.

Go through all the checks you can to make sure the site you’re using is safe and legal. Make sure the money you put in your account has gone to a safe place.

Make sure you know your way around the slot you’re playing, including all your bonus rounds, extras and so on.

And enjoy yourself! Because accepting that – while you can win big money – slots are most of all a form of entertainment that will charge you an entrance fee to take part is the best way to enjoy playing them for real money.

Follow the best safe gambling rules that you can as well. Don’t gamble with borrowed money, don’t gamble when you’re upset, don’t gamble if you’re desperate for money, don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose, don’t gamble on credit.

Surely you know all these warnings by now? But do you know to take them really seriously and to run a check on them every time you play? That’s the level you ought to be checking yourself at.

The truth is that there is no way around the mathematics that makes online video slots random. You cannot beat the machine with skill, or with betting in a particular way, or with timing the game in a particular way.

It’s all down to luck, so to play real money slots successfully you need to trust yours.

Get your heart racing on your favorite casino slots!

Not too long ago, they could be found anywhere: slot machines. A lot of cafes, canteens and pubs used to reserve a corner for the fruit machine or another slot machine. And be honest… at some point in your life, you probably threw a euro or two in the machine in hopes of making three similar symbols appear. The government have by now imposed stricter rules on the placement of slot machines. They did already disappear from canteens and cafes, and even in pubs they have become much less prominent. Thankfully you can still find them in online casinos. The advantage is that there are many more different themes and better looking graphics online, compared to operating a fruit machine in real life. This is why we can safely state that the classic slot machines are ready for the future. So you are probably already familiar with the classic slot machines. Fruit matches in particular have been very popular for decades. Yet in this era of online gaming, you might be looking for flashy graphics, surprising themes and perhaps even more excitement than offered by the classic slot machine. Online casinos have been quick to jump on this potential. En masse, they have started offering video slots, the one game even more exciting and spectacular than the other. The rules for video slots barely differ from the rules for classic slot machines. Although they do contain many more technical highlights, making it more exciting to play those games. And we should not forget about the progressive jackpot. If you win at the right moment, you might just walk away with hundreds of thousands of euros.

Looking for the winning combination with slots

Classic slot machines as found in pubs are fairly simple. You throw a coin in the designated slot on the machine, which entitles you to a number of turns. Next, you pull the lever and wait to see what happens. If you play the game online, there obviously will not be an actual lever. You simply operate the game with one push on the button. The inserting of the coin has been replaced with the online version. You will instead deposit money in your player account and can buy some turns with that money. Despite the basic operations online being somewhat different from the real slot machines, the rest of the game has largely remained intact.

Slot machines mostly consist of three reels, that are put in operation through a lever or a button. On each of those rolls are symbols. For the well-known fruit machines, these are for instance cherries, melons, plums and oranges. As soon as the game starts, all of the rolls start moving independently. After a number of spins, the first, the second and finally the last roll will come to a stop. If the same symbols appear on all three of the rolls, you have a combination that might make you a profit. You definitely don’t have to celebrate this fact alone. Most slot machines will celebrate along with you, with celebratory sounds and flickering lights. You are a winner, that much is clear! 

From simple fruit machines to spectacular video slots

The spectacular video slots that are so popular nowadays, have their origins in the widely known fruit machine. Back in the day, these classic slot machines could be found in quite some cafes and canteens, and in the last decade of the previous century they made their entrance in the online casino. The games only had to be adjusted to the wishes of the online gambler. Instead of pulling a lever, a push button was introduced; and instead of throwing a coin in the slot, you can now pay through your online player account. Aside from these practical adjustments, game developers worked hard to make the slot machines as attractive as possible. More themes were added and variation only increased in recent years. Furthermore, extra features were added to many video slots in order to make the game even more exciting. Add to this the most impressive graphics livening up your screen – and it is not hard to see why hypermodern video slots have become so popular.

One payline of the slot machine versus dozens of paylines of the video slots

Video slots are derived from the classic slot machines. As such, the basics of the game are the same. You have to get identical symbols on a row, and then you win. Although there are certainly a number of differences between both games. The most important characteristic of classic slot machines is that they only have one payline. This horizontal line is often composed of three reels with symbols. Once three identical symbols appear, you have a winning combination and you win a nice prize.

