Enjoy the excitement of playing online bingo

Bingo has a slightly dusty image. With this game, you quickly get the mental picture of a group of elderly people intently staring at their bingo cards. Which is a waste. Bingo really is a game where tensions can run very high, especially if the first numbered balls seem to be in your favor. Various variaties of the bingo game have been going around for centuries for a good reason. The latest form of bingo can be found in the online casinos. You no longer need a pen and paper to get started, but you can play the game on your computer. Also consider the low cost of a bingo card and the neat money prizes that can be won, and you might just be sold.

The rules of the bingo game are this simpleo

There are some gambling games that literally anyone can take part in. Bingo is one of those. The rules are simple enough for it to take very little time and effort to become acquainted with them. The game consists of a bingo card and tens of numbered balls. The numbers on the balls correspond with the numbers on the bingo card. At least, some of them do. Because although the bingo machine holds some 75 or 90 numbered balls, only a quarter or one third of them are on the card.

One at a time, balls are drawn from the bingo machine. Is the number on your bingo card? Then you can mark it on your card. It the drawn number not on your card? Then you better hope the next one will be. You win the game if you are the first person to have marked all the numbers. So you are actually just playing against other fans of the bingo game. 

From the Italian lotto up to the modern online bingo game

The great charm of bingo is the simplicity of the game. On top of that, the rules have changed very little over the last few centuries. Bingo is derived from the lotto game, that officially took roots in Italy in 1530. Consequently, it spread like a wildfire from Italy to the rest of mainland Europe. Back then, there were no such things as the turning machine and the numbered balls. The game was simply played with a big bag filled with numbered wooden chips. At least as efficient as the present-day bingo machine! The goal of the game might sound familiar as well. A full row should be marked on the card and then it would be clear who was the winner.

The popularity of the lotto game did not stay unnoticed in the United States either. Americans started with a form and a hand filled with beans at the start of the twentieth century. These turned out to be ideal to cover the drawn numbers with. The scream ‘Beano!’ was subsequently used to indicate that someone had a full row. And it is only a short step from beano to bingo. The basics of the bingo game have always remained the same. What did change, is that you can now play a game of bingo at any time of the day. An increasing number of online casinos offer this game, which only added to its popularity.

Winning prizes with one single row or a pattern

The ultimate goal of the bingo game is obviously to fill your card. However, this is not the only way for you to win a prize. There are also casinos that accept a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. Sometimes these rows are even combined with a full card. In the first round you have to fill one row, in the second round two rows, and so on – until your card is full. Alternatively it might be the goal to make a certain pattern, although this is not very common in online bingo. Nevertheless, you would do well to closely observe the rules of the bingo game of your choosing. This way, you know exactly what to focus on.

Different varieties of bingo

Apart from the various patterns that you can win with, there are some other different varieties of the bingo game. This does actually sounds more complicated than it is. Usually the difference is in the number of balls. The classic bingo game is played with 75 balls (1 to 75). The corresponding bingo form contains 24 numbers, divided over 5 columns:

  • Column B: 5 numbers from the range 1 to 15
  • Column I: 5 numbers from the range 16 to 20
  • Column N: the numbers from the range 31 to This is about 4 instead of 5 numbers; the square in the middle is empty.
  • Column G: 5 numbers from the range 46 to 60
  • Column O: 5 numbers from the range 61 to 75

As a derivative of this classic bingo game with 75 balls, there are also games with 90 balls. The 90 Ball-bingo game is originally from England, and has by now conquered the whole of Europe. The bingo form contains 3 rows and 9 columns, that are filled with 15 numbers in total. It is therefore harder to complete a row or the entire card than it is for 75 Ball-bingo. Would you like to try something else? Then go for 30 or 80 Ball-bingo. The variation with 30 balls goes by fast, which gave it its nickname ‘speed bingo’. However, this fast 30 Ball-bingo did not yet manage to find its place in most online casinos. 

Bingo: the perfect game for any gambler

In a casino, you might first look for flashy slot machines and exciting roulette and poker games. Although if you are looking for something completely different, you would do well to find out more about bingo. The main advantage of the game is that anyone can win. The bingo form and the balls do all the work. You only have to mark and hope that luck is on your side. Many people also opt for bingo, since it is a relatively cheap gambling game. In online casinos, you might obtain a bingo form that allows you to play for as little as 5 cents. The required bet does differ per bingo game and per casino, so with a bit of research you will eventually end up with the game best suited to your gambling budget.

The low bets required by the game are obviously reflected in the prize pool. Unibet, for instance, offers a bingo game that allows you to win an amount of 20 euro with a bet of 5 cents. Bingo forms that cost 50 cents, can lead to an instant win of 150 euro. Alongside those kind of regular prizes, there are also casinos tying a progressive jackpot to the games. Who knows, you might just win thousands of euros with your bingo form. 

Increase your odds of winning the bingo game

For bingo, there is no need to think of complicated strategies. Nor does it matter whether you have been playing the game for years or whether you are participating for the first time. In bingo, it is all about luck. However, there are a number of ways to increase your odds of winning:

  • Avoid the peak hours. With bingo, you are actually taking on other players. The more people participating in the game, the lower your chances of winning. Try to avoid the busiest hours, so that you do not have to beat as many people. Early mornings, for instance, are a perfect moment to try your luck.
  • Spread your chances. You only need to have one good bingo card in order to make a profit. Still, chances of winning with that single card right away are not as good. You increase your odds of winning by playing with multiple bingo forms at the same time. For most online casinos, it is possible to take out 3 or 4 cards and see what it will get you.
  • Small betting budget? Try a bingo game with low costs!
    Bingo is ideal for players who do not want to spend too much money on gambling. Even with a small budget, you would be better off playing with several cards. This is why you should research different online casinos to compare the costs of the bingo cards. By choosing wisely, you can still play with many different bingo forms.
  • Watch out for possible bonuses.
    Each casino tries to attract as many players as possible. This means that there might sometimes be attractive bonusesavailable, that can be applied on the bingo game. What about the promotion ‘buy two bingo cards, get one free?’ This way, you can use your gambling budget to the max.
  • Also participate in a bingo tournament.
    Bingo is the type of game with a fixed group of players. Once you are sold on the game, you will come back automatically. This is why some casinos organize special bingo tournaments, that are particularly popular amongst loyal bingo players. Extra money prizes can be won with this. Take some time to find out in advance what you have to do, because the rules differ for each tournament.
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