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PlayAmo Live Casino
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Mr Play Live Casino
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Eskimo Live Casino
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Top Best Live Online Casinos & Live Casino Bonuses

Check this featured list of some of the best live online casinos and live casino bonuses! Only the best live dealer casinos and live casino promotions are listed and you can be sure that we only list the best online casino with live casino games!

Live casino
LeoVegas Live Casino
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Vera & John Live Casino
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Casumo Live Casino
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Codeta Live Casino
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Live Online Casino Guide

The live casino is all about the total experience, the full package. The excitement of the live casino game, the interaction with the dealer and the presence of other gamblers: it all plays a part. You feel like you are on a real night out, although you are just sitting at home, in front of your computer. It is not hard to understand why live dealer casino gambling has become so popular over the last few years.

Imagine this conversation. “Fancy watching some football later?”, “Oh yeah, great! What time?”, “Whenever, it’s just a simulation.” And this is the situation that most gamblers are in today. They can access gambling games at any time, but in return for all that access they’re missing out on the actual thrill of betting on real-life games that they can see happening.

Until now!

Online live casino

There has never been a better time to play live casino games. Technology continues to improve, internet speeds continue to increase. You really don’t need to get in line, pay membership fees, and force yourself into smart-casual clothing for over-priced drinking and social embarrassment in a casino to enjoy casino games these days. Live games are as fast, as fun, as compelling, and as risky as the real thing these days. We know our readers love them, so here’s the low down on the live online casino scene.

Read on for a complete live casino guide. See our top recommended list of the best live dealer online casinos and the best live casino bonuses.

Live Casinos – Overview

There are hundreds of live casino sites out there these days. Not all online casinos offer live casino games, but most of them do, and those that don’t, are likely to add them soon.

And, the ones that are already out there are getting more involved and more immersive. The widespread availability of 3D virtual reality will – like every other tech innovation – end up in the casino world, you can be sure of that: what that will mean who can tell.

Basically, every big name in the casino world has live casino games or live casino dealers. LadbrokesLeoVegasMr Green… all the household name sites have a live online casino tab where you can play all of the popular live casino games.

Most popular live casino games

Here are some of the most popular live casino games you can play online.

5 tips to choose a live online casino

Live casinos are the latest frontier in the online casino world. Live online casinos in some ways go backwards, but use the latest technology to do so.

For decades online casino players have been enjoying their favourite games in the form of computer simulations. Now, they can have the same experience as in a casino by playing against real players in games managed by real dealers and croupiers.

But how do you choose a live online casino in which to play?

1 – Keep it safe

Every time – every single time – we repeat this message: never play at a casino at which you are not legally entitled to play; never play at a casino that is not licensed to be used how you are using it where you are using it; never play at a casino that you have any doubts about.

2 – High speed

Casino games have been pretty easy on your internet connection thus far. Live streaming adds extra stress to the mix. You need to know you’re at a good site with plenty of bandwidth and a reliable record of delivery before you play live online casino games.

3 – The games you love

Most casino games can now be played in a live version. Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, and more are available. When you sign up for a live online casino you should make sure they offer the games that you love. You should also make sure that they offer the variants you like and are familiar with. Live casino games cannot be practised in quite the same way as simulation games, so you want to be familiar with the rules before you start wagering.

4 – The support you need

Because of that lack of a demo mode feature on live casino games you should expect to find especially good support and customer service features at a live online casino. See that you’re aware of and happy with all the methods there are to ask for help. Check what the rules are should a connection fall off during a game. And good guides to rules and regulations should be the very least that’s on offer.

5 – A fantastic experience and great staff

Live online casino games have added a human and social element to what was rather an isolated experience. You want that experience to be enjoyable, so look for high-quality games with high definition streaming and a choice of angles. Dealers have a tough and boring job and probably aren’t paid very well, so you should always treat them with the utmost respect, and you should be able to expect good treatment too.

Choosing Your Live Dealer Online Casino

So what should you look for as you try to pick a live casino? The first thing you need to do is make sure that the casino is safe and legal for you to play at. This is a warning that we repeat all the time. We’re sorry for being boring, but we repeat it because it is necessary. Please be careful, and please be aware that any casino that asks you not to follow the rules is a risk for you. Unlicensed casinos will be scams and you will have no legal recourse against them if they take your money.

So the first thing you should do before you even consider playing at a live online casino is check that it has up-to-date licensing that allows it to be played by you (don’t try to get around age restrictions, country restrictions and the like) in the jurisdiction you are in. You’ll want to transfer money to this business, so make sure you have a set of banking options that you trust and that you can use – legally – where you are. Banking from Visa and MasterCard is standard, but there are now so many online wallets that you should be able to find something that you can use. PayPal, who don’t work with that many casinos, is a sure sign of quality.

