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Interested in Quickspins slots and Quickspins online casinos? Then let us take a trip to… Sweden! It’s always Sweden! Sweden is rapidly becoming the world capital of the online gaming industry. It is home to Quickspin, a slots and platform company that has been making big waves in the online slots world since its formation in 2012. We’ll say straight up that you can trust Quickspin games, and you should be able to play with confidence at Quickspin casino sites (the reality is that most players won’t know that they’re using a Quickspin casino unless it’s advertised to them). Now let’s look at why we say that and what you need to know about Quickspin Casino software.

Where to Find Quickspin Casinos Online

Quickspin’s customers include some of the biggest casino sites in the world. Their current list of sites straddles the globe and has some inclusions that can be classed as household names.

The latest list includes: Casumo; Vera & John, Betsson, Leo Vegas, UNIBET, GUTS, Mr Green, Cashmio, Casino Heroes, Rizk, Bet 365, Ladbrokes, and 888 Casino.

There are loads more besides.

Should You Play With Quickspin Casinos?

By all means, play with companies that use this software. You can certainly play Quickspin games knowing that they come from a decent company and will offer you great playing experience. And you can use Quickspin casinos with the same confidence. It’s not always easy to know which sites use which software, but you can always refer to the list above, or you can keep an eye on the Quickspin News page for new announcements on game and software partnerships.

Our view is always that you should shop around. A good casino platform is part of the experience that you want to see at a site that you chose to stay with for the long term, but we’d be surprised if many players really only played games on platforms supplied by one particular company. Shopping around also helps you to find new welcome offers. Another reason to keep an eye on Quickspin’s news blog for new launches.

Who are Quickspin: The Basics?

Quickspin have two bases. The first is in their home country, Sweden, where they can be found in     Drottninggatan in Stockholm. They can also be found in St Julian’s in Malta. If Sweden is one of the capitals of the online casino business then Malta is up there too. For very different reasons. Sweden is a hive of innovation, tech genius and design wizardry. Take a look at the history of Swedish pop music for a nice analogue with this story. Swedish pop music wasn’t up to much. And then a group of Swedish producers and writers simply decided to take all the best bits of US and Euro-pop and to do them better – in a very scientific way.

You may have your personal opinions about this music, often made by large teams of people rather than in a classic way by a single artist, but it is ruthlessly efficient and effective. And that’s kind of what the Swedish approach to slots has meant. Malta is a low-tax, low regulation jurisdiction. And that’s why the company’s set up there. That’s just the truth of it. The place is sunny and lovely and has a fascinating history, but it’s essentially an off-shore (but still EU) jurisdiction that has specialised in gambling regulation in order to attract businesses there. This specialisation has meant that the Malta Gaming Authority has a very good reputation among players. Before the UK brought all gambling regulation back onshore in the 2010s a huge number of UK casino sites were regulated in Malta. Players do trust the MGA, which has a particularly good reputation for its dispute resolution services.

Quickspin are no longer an independent company as in 2016 they were bought by Playtech, the world’s largest gaming technology company. Playtech paid €24 million to buy the shares and rounded it up to €50 million with planned payments. This isn’t the biggest deal for players, but we will discuss this sort of consolidation, integration, and the difference between genuine and ersatz completion a good deal in this article.

Is Quickspin regulated?

Yes, Quickspin is regulated. Go to their website and you’ll see a UK Gambling Commission logo if you’re visiting from the UK. A quick check on that find Quickspin AB in possession of licence number 40593, which entitles them to deliver remote gambling software services. Their licence is clean. Quickspin are also licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Alderney has a similar role to Malta in the gambling world: it is “off-shore” while still in the UK, so offers quality legal and financial services, while also being low-tax and, crucially, a small country whose economy can easily be tied to a single product or service. Both of these regulators can be trusted though. Quickspin also include badges from Gamble Aware and Gamcare on their site, which shows they are serious about responsible gaming.

What Do Quickspin Do?

Quickspin’s business is divided into four parts. The company makes video slots. We’ll assume that our readers know what these are, and we’ll return to them later. They also offer Quickspin Promote. This is a set of promotional tools that casino sites can use. They make a “cutting-edge platform”. A platform is basically the scaffolding of a casino site. So Quickspin make not just the game you play, they also make the venue. Finally, Quickspin offer a “customer experience” product to casino producers.

Which leads us to a question:

Who is the Product and who is the Customer for Quickspin?

