Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully

Our terms & conditions are last updated on 01/08/2018. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this our website. Make sure to print these terms and conditions and keep them for your records.

1. Definitions

In our terms & conditions the following terms are used in the meaning and explanation described below and follows, unless explicitly stated otherwise:

1.1. Administrator / We / Our / Us: the administrator of the website onlinecasino.eu.
1.2. Website: our website onlinecasino.eu.
1.3. Services: the services of the website onlinecasino.eu.
1.4. User: anyone who makes use of our website and the services.

2. Applicable conditions

2.1. Our Terms and Conditions apply to our Services. We are authorized to amend these general terms and conditions in the interim and apply without prior notification to the User from the moment of publication on our website. The most recent version of our general conditions can be consulted here. If there are substantial changes to the terms and conditions, the Administrator will bring this to the attention of the User via its site and / or by e-mail / newsletter.

2.2. Administrator can refer on its website and / or display (real time) information and / or commercials of so-called third parties. The network manager does not guarantee the correctness of this information from third parties, nor for the information that editors have edited, no matter how carefully they proceed. The conditions of these third parties apply to the use of the services and / or products of third parties. The manager is not a party to this.

2.3. These general terms and conditions have been drawn up in English.

2.4. The User agrees that it is itself responsible for complying with the applicable laws and regulations when using our Services. The User is aware that the use of the Services may be prohibited in some jurisdictions (countries/states).

3. Accountability / liability

3.1. We only offer a website and community for users with an minimum age of at least 18 years or older. Or for specific countries with an minimum age of 21 years regarding to gambling. Users can share their knowledge on our website. We do not advise Users in any way. The information from our Website is therefore never an advice and / or recommendation. User must realizes and accepts this. Also, displaying information from third parties – Including but not only – advertising messages, statistics, and so-called mentioned odds and bonuses is expressly no advice and / or recommendation to User.

3.2. We as Website are in no way liable for any direct or indirect damage suffered by Users in the use of our Services and / or because of the non-availability thereof, except for intent and / or gross negligence. More specifically, we are not responsible for any damage that User may suffer by following tips / information from (registered) Users and / or third parties, for example – but not exclusively – information on Our forum, articles, reviews or member reviews..

3.3. The User agrees that it makes use of our Services responsibly and in particular of the information that can be found on the Website.

3.4. Any claim for compensation will lapse one year after the date on which the User became aware of the damage and the liability of the Administrator for this.

3.5. The use of products and / or services from third parties is also exclusively at your own risk. The network manager is not responsible for the use of the products and / or services of – third parties mentioned on our website – and / or information thereof. If the User suffers damage due to the use of the products and / or services and / or information of third parties, the User is solely dependent on this third party.

3.6. Any indication on the Website that a service is considered “reliable” or otherwise positive does not mean that this judgment is correct and / or remains, nor that this would apply to all services and / or products of this third party. Such designations do not imply any advice and / or recommendation.

3.7. We as website does not guarantee the use of its Services by User in violation of applicable (local) laws and regulations.

3.8. If the User has agreed to send newsletters / offers from our partners / third parties, User agrees that this partner / third party is responsible for complying with the legal obligations. The User may at all times file opposition with these partners / third parties by unsubscribing from them for their newsletter / offer. We as website are not a party to this. The User indemnifies the Us as website for any disadvantage which User possibly suffers due to the conduct of the aforementioned third parties.

4. Privacy & Cookies

4.1. For the purposes of our Services, we collect (personal) data from Users. Our Privacy Policy & Cookie Statement applies to this. We kindly ask you to click on the link for more specific information on this subject.

5. Intellectual property

5.1. All intellectual property rights associated with the Website, including – but not exclusively – texts, (photo) graphic elements, source codes and data, are held exclusively by us as Website and / or its licensers.

5.2. No part of the Website may be reproduced and / or published without the written permission of the network manager.

5.3. By providing as User content (such as text, photos, videos, sound fragments) to the Administrator and or Website, the User grants Us, without any counterpart (“for no”), a worldwide right to use the content provided by him for undetermined time. This right of use includes – with due observance of the law – in particular the right to both commercial and non-commercial multiplication, translation, modification, publication, transfer and / or sub-licensing, whereby the User also renounces claims and / or legal claims against Us in so far as these relate to the rights of the User as to the content provided, including but not limited to the right to oppose any change and / or damage to the content and / or the works as well as the right by name.

5.4. The closure of an account does not mean that the content provided by the User also disappears on the Website. For the content provided by User, the Administrator has obtained a right of use. This does not affect the fact that any actual personal data of the User can be changed and / or removed on request.

5.5. The User indemnifies the Administrator against all claims / damage of any third party entitled to the use of the content (unlawfully) provided by the User.

5.6. We spend a lot of care and time on our website and the content that can be read / seen on it. Nevertheless, we can not guarantee the completeness and / or correctness of the content. If you have complaints, you can send us your complaints by e-mail to info[at]onlinecasino.eu. We strive to handle your e-mail with questions and / or complaints as soon as possible but at the latest within five working days by replying through e-mail.

6. Violation and closure account

6.1. Watch your language; swearing and cursing is strictly forbidden.

6.2. The intentional hurting and / or insulting of other users is not permitted. Treat each other with respect. This does not include racist, provoking or discriminating statements.

6.3. In the event of violation of the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and / or acts that are in violation of the laws and regulations, the account can be blocked and / or removed with immediate effect and without warning without the right to any compensation for User .

6.4. Costs associated with the detection of possible fraud and / or abuse by User are recovered from him.

7. Dispute resolution

7.1. Only Dutch law applies to the legal relationship between the Administrator and the User. The competent court in Amsterdam is only authorized to take cognizance of a dispute between the Administrator and the User.

7.2. If provisions of the general terms and conditions prove legally invalid or void, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions. In that case, the void and / or voided provisions will be changed to legally permissible provisions, bearing in mind the purpose and purport of the void and / or voided provision.

8. Minimum legal age

8.1. You must be at least 18 years of age, or the minimum legal age in the jurisdiction in which you are viewing this Site or using the services offered via our Site, providing the minimum age in your jurisdiction is not less than 18. Please be aware that underage gambling is illegal.

9. Consent

9.1 By using our website, you hereby consent to our Terms & Conditions and agree to its terms.