Although this is already a fun gambling game, such a classic slot machine is nothing compared to the spectacular video slots. It already starts with the number of paylines. Video slots often have dozens of paylines that you can activate as you please. For each line that you activate, you have to place a bet. Therefore, it might just happen that you opt to only cash in on ten of the fifty options. Yet you should not be too careful. The more paylines are active in the game, the higher your chances of getting a few winning combinations. You would do well to cleverly split up your gambling budget. There are video slots that allow you to activate a payline for as little as one cent. You therefore do not need a lot of money to play with 10, 20, 30 or even 50 paylines. Please note that you automatically make a lower profit with a lower bet. After all, your bet determines the exact coin value. If a payline earns you a total of 500 coins, each coin will be worth more when you bet 50 cents per line than when you bet 10 cents. The art is in striking the right balance between the coin value and the number of paylines.

Discover the extra features of video slots

Video slots are much more exciting than you might expect at first. The extra features certainly contribute to this. There are three elements that you find in video slots often: wild symbols, scatter symbols and the possibility of playing bonus games.

The wild symbool

You are probably all too familiar with the moment on which the final reel comes to a stop, showing the wrong symbol. This makes all the difference between a big prize and a small or possibly even no prize at all. So you better hope that the final symbol is a wild symbol. This is some kind of joker that you can use as any required symbol. The payline cherry – cherry – wild symbol wins you the same prize as the payline cherry – cherry – cherry. And if you are lucky, the payout might even be higher. For some slot machines, the wild symbol is equipped with a multiplier. This can increase your profit two- or even threefold.

The scatter symbool

Scatter symbols play a completely unique role in the game. Or actually, two, since the scatter symbol can be used in two different ways. First of all, extra money prizes can be won without the symbol having to be on one certain payline (as is the case for the wild symbol). If the scatter appears somewhere in the game, you can already consider yourself to be lucky. Additionally, the scatter symbol might appear in the form of a nice bonus, such as free spins or a multiplier. You better hope that this symbol appears. 

Earn access to a bonus game

Online video slots are equipped with nice extras. The bonus games are certainly amongst those. These are interactive games that you can unlock by playing on the video slots. Or, put otherwise: you have to earn your access to such bonus games. Usually you have to collect bonus symbols for this, that are worth points. With sufficient points, you get free access to the bonus game. The bonus games are often themed similarly to the corresponding video slot. Of course there are some nice prizes for you to win, without having to bet extra money. 

Go for a massive profit with the progressive jackpot

The prize pool of video slots can increase significantly. If you want to play it safe, do not instantly start playing on the very first slot machine you come across. Many online casinos do in fact have a separate page with so-called jackpot slots. These are video slots that might have extremely high jackpots. Well-known jackpot slots include Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights. Many of those games work with a progressive jackpot. Each time a player does not bring in the jackpot, the prize pool increases. Because of the huge popularity of these kind of video slots, you will see the jackpot going up literally every hour. A couple of thousand euros might already sound like a tidy profit, yet this is only a mere pittance for video slots with a progressive jackpots. The amount can get as high as tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even a couple of million euros. For example, an American man walked away with 11.6 million dollar (almost 9.5 million euros) in 2016, just by playing a game of Mega Moolah.

A high jackpot stirs something in most players. Chances of you being tempted by an amount of more than a million euro are rather big. Some online casinos like to increase the tension by adding an icon that indicates that the jackpot has not fallen for a long time. The idea behind this is simple: the longer it has been since paying out the jackpot, the closer you are to the moment that it will fall again. Although it is still a gamble, because the Random Number Generator determines at random which symbols appear on your screen.

The role of the Random Number Generator

Slot machines are all about the winning combination. You just do not have any influence over the symbols appearing on your screen. With slot machines, your faith is truly in the hands of the computer, or actually the system of the casino. And this might lead to some questions and doubts. After all, do you have a fair chance of winning if the casino is the driving force behind the slot machines and you cannot influence the progression of the game in any way? If you gamble at a reliable casino, you do ont have to worry about this at all. Online casinos with a European license are subject to inspection by the gaming authorities. The casinos have to adhere to strict rules to prove that they provide a reliable and safe place for gambling. The gaming authorities especially check on fair operations of the casinos. These authorities are therefore very important for you, as a gambler.

The gaming authority is definitely not the only factor that might boost your confidence about fair odds of winning. There is still something called the Random Number Generator (RNG). This is the system behind every slot machine. The RNG is an algorithm that completely randomly determines which symbols appear on your screen. The algorithm is complex enough to ensure that no one can predict the outcome. So you are wasting your time trying to crack the Random Number Generator. The big advantage of this coincidence-calculator is that the online casino cannot influence it either. The RNG determines whether you win, not the casino itself. This means that you get a fair chance of winning with every turn. The odds of winning are therefore the same for each player. It is hard to find a fairer game. 