If you play casino games and you load up a Quickspin game you’re an end-user of the company’s products. But someone else has paid for that product to be presented to you, and that’s the casino operating company. And if it’s being offered to you on a Quickspin platform using Quickspin promotional tools and a Quickspin customer experience then the casino site is three-times a customer of Quickspin. And you are the product. It’s illuminating for casino players to take a look inside the industry and see how they talk about players and the systems they use.

Now, none of this is meant to suggest that players are being scammed, treated illegally or even illegitimately, but it is eye-opening. When a casino site buys a product that delivers good “customer value” it isn’t a product designed to give the customer good value (though that is certainly part of the equation) it is a product designed to extract a lot of value out of the customer. Casino sites run on player losses. It doesn’t mean you won’t win. It doesn’t mean you won’t win every spin, every day for the rest of your gambling life and buy a villa in Tuscany with the proceeds. All of that is theoretically possible. But it’s so unlikely that it’s not wrong to call it impossible. And you need to know that.

The games are set up to deliver a steady profit to the casino site. The casino site is set up to deliver lots of players. Because lots of players will lose lots more money. So when a casino platform or promotion or customer experience is described as successful, it’s successful for one set of people. And that might not be you. Casino sites need to give something to players. We do have some sort of free will in this process (however impaired it might be), so a casino platform, experience and promotion package has to make sense from the players’ point of view. But the ultimate goal is maximising profit for the casino site. You are not the customer. You are the product. As part of this deal, you might win a lot of money (it’s all random, it can happen), and you should have a good time (because you won’t come back if you don’t), but do remember this relationship. Let’s have a look at Quickspin’s product.

Quickspin Slots

Quickspin have 54 games currently listed on their site. It is a slick operation and these games look amazing. They cover the entire gamut of the slots industry.

Most recent Quickspin slots releases are:

  • Wild Chas Tokyo GO, a sequel in a Fast and Furious/Speed-style game.
  • Wild Tome of the Woods, an eco-themed forest game.
  • Sticky Bandits Wild Return is a retro-styled, Wild-West sequel.
  • Prime Zone is a high-roller style game.
  • And Dragon Chase is an east Asian-styled game.

We had a look at an industry audit site to see which of Quickspin’s games were the most popular.

In October 2019 the top 10 read like this:

  • Wild Tome: the forest-themed game mentioned above.
  • Sticky Bandits: Wild Return: that western-themed retro game.
  • Eastern Emeralds: an east Asian-themed classic slot.
  • Joker Strike: another classic and part of a series themed around the joker in a set of cards.
  • Sakura Fortune: an east Asian-themed game.
  • Hall of the Mountain King: Scandinavian myths and legends.
  • Divine Dreams: Yes, what the world wanted was a Buddhism-themed slot. Apparently.
  • Ticket to the Stars: a travel and sci-fi themed game.
  • Phoenix Sun: mythology is the backdrop for this game.
  • Dwarfs Gone Wild: cartoony fun.

We won’t be so foolish as to try to provide an overview of the company’s titles. They’re too broad and varied to do that. You will notice certain stylistic similarities in these titles though: the design is always slick, Quickspin likes to do things differently (Wild Tome of the Woods has a six reel set-up), and they like big prizes.

Quickspin Promotions

Here we move into the Quickspin casino software area. Promotions are key to the casino world. Offers, bonuses and discounts are how most casinos try to keep players involved, and welcome offers are the single biggest attraction for new players at all casinos. Quickspin are gamifying this part of the casino experience. That means adding elements of competition or task completion to promotions. This is done to make the experience more engaging and more compelling.

When you get to compelling you’re not far from compulsion and when you talk about compulsion you’re not far from talking about addiction. Do be aware of your own play and how healthy it is, and be aware that every promotion is designed to get you to play more: make sure it’s you making the decision.

Quickspin’s promotional offers at the moment include a Flexible Free Rounds feature for casinos. This allows the casino site to offer free play to some players on some games as a way of promoting them. A Feature Trigger offer allows players to trigger free spins rounds on Quickspin slots as a free one-off. An Achievements feature is a gamification tool. This four-level promotional tool gives players rewards for achieving certain landmarks by triggering particular game events. It makes playing games part of a metagame and is designed to make players play more. Quickspin Challenges are a similar effort. They run seasonally and allow the casino to add an extra game on top of an online slot.

Quickspin Platform

When you log onto an online casino site you’re entering their platform. The games are part of the experience and everything that delivers them: your account, your balance, the way the games are presented, customer support, message systems, promotions, make up the platform. When Quickspin speak of their platform they’re speaking to casino sites, not really to you. You get to use the end product, but the casino wants something slick and easy to use. This is Quickspin’s “back office”.

When Quickspin tells its customers that this system means “our games work for you in the most productive, efficient and cost-effective way.” The productive and efficient and cost-effective things are your money being handed over to the casino site.

A lot of casino sites are run on a white-label basis. This means a large software company – it might be Quickspin, but there are a few others – produce everything that you need to run a casino. They then sell that package to individual operators who put their own branding on the site and make certain decisions. It’s why a lot of casino sites look and feel very similar. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s a very established business model not dissimilar to franchise models used by a lot of fast food companies. MacDonald’s’ restaurants are run as a franchise. A small local business owns your local MacDonald’s, but almost all of their decisions are made by a gigantic international organisation.

Quickspin Customer Experience

Here we get to full acknowledgement that the customer of the Quickspin platform is not the slot player – you – it’s the casino site. However, after all our semi-critical words about this, we’ll acknowledge that a good customer experience for the casino site will probably help you have a good customer experience. So, behind the scenes, it’s good news to know that casino sites have personal account managers with Quickspin, who help them run the site.

Award-winning Quickspin

How are Quickspin doing delivering all this stuff? They are doing very well. How do we know? They keep winning awards! Among their gongs are:

A 2014 EGR Award. A 2014 Hit Bolagen award (a Swedish prize). More EGRs in 2015, and 2016, and a Nordic EGR award in 2016. A Di Gasell award in 2016. A top 50 award for Technology in Sweden from the big business publishers Deloitte. They also won at the EGR B2b (business to business) Awards in 2017.

And they’ve got a Great Place to Work award, which is nice for their staff.

Seriously though, most of these awards are for services delivered within the industry. While that might seem of limited interest to end-users it does show a company that is doing well and taking its business seriously.

Quickspin New Game Releases

Quickspin makes it clear that their video slots are going to be the core of their business for the foreseeable future. And they keep adding titles. As we wrote this Quickspin Casino Software Guide the company was lining up an exciting slew of games for release at the end of 2019. There were three titles lined up:

The Wild Chase: Tokyo Go title is set in Japan and offers players a unique reel set up with 76 pay-lines that increase to 259 ways to win in the Super Respin round.

Golden Glyph is an Ancient Egyptian themed game with another very different layout. The game is played on a 7-by-7 grid that has been designed to work well on mobile screens in portrait mode. It’s also banged full of features, including power-ups for some arcade-style gameplay. A top prize of 13,000-times stake is enough to tempt most players to go back in time.

Polar Paws is a Christmas title for December 2019. The theming is, then, as you’d expect with free spins, and wilds (lots of wilds) to jazz up the gameplay.

Quickspin Casino Software and Gamification

Gamification is a buzzword in lots of industries now. Quickspin are pioneering its use in the casino software world. It might seem odd to be boasting about pioneering “gamification” in a sector that is existentially concerned with games, but this takes gaming away from games and into other areas of life. The example Quickspin sometimes use to talk about this is the language site Duolingo, which uses games and challenges to help users to learn a new language.

For casino software providers the aim is to use gamification to make using a casino easier and more fun, and so for users to use casinos more often. Here’s an example of how Quickspin describe their offering in this area: “Quickspin Tournaments creates a ground-breaking experience, with rewards and prizes that are based on game events, not just win/turnover oriented tournaments.”

So, you make simply using a slot or a casino site interesting and challenging by making it about challenges and tasks. You’ve no doubt seen this approach on any number of websites – particularly work-related ones – that try to offer you rewards of some kind when you tick the right box. And what’s the result of this?

“Betsson’s Swedish market saw a 6-fold increase in turnover and game win!”

“Another leading operator increased its GGR well over 100% compared to the same period the month before.”

(GGR is Gross Gaming Revenue, and you can use profit as a stand-in for it.)

So, Gamification makes using a site more entertaining, so you will enjoy that, but it also makes it more likely that you will spend more money. And that might not be the right choice for you to make. So be aware of this innovation and be sure that you prioritise your own financial and mental well-being above spending time on any casino site. Enjoy yourself, but take care of yourself.

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