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Gambling addition is always something to watch out for when playing in a casino. Especially with the rise of anonymous gambling, which is now possible via the internet, the number of gambling addicts has grown significantly. In earlier days, people went to the casino in order to bet money, while casino employees could intervene when they suspected a visitor was suffering from gambling addiction. A casino is required by law to encourage responsible playing, so employees are allowed to intervene when a player is going too far.

Watch out and avoid a gambling addiction

The online casino however offers more anonymity. People can easily and quickly bet money on various different games via the internet, without really being subjected to some kind of limit. There are no employees at the online casino who can intervene when they think a player might be playing himself into the ground financially. The number of addicts increased in the first years after the introduction of the online casino, since players were able to bet anonymously on their favorite games.

At online casinos with a European license, much is done to prevent gambling addictions. This is why legal online casinos are held to strict rules. These rules have been laid down by various European authorities such as the Maltese MGA, Belgian Gambling Committee and/or the British Gambling Commission. This way, watchdogs try to ensure a fair game.

The anti-addiction policy is enforced by many online casinos and casinos are committed to counteract gambling addiction on the internet. A large number of European online casinos have enforced a bet limit on many games. For blackjack, for instance, players are only allowed to bet a maximum of ten times the minimum bet, to prevent them from placing extremely high bets. Besides, it is common for an online casino to suggest a player to take a break. There are even some online casinos that prevent players from betting after having blown a large sum of money in a short time. These online casinos also consider gambling addiction to be a big problem, and a couple of casinos have committed themselves to battling problems related to this addiction.

How to stop gambling addiction?

Some online casinos also offer the possibility of locking yourself out for a set time period. This way, you are no longer able to play in the casino for some time. This might be a way of preventing gambling addiction.

Symptoms of gambling addiction include regular playing of casino games, an inability to stop in time when losing, and finding excuses for continuing to play. However, there are many other symptoms that can point to a gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction via an online casino can result in a player completely playing himself into the ground financially and racking up huge amounts of debt. Are you suffering from a gambling addiction or do you know someone who is? Find someone to talk to and who can help you diagnose the problem as soon as possible. Would you like to read more about preventing or help with a gambling addiction?

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