How about the payout percentage?

As a slot machine enthusiast, you might still be unsure about whether to go to a real casino or an online casino. In a real casino, you can feel the excitement of other players and will you be tempted by the colorful slot machines surrounding you. This does without a doubt add to your optimal gambling experience. However, are you interested in the highest odds of winning? Then you might be better off trying your luck in the online casino.

Although the odds of winning differ per slot machine, the average numbers are clear. European law determines the at least 75% of the total sum of money ending up in the slot machine has to be paid out. In practice, this number is even higher. Most casinos employ a payout percentage of between 75% and 83%. That might already sound good, yet it can be even better. Although this does require you to ignore the real casinos and focus on the online casinos instead. Here, a payout percentage of between 95% and 98% is very common. Of each 100 euro that players spend on a slot machine, some 95 to 98 euro will be paid out. And who knows, that money might just be yours.

Slot pay tables, coins and other things influencing the profit

The payout percentages are definitely promising. Still, this does not say much about how much you can actually win. As a gambler, you obviously want to know what you are up against before starting a game. This is why each slot machine is equipped with a so-called pay table. This is a list of all the possible combinations. When looking at the pay tables of various slot machines, you will instantly notice that one symbol might win you more money than another. As such, a winning line of three melons might be worth 80 coins, whereas this is only half for three oranges. For most slot machines, extra symbols have been added that have a higher value. The lucky number 7 can for instance be found in many online slot machines. Three of these symbols can win you as much as 100 or even 200 coins. You can see that the difference in value between the symbols is rather big. On top of that, you might not even need three of some symbols in order to win. If two cherries or two lemons appear one your screen, you might still be paid out a few coins.

So, with slot machines, you earn coins instead of euros. Although it is possible to eventually exchange the coins won for cash euros. The reason that casinos work with these kind of coins, is that your bet determines their value. In casino terms, this is the coin value. If you set the coin value at 50 cents, you will be paid out an amount of 100 euro for the winning combination of 200 coins. The higher your bet, the higher the eventual prize will be. Yet you have to win first.

A large variety of online slot machines

Winning is obviously an important part of any gambling game. You hope to see the right combination on the screen when playing a game on the slot machine. Yet the urge to win is probably not the only reason for you to go to an online casino. In the end, you just want to enjoy playing on the various slot machines. For this, you have come to the right place at an online casino. They do offer a lot of different slot machines of the large game developers, such as Netent.

The most well-known classic slot machine is still the fruit machine. The nostalgic feeling associated with these machines, has been translated to an online version. Even online, you will often come across the fruit theme for slot machines. A quick tour of various online casinos will quickly show you the surprising amount of variety in fruit machines. This is mainly due to the design of the slot machines. The designers of these kind of casino games clearly know well how to draw your attention, as the player. The names of the slot machines are promising as well. Are you going for a game such as Simply Wild or would you rather try your luck with Supershots or Random Runner? The best thing to do is to first take a good look at the slot machines before deciding. For most online casinos, it is even possible to play just for fun. This lets you discover which machine you enjoy most and which design makes you feel most at home. And do not forget about the pay table. The one slot machine does simply offer more different prize categories than the other. By carefully preparing, you will automatically find the slot machines best suited to you.

Starburst and other popular video slots

Video slots have been steadily increasing in popularity for many years. Especially the flashy graphics and the high jackpots ensure that an increasing number of people find their way to these kind of hypermodern slot machines. There is still one more element in play. Players who create an account for an online casino are often welcomed with a nice bonus. The 100% deposit bonus (or a doubling of the initial deposit amount by the casino) is already a nice start. Besides, many casinos will hand out a number of free turns on one of the most popular video slots: Starburst.

Starburst is a creation of developer NetEnt. You play with 5 reels, filled with all kinds of colored diamonds. The goal is obviously to get as many identical diamonds in a line as possible. Starburst is an example of a game that looks great while still being fairly neutral. Most video slots opt for a slightly more outspoken theme. Such as Mega Moolah (of the other game developer Microgaming) that tells the story of the animals in the jungle life. And in Samurai’s Fortune, you will be transported into the fascinating world of the famous Japanese warriors. Even icons from the movie- and music world are used in video slots. From Elvis, Michael Jackson and Kiss to Planet of the Apes and Jurassic Park: they have all been turned into a video slot. Because of all of these different themes, you will always find a game that is appealing to you. Are you not sure yet which video slots are best suited for you and how to go about playing? Then you could opt to play for a while without betting, so that you get to know the various video slots. As soon as you gain enough confidence, you can get started on the real thing.

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