The same cannot be said of cryptocurrencies. It is fine to use Bitcoin and other coins and blockchain currencies to play with and to collect your winnings in. It’s a good option to see in a banking section, but you should be wary if that is the only option you see.

How to Play Live Casino Games Online

A live casino game is very easy to play. If you can play any other casino game you can play a live casino game. What’s the difference then? Basically, instead of using a computer to produce a series of random numbers live dealer casino games have an actual casino game, which is filmed and streamed live to players, who bet on the action in exactly the same way as they would in a real, brick-and-mortar casino.

This does mean a few things are different. In multiplayer games, there is a bit more pressure to keep up with the games. Remember, you are no longer interacting with a machine that gives you its total attention and obeys your every whim. You have other players to worry about and you also have a dealer to interact with.

Dealers can sometimes be communicated with directly, but often the only communication is via simple instructions, like, for example, clicking a “hit” button on a blackjack table.

In Roulette, the time limit for betting will be set not by you hitting a start button, but by the dealer by releasing the ball into the spinning wheel. This can make live online casino games a little more high pressure than games that you are fully in control of. It’s nothing to get scared about. Good dealers will be patient and signpost you to help if you are struggling. And nice fellow players will also be patient. But this is the Internet, so, you know…

Live Casino Games are the Key

There are some dedicated online live casino sites that only offer online casino games. Most, however, are more general online gambling sites – we’ve mentioned some household names further up this page. So you’re going to have plenty of games to pick from. There are probably slots, sports betting, simulated sports, and table games available in most sites that offer live casino games. There should also be a good choice of live casino games.

The favourites in this genre are the favourites in the simulated game genre. That means roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. Craps also has a big live casino following, which is interesting, because it’s such a different game. You might see less common games too: poker and brag variants, sic bo, keno, spin-a-wheel games and more. Setting up a live casino is relatively simple. It has staff costs, of course, but the mechanics of the game are relatively simple, and there are off-the-shelf live casino products available to sites.

Live Online Casino Bonuses

All of the games we have covered here have their plusses and minuses. The minus that is common to all of them is that you can lose money on them. So, it is your responsibility as a live casino player to know what you are doing before you start to chuck your cash on a table. This is one of the drawbacks of live casino gambling.

Because the games are played in real-time with real people doing real things it is much harder to play them for free. There is no “demo mode” on something that is actually happening – it’s a unique moment in time! For that reason, we suggest that you find a casino that offers more than live dealer games so that you can check out games in their simulated form and play them for free.

Make sure you play the actual variant of the game you are going to tackle as a live-dealer game. This is a great start, but of course, it won’t get you used to play an actual live dealer game. And that’s what you need. You can practice a sport as much as you like, but as world champion boxer Mike Tyson noted, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Hopefully, you’re not going to get punched in the mouth by your phone or computer, but you get our meaning. One way you can enjoy free – or essentially free – live online casino games is by cashing in a live online casino bonus.

We’ve covered bonuses in depth elsewhere – the long and the short of it is they’re great, but make sure you read the small print – and we recommend you look at those guides. After you’ve done that, you’ll accept that a bonus isn’t necessarily the “free cash” that the casino site would like you to believe it is. However, if you use your live casino bonus cleverly you can certainly use it as the closest thing to demo mode you’re going to find on a live game, so find that online live blackjack bonus, that online live roulette bonus, or that online live baccarat bonus and cash them in. Nothing works like in practice, so get stuck in and try out real money live casino gambling.

Live Dealers: A Note of Caution on Selling

The truth of the online gambling market is that it is very competitive. In lots of ways, this is good for players because it means you have a lot of live online casino sites to choose from. And these sites are trying their very best to get your attention. Most of them are doing it honestly. That means that the best live online casino sites come with big live dealer casino bonuses, maybe even no-deposit bonuses. These have their limits, but they’re certainly a positive. However, some sites will try to trick you. And all selling includes an element of presenting things to the customer in a way that makes them make a quick decision.

Don’t do that!

Always take your time when you consider where to play the best live casino games. Don’t make this sort of decision – and don’t gamble at all – when you desperately need money. This is when bad decisions are made and too-good-to-be-true promises suddenly seem just the thing you are looking for. Live dealer casinos have added another element to the mix that is irresistible to some customers: sex.

There is, of course, sex everywhere online. It was always around in the online casino world too. But with still images, and quite limited graphics there was a limited quality to this stuff. This is no longer the case. And gambling sites are using it to their advantage. Look at the outfits that dealers wear, and look at who the dealers are, and you will very quickly see that sexual attraction is a big part of selling live online casino games. That’s fine.

Glamorous, exciting nights out – which is what a casino experience should be – are bound to involve attraction and beauty. We just want you to be careful and to make the right decision for the right reason. Thinking that a live-game dealer is the most beautiful person you have ever seen is not a good reason to play a game that could cost you a lot of money.