Speed Roulette

Playing Speed Roulette

Evolution Gaming, the leading provider of Live Casino solutions, extended its Live Roulette game portfolio with the launch of Speed Roulette in March 2017 – the world’s fastest online Live Roulette game. Available on desktop, mobile and tablet – Speed Roulette is a super-fast version of Evolution’s leading live dealer table game. But what is it that makes Speed Roulette different to the usual live roulette games? The answer to this is the speed in which the games are played; a game round takes roughly 25 seconds from spin to spin, making this live dealer game fast and furious. Broadcast live from the Evolution Riga studios, players can experience a top-quality live roulette experience like no other. The table has multiple cameras for an immersive gaming experience and is staffed by experienced live dealers who are specially trained to maintain the fast pace of the game. ‘Betting takes place only during the spin, so there’s no ‘dead time’ – this means that no time is lost in getting on with the next spin either, as video-based winning number recognition enables the dealer to start the next spin as soon as the previous spin’s winning number is captured. The speed enhancements mean players can enjoy around 50 extra game rounds per hour compared with playing Evolution Live Roulette and Immersive Roulette.’

How to Play Speed Roulette

Take your seat at the virtual roulette table and the first thing you’ll notice is that this is a European roulette game, with numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero. The host sits behind the roulette wheel and spins the ball – this is when you place your bets. A few seconds is all you get and then bets close and no more bets are accepted. The player interface is uncluttered and allows you to view the history of the last 500 games as well as being able adjust camera angles and sound settings. The lower of the screen is where you will find the betting table, with chips of; 0.50, 1.00, 5.00, 25.00, 100, 500 and 1000. Bets can be placed up to a maximum of 8,000 per game. When you have dragged your chips to the table and placed your bets, the game will begin. As soon as the ball lands you can place bets for the next round. Use the chat feature to engage in conversation with the chat host and other players at the table, if you wish. After each round, the list of winners will appear on screen, but you won’t be able to see how they bet and vice-versa.

Playing Speed Roulette on Mobile

To access Speed Roulette on mobile or tablet, you will need to rotate your device to landscape mode, as this offers a greater gaming experience. In a style very similar to that of the desktop version, you will find the betting table to the lower of the screen, along with the chips and your bankroll and bets. The history and settings such as camera angles and sounds, are positioned to the top right of the screen. Use your finger to navigate around the screen and place your bets.

Verdict on playing Speed Roulette

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution, said: “Speed Roulette is now the world’s fastest Live Roulette game and is a great addition to our extensive suite of Roulette products. There are no changes to the core game that players know and love, we have just made it much quicker. We worked really hard to create a game that feels relaxed while at the same time being blazing fast. This is a tricky balance to achieve, and by giving the game its own dedicated studio, with numerous immersive camera shots, and letting players bet during the spin we have created a game that will appeal to serious and novice players alike. This game is twice as fast as any other Roulette game we offer so will fit very nicely into our suite of Roulette products.” This 24-hour live roulette table is a popular choice among punters who don’t like to sit and chat, although there is a chat facility offered. Playing games faster than usual, will also mean that you will eat into your bankroll a lot quicker too – but if you place your bets right, the cash will come flowing in faster than typical roulette games. Speed Roulette won’t appeal to everyone, what with fast betting – this could lead to players placing silly bets without taking time to think about what their doing. Evolution Gaming have ticked all the boxes with their Live Casino game portfolio, offering games from low stakes players to those who love to bet and go, but in our opinion, Speed Roulette is one for the high rollers who can afford to bet big frequently.


Software: Evolution Gaming
Min. Bet: €0.50
Max. Bet: €5000
Mobile: Yes
Live Chat: Yes
Spin Frequency: 25 Sec.
Language: English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish
Player Type: Experienced, Skilled
Game Type: Live Casino

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