Lightning Roulette

Playing Live Lightning Roulette

Live Lightning Roulette is a European version of the popular table game, featuring one zero and numbers 1 through to and including 36. Created by Evolution Gaming, Live Lightning Roulette takes players into the heart of a recording studio, where the roulette wheel isn’t the only attraction. Players can place all their favourite bets, including straight up, voisins, odds or evens and red or black – but because there are multipliers of up to 500x achievable in every round, the straight up bets pay 30 to 1, not 36 to 1 as usual in European Roulette games.

How to Play Live Lightning Roulette

Playing Live Lightning Roulette is no different to placing bets on a live roulette wheel – the only difference being that there are multipliers offered. Players will enter the studio and be able to place bets from €0.50 to €10,000 on the table – but before the ball starts to roll around the wheel, the live dealer will pull the handle on the wall and a strike of virtual lightning hits the wheel. Up to five numbers in every game are chosen at random and multipliers of between 50x and 500x are applied on the wheel – if you bet on a lightning number and the ball lands on that number – you win the stated multiplier. Behind the live dealer is a screen; this will show the numbers on the roulette wheel – when that lightning strikes, the chosen numbers will be displayed on the screen as well as on the betting table.

To start your bets, you will be required to drag your chosen chips to the table within the short time limit. Once no more bets are taken, the lightning fun begins.

The ball history is displayed to the right of the screen, allowing you to view the outcomes of up to 500 games. The left of the screen is where players engage in chat. You won’t be pressurised into placing silly bets, as all bets remain hidden to other players. After every round, the winner will be displayed to the lower right of your screen. There’re options to change the view of the table; you can have the table and betting options small to the lower of the screen with the main focus on the heel and the dealer or you can choose to take in a better view of the table and history of gameplay, with a small section reserved for the dealer and roulette wheel.

Playing Live Lightning Roulette on Mobile

Playing Lightning Roulette on mobile is identical to the desktop version in every aspect; the only difference is that the screen may be compact – depending on the device you use to play and you will be placing bets with a drag of your finger, instead of a click of a mouse. The chat feature, settings, chips, winners alerts and the gameplay is exactly the same – so you won’t have any issues with navigation or understanding how to play.

Verdict on Lightning Roulette

Live Lightning Roulette has become a popular live casino game, what with eye-watering wins on offer. Imagine staking €10.000 and hitting a 500x multiplier – that’s big cash! Whether you’re a high roller or a low stakes player who enjoys betting conservatively, you can win generous cash – but despite those lightning rounds appearing in every game, you won’t always find a winner of a multiplier prize in every game. We personally play this game regularly and have seen lightning rounds produce no winners for long periods of time, but it’s a game of luck and eventually, those lightning multipliers will fall. You don’t only win with multipliers, because if you should bet on a number that doesn’t turn out to be al lightning number, you will still receive a win of up to 30:1 (on straight up bets). Usually, European roulette pays 36:1 on straight up bets, but this version of roulette reduced this to 30:1, which means a higher house edge. If you’re unsure on anything, you can type to the chat host who will always help out, but you’ll also find that the majority of the time, the other players trying to win big, will reply to queries too.


Software: Evolution Gaming
Established: 2018
Min. Bet: €0.50
Max. Bet: €10000
Mobile: Yes
Live Chat: Yes
Features: Lucky Numbers
Multipliers: 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, 500x
Game Type: Live Casino

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