New Online Casinos

Guts Casino
  • Brand new website (2019)
  • €200% bonus up to 100
  • Receive 100 free spins!
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PlayAmo Casino
  • New website design
  • Innovative new casino
  • Big European popularity
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Eskimo Casino
  • New player on the market
  • €100 bonus + 110 free spins
  • Plenty of new casino games
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Genesis Casino
  • Wonderful new casino (2018)
  • €1000 bonus + 300 free spins
  • Spectacular website design
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Brand new online casinos

Check this featured list for some of the best brand new online casinos. We only list the best new casino sites and the best new online casino bonuses!

Casino Joy
  • Brand new UK online casino
  • No download required
  • €/£200 bonus + 200 free spins
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Casino Cruise
  • Relatively new on the market
  • €1000 + 200 Free Spins
  • More than 1300 games
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Spela Casino
  • Casino released in 2018
  • Instant withdrawals
  • No registration needed
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Sloty Casino
  • Brand new casino (July 2017)
  • Get €1500 bonus + 300 free spins
  • Many slot games to play
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Brand New Online Casinos

The internet is the most liquid environment in global history. It is always changing. (Not always for the better perhaps, but always changing.) And, as a marketplace that operates on the internet, the online casino world is the most liquid in the history of gambling. This is both good and bad news for consumers.

It is good because there are relatively low barriers to entry and you can launch a new online casino quite easily, which means that there is a lot of choices.

It is bad because those low barriers for entry are also low for scammers and low-quality operators. The internet is a mixed place, it has good and bad, but it is relatively easy to get around a lot of laws and regulations on the internet, with our help. So stick around and find out the best brand new online casinos that you can trust!

Playing Safely Means Playing Legally

If you want to play safely on a new online casino you want to play legally.

Unfortunately, this is a lesson that some players don’t want to take on board. Please: if you’re not legally entitled to play at a site then don’t try to play at that site. If a licensing act in your country means you’re too young to play; don’t play in that country. If you can’t use the only payment method you have to hand to fund a casino account then don’t try to get around that. (That’s a particular warning to bitcoin users, who might be tempted to sign-up to sites that only offer cryptocurrency payment methods, which we consider to be a warning sign.)

You should be able to easily check whether a site is licensed in your jurisdiction on the front page. For example, the UK uses the UK Gambling Commission, and licences are numbered, and allow you to check them at the licensing authority’s site. As soon as you start playing illegally – whether by age or geographic location or if you have bad credit or have been banned by a site – you put yourself in a position where a casino site can perfectly legitimately freeze your account and you’ll have no legal recourse. Other than betting red 16 all night there’s no quicker way to lose money.

Casino gamesNew Casino Sites – a Personal Safety Guide

Gambling is licensed because it can be habit-forming. This is not the time or place to have a big discussion about addictions, but if it’s good enough for the World Health Organisation it’s good enough for us. And it should be good enough for you. So as well as checking that your new gambling site is operating legally and safely you should make sure that you have your wits about you.

That means checking that you’re in a decent frame of mind. Honestly, don’t gamble when drunk or otherwise intoxicated. And don’t gamble when you’re in a bad mood, or when you’re trying to use gambling to alter your moods – it won’t, and you run the risk of making everything worse by celebrating your new casino membership with lots of big losses. This is a particular problem with new casino sites because they tend to offer the best deals to tempt in new players, so it’s all too tempting to overplay.

Our advice is to avoid over-filling your account when you start and use a method of cashing up your account that puts a pause into the process. Make sure you’re aware of all the self-limiting operations on the new online casinos you’re using too – and if it’s all about new casino bonuses rather than the latest safety facilities then maybe you should look elsewhere.

We want our members to find brand new online casinos that work for them, and that they can enjoy with a clear conscience and no worries about their bank balance or their health.

Safe New Casinos

Every year new technology comes on stream, and every year people find new ways of exploiting it. And that includes the bad guys. So when you look for new online casinos make sure you do a few checks on the safety of the site. Check you’re in a secure address. Check that the URL matches the title of the site you think you’re at. Make sure that the casino has some good help options that you know work. It’s a good idea to check that the site has a street address that you can check.

We’ve said that the barriers to entry are low for casino sites, but they’re not non-existent, and scanners typically want to get a site up as quickly as possible, so anything that speaks of bad tech, bad design, poor choice of games, or even over-generous casino bonuses could be a sign of a dodgy new casino site.

Spotting Good New Online Casinos

There’s still a lot to recommend signing up at the latest new casino sites though. The best new online casino sites will feature all those design features that you won’t find in a scam site. They should be beautiful to look at, maybe with some nice animation or visual tricks to keep you entertained while you browse. And while that’s a nice extra, you’ll want to check that your new online casino site also hosts a good supply of games that you can actually find your way around – there are now so many titles that some method of classification is really needed. And don’t let the casino site push you towards a small selection of the most popular or newest titles – make your own choices.

Choice matters

Lots of trusted payment methods is another new casino bonus. You should be able to cash up your account not just from your bank account but also from a range of electronic wallets – Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard and others are popular – and even directly from your phone. It’s also nice to have a choice that takes you well beyond the world of simple slots. Most punters in one area of gambling like a range of online gaming options. This might include not just casino games, and even live, streaming casino games, but this year it might include interactive surround-sound 360-degree live streaming casino games.

Sports betting is also popular with slots players. Bingo is related to this area of entertainment so it’s nice to have an add-on or a link to that option too.

Really, the more choice the better, as long as it’s delivered well. Big companies might be able to offer a full spectrum of these services – sports betting is a bit of a resource-heavy offering when it’s done at a quality level – but sometimes specialising is good.

5 tips to choose a new online casino

There’s never been a better and more exciting time to be playing online casino games. The market is vibrant and expanding so there’s a load of choice, new games, new casinos, new games, whole new genres… there’s so much to explore, but how do you choose a new online casino.

1 – Without safety there is nothing

Your first priority when checking out a new online casino should be that it is safe and legal for you to play at it. It’s a good idea to set up a series of checks you make every time you play at a new site, which might include but not be limited to: checking the licence, checking contact details, checking payment processors, checking help options.

2 – What’s your game?

Do you like slots? Or casino games? How about scratch cards? And some sports gambling on the side? You can have all of those at many online casinos, so have a look around and see that they have the games you want, from the game designers you like (some sites have exclusive deals with particular developers), in the variants you like before you sign up.

3 – An experience you love

Players typically spend a good deal of time at their favourite online casino site so it must be a place where you enjoy spending time. Look for good design and navigation as a baseline for a great experience, and makes sure you can rely on customer service to sort out your problems.

4 – I want to live!

Live casino games are the cutting edge of the online casino world. Most good quality sites offer them now and you should check them out. Playing games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and more with live dealers adds a new dimension to your game.

5 – It’s all about the cash!

This is gambling, so most online casino players are playing for cash. That means that you need to have a good way of getting your money into and out of a casino site. Look for trusted payment processor partners – PayPal is often considered the gold standard, but Skrill and Neteller are also great – and fast payment times.

A nice big welcome bonus is a cherry on the cake, but as you can see, by no means your first priority to find a new online casino.

The Range of New Online Casino Sites

So rather than going for a broad range of services you could concentrate on someone who specialises. One way to do this is to find a company you like and follow their new casino sites. Lots of the biggest gaming companies – examples include NetEnt and Microgaming, but there are many more – don’t just supply slot games, they also provide whole casinos. That doesn’t always mean that those are the only games you can play at those casinos, but it does mean they will be the core offering.

The obvious thing here is to shop around. But browsing can be wasting time for the sake of it, and if you fall in love with the games of one particular company you might want to use a site that they effectively run, or at least add it to your online gaming mix.

New Casino Bonuses

Imagine you’re setting up a new casino site. What do you need? You need new players. And how exactly are you going to get them?

All sorts of options are open to you. You can design a world-beating casino and host only the best games with the best layout and menus and a brilliant look and feel. And then you can sit there while everyone ignores it because they don’t fancy risking a new site! So you need publicity. That’s a good start, and most of you will know that sites like ours are packed with guides on where to go to find the best new online casino sites.

Do take a look at review sites and forums to see what sites are launching. Seeing a load of good quality publicity in the industry press – or even checking company sites for their own press releases – is another good guide to site quality. But the best and most obvious way to get people to check out your shiny, new and tragically empty casino site is by paying them to do it. That’s where new online casino bonuses come in. If you’ve shopped you’ll know that the best time to visit a business is just as it opens or as it closes down. As online casino sites don’t have stock to get rid of when they go bust, it’s new online casino sites that should be in your sites if you want to pick up the best new online casino bonuses.

What is a New Online Casino Bonus?

To get you through their virtual doors for the first time, a new online casino site will be willing to try quite a few promotional tricks. The first and most obvious of these is free money. As we’re no strangers to crassness ourselves we have no qualms about the blunt force bribery of being offered cash to check out a casino. We reckon you should do the same too, but you shouldn’t let that free money blind you to the actual cost of what you’re doing.

Casinos usually offer a new casino bonus in return for something. In most cases, you will need to deposit your own money and the casino will then give you some bonus funds. A 100% bonus – or a cash match – isn’t unusual, but for a new casino bonus, you might see even more generous figures. Even that figure will come with restrictions on how you can use it though. In order to stay in business, the casino needs you to keep coming back and playing its games. It does this by making you deposit a certain amount of your own money before you can take out the winnings you’ve won with the bonus funds they’ve granted you.

It might seem a little underhand, but if you take a minute to think about it you’ll see that this is the only way that a casino site could keep going – any site that offers free cash wouldn’t last long.

The No Deposit New Casino Bonus

The best type of bonus is also the rarest: the no deposit new casino bonus. As a casino has to restrict the use of even cash match bonuses you’ll imagine that giving away money without requiring even more restrictions might be even more dangerous. You’d be right. And that’s why no deposit new casino bonuses come with even stronger restrictions on how much money you’ll need to deposit after playing through your bonus funds before you can remove any cash. You might be restricted on where on the site you can spend the money too.

New Casino Bonus Codes

Don’t let this put you off looking for new casino bonuses. In the shape of cash or free spins they are a hugely valuable gift to players, as long as you go in with your eyes open and an understanding that nothing is really free – even handing over your email address and payment details is a win for the casino that means they can target you with lots of marketing messages and convert you into a regular customer.

New sites are a great way to find the best bonuses. And one of the best ways to access them is via news sites, reviews sites, and sites that collect together new casino bonus codes. These codes are the glue for the industry. With so much choice and only Google to guide them, customers can soon find themselves lost and at the mercy of unscrupulous sites. Bonus codes are a way for casino review sites to persuade players to use their reviews and other services and to be rewarded by the sites where players sign up. And they’re one way for casino sites to reward the review sites.

This doesn’t make these bonus codes dishonest or corrupt. Like any affiliate relationship, they are an extra little cost for the consumer, in return for the service of slightly better new casino bonuses. Shop around and use the system wisely and you’ll find that new casino bonus codes will pay you back richly, and give you the best new casino bonuses it’s possible to find.

A World of Choice

There are a number of warnings in this article, but don’t let them put you off exploring and enjoying the world of new online casinos. There are bad guys and poor quality operators in every business, and as in every other business, a bit of common sense, a moment’s thought and some good information are enough to give most online casino players an enjoyable and rewarding gambling experience.