Responsible gambling

Gambling addiction always lurks when playing in a casino. Especially the arrival of anonymous gambling, which can be done via the Internet, has significantly increased the number of gambling addicts. Previously they went to the casino to use money, where the employees of the casino intervened when they thought that a customer was suffering from a gambling addiction. A casino must legally encourage responsible gaming, so employees may intervene when a player is playing too much.

Watch out and avoid a gambling addiction

However, the online casino has a higher anonymity. For example, people can use the internet to bet more quickly and easily on all kinds of different games, without a limit being attached to them. There are no employees at the online casino who can intervene when they think the player is financially working. The number of addicts has increased during the first years after the arrival of the online, because the players can use their favorite games anonymously.

Gamble responsibly, play safe & play with limits.

Underage gambling is an offence.

Online casinos with a European license ensure that gambling addiction is prevented as much as possible.That is why legal online casinos must comply with strict rules.These rules are imposed by various European authorities such as the Maltese MGA, Belgian Gaming Commission and / or British Gambling Commission .In this way the watchdogs try to ensure a fair game.

The anti-addiction policy is maintained by many online casinos and the casinos are committed to fighting gambling addiction via the internet.For example, a large number of European online casinos apply a betting limit for many games.For example, players are allowed to bet up to ten times the minimum bet in blackjack, in order to prevent them from betting large amounts at once. In addition, it is customary for an online casino to indicate that the player may be better off stopping after major losses. There are even online casinos that players no longer play when they have blown a large sum of money in a short time. Gambling addiction is also seen by these online casinos as a big problem, and a handful of casinos are trying to work to prevent most of the problems surrounding this addiction .

Recognize the signals of a gambling addiction

Some online casinos also offer you the opportunity to exclude yourself from the casino for a certain time. This way you can no longer participate in the casino for a period of time. This can possibly help in the development of a gambling addiction.

Symptoms of gambling addiction include playing regular casino games, not stopping on time for loss and looking for excuses to continue playing. But there are many other symptoms that can cause a gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction through an online casino can result in a player financially working his way into the ground and getting into debt. Do you suffer from gambling addiction yourself or do you know someone with gambling addiction? Then turn on someone as soon as possible to talk to and determine the problem. Would you like more information about the prevention or help with a gambling addiction? Click on the links below for more information:

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Gamble responsibly, play safe & play with limits.

Underage gambling is an offence.