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NetEnt is world’s most successful online casino operator

You may not even know it but you’re probably already a customer of NetEnt (or Net Entertainment). If you play slots, casino games, live casino games or have any interactions with online video slots or web casino sites then you’ve probably used a NetEnt casino game or a NetEnt software product. That’s not to say that Net Entertainment are some sort of hidden, secret power. Take your crazy Illuminati conspiracy theories off to Info Wars, we’re here to deal with facts. And the fact is that NetEnt, a Swedish company, makes not only games but a range of back-office products that help casinos run. We’re aware that video slots players often don’t care all that much about this stuff. Which is fine. It’s perfectly possible to be playing a NetEnt game on a NetEnt online casino site in a NetEnt network and not have a clue that you are and still have a perfectly lovely time.

Consolidation and the Casino Business

This probably isn’t the place for a lengthy dissertation on economics. But the casino market is working in exactly the way that you would expect it to work. Despite all the talk of competition and new brands, the reality is that the market is thinning down to a small number of very large companies. That doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to shop around again, or that you’ll necessarily get a bad service from these sites. It’s just the way that markets go.

But consumers like to have competition and choice. And the truth is that a lot of the competition and choice in the casino market – as in all markets – is an illusion.

The reality is that the market is dominated by a few large game producers, and by big brands. Even as new sites are launched players sign up to them to find that they offer almost exactly the same experience and games and are run on the same software. It’s not uncommon to try to join a new site and find that you’re not eligible for their one-time welcome offer because you’re unknowingly signed up to another site in the same network. Don’t let this put you off, these truths are generalities, and there are exceptions. The fact remains that you may find that the “shopping around” you are doing is more like looking at the same product in a different box rather than looking at a different box. As Net Entertainment is the core of many of these products, it’s time to take an in-depth look at the company and what it offers.

The History of Net Entertainment

The NetEnt name is very recent. Until May 2015 Net Entertainment was the name of this company. The company was born in 1996. NetEnt now has 700 employees who work on the Vasagatan island in lovely Stockholm. They’re listed on the Stockholmsbörsen (a Swedish stock market), and the current CEO is Therese Hillman, who took over from Per Eriksson in May 2018.

The NetEnt Products

NetEnt make games (slots and casino games), casino software, in-game entertainment systems, and administers progressive jackpots. We’re going to look at how it sells these products to casino operators. Hopefully, you, as a consumer, will take note of this and use this information wisely. This is the current NetEnt product family:

NetEnt Slots

Net Entertainment sell their games as a tool for “improving player lifetime value”. It’s important to remember that this is what they’re saying to the casino operators. The value that they are improving is not the value of playing the game to the player, but the value of the player to the casino site. That value, in this case, means that NetEnt is providing games that will move more money from your pocket to the pocket of the casino site operator. There’s nothing in that that is illegal, dishonest, or anything other than business as usual in the casino business. That’s basically the raison d’etre and modus operandi of the whole thing. The faster you appraise yourself of that fact and act accordingly – by accepting that gaming is entertainment and you have to pay for entertainment – the better!

NetEnt slot games are designed with this in mind. Of course, in order to deliver that value to casino operators, they need to give something to the gamer, in the form of entertaining experience and a fair one that does offer an honest chance of winning – including winning some life-changing sums of money. NetEnt call this Better Gaming.

NetEnt Slots are one of the Best

NetEnt slots are undoubtedly popular and undoubtedly good quality. Among the top-performing NetEnt slot titles are Vikings range, Lost Relics, Starburst (a massive favourite in the UK), and the Gonzo’s Quest series. Whatever your view of what the best NetEnt slot is, you can be sure that you’ll get a 95 – 98% theoretical return to player from each title. All NetEnt slots are playable on desktop computers, mobile phones, and in casino booth machines. The rest of what Net Entertainment say about their games is squarely aimed at site owners. That means “cross-selling” from games – ie, getting you to spend on other products – easy integration into your site or even your amusement arcade, and the like. You can check out some free NetEnt slot games at their site as well as at new NetEnt casino sites.

NetEnt Live, NetEnt Roulette, NetEnt Blackjack

Casino sites came from the world of bricks-and-mortar casinos. The games that were once the backbone of these places – green baize table games – were quickly swamped by ranks of slot machines, which are far easier and more profitable for casinos to run, and easier to play. The same is true online, but behind the slots, you can still find those table games. And players love them. There’s a touch of heritage and sophistication to these games that aren’t quite there with a NetEnt slot. And the two experiences are getting closer together. The spread of super high-speed internet around the world means that as well as simulations of casino games you can now enjoy live games. This just means that you’re playing a game with a dealer off in some studio somewhere with a live stream.

Net Entertainment do a lot of live casino games and claim to be the world’s most popular live casino operator. They promise – as “partners” – to deliver innovative games to their casino customers. NetEnt live casino games are designed on a mobile-first basis, which means they’re made to work in the way that most of us now play our games. Perfect!

NetEnt also claim to offer an experience that uses the digital realm to offer more than can be found from a live casino, an “immersive experience like no other.” They also provide live casino software to the casinos. NetEnt design the experience for players and even employ the dealers and croupiers who run the games. Again, this is branded, as “Better Live Gaming.”

NetEnt Roulette

The titles they currently offer start with NetEnt Live Roulette. With this mobile game, you can change between portrait and landscape screens, pick where your camera is looking, enjoy excellent graphics and sound, and play in 25 languages and currencies. That’s the advertised benefit to the player. For the casino site, they’re offered branding, promotions that they can run, and “outstanding acquisition- and retention tools”, and “cross-selling opportunities”. Players should be aware that acquisition and retention mean getting you to spend more time and money at a site, and cross-selling opportunities means that the site will try to get you to sign on for other products while you enjoy your NetEnt roulette game.

NetEnt Blackjack

Blackjack is the world’ most popular casino card game, and it is the best value for players of any popular casino game. NetEnt offer a live blackjack with streaming play. Their portfolio takes in a lot of limits on betting (by table) and says they can provide enough tables to seat all the players who might want to play. The extras – for the player – include stats and the last 10 hands. It’s nice that NetEnt offers a “fair and enjoyable player experience” in their publicity for the game.

NetEnt Live Common Draw Blackjack is a different version of the game that only NetEnt offers. It’s sort of a cross between a simulation and a live game. Players share the hand that the dealer deals, so there is no practical limit on the number of players who can play. NetEnt suggest this game as a low-limit option for players to play while they wait to get a seat at the limited spaces on the high-limit tables with actual one-to-one interaction with the dealer.

Perfect Blackjack is another option for players that is somewhere between a true live game and a simulation. This time, the dealer follows the ideal strategy for playing the game, automatically dealing out the cards, with the option to auto-split of double down when available set by the player before the game. It’s fast and furious and cuts the house edge down to 0.5%. (Interesting that for all our belief in our own skill at these games it turns out that just following a simple set of pre-set rules makes the game more profitable for the players!)

NetEnt Live Casino Extras

NetEnt offers to users of its casino sites a programme called Live Rewards. These don’t need to bother players overly much. As end users of the site, you’ll most likely experience a load of promotions as a result. Hopefully, it will mean a better experience, and lots more NetEnt free spins, NetEnt casino welcome bonuses and the like.

NetEnt Casino Software Engage

Engage is another part of the NetEnt experience that is aimed primarily at the owner of a NetEnt mobile casino rather than the end user. It’s a set of promotional and experience tools. And, we should warn you, as a user of any site on a NetEnt casino list that it’s really a way to make the experience more addictive. Just look at the language: “When it comes to capturing the attention of your players and keeping them in the game for longer, you can’t beat the power of rewards – it’s what every player craves.” This is in the context of offering rewards to players.

Sites are also encouraged to “maximize revenues from existing players” by cross-selling promotions to users of different games. NetEnt Engage Free Rounds is another feature designed to “see the player sticking levels potentially soar.” This is all brought together as NetEnt Engage™ 360, a range of features, that make depositing and spending money easier. NetEnt Engage Challenges turns promotions in gamified challenges that are known to make them more compelling to players – asking you to complete challenges and hit targets and the like. This is also “designed to increase retention rates and lead to higher revenues.”

Massive Wins with NetEnt Casinos

NetEnt also allows sites it supplies with its games and software to provide something we all love: progressive jackpots (or as they call them “pooled jackpots”). NetEnt claim that at their casinos you will find “some of the largest, fastest growing, and most exciting jackpot games in the world.” They have some right to say that. Mega Fortune is a Guinness World Record holder for its €17.86 million pay-out, and also a world record setter for largest mobile pay-out with a win of €8.6 million in 2018.

There are a load of NetEnt big win games, including Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, Arabian Nights, and Mega Fortune Dreams. In selling this service to casinos NetEnt make it clear that “they come with absolutely no risk whatsoever.” This is true. (It’s true of the whole industry really.) Progressive jackpots are created by networking a large number of machines and taking a tiny percentage from every player bet to put in a prize pot. That pot grows and grows as players use the machine, and with the Internet connecting millions of potential players around the world, there’s a huge prize in no time at all. All paid for by you! That’s not to say that winning one isn’t great news for the lucky player who does click spin at the right time.

NetEnt branded Games

NetEnt has really led the way with branded games. No new NetEnt casino will launch without a good selection of these eye-catching and attention-grabbing titles. NetEnt work with big companies, including Colombia Pictures Industries Inc., 20th Century Fox, and Universal from the movies’ world. Film titles, bands like Guns n’ Roses, and artists like Jimi Hendrix have all been given a NetEnt branded game. These games sell well because they’re already half-way home with the audience: if you love a band you’ll give a game with their name on it more than a second glance.

NetEnt Back Office

As you check out the latest NetEnt free spins offer or NetEnt casino no deposit bonuses you probably give little thought to how a site is actually run. You don’t need to, of course, but the likelihood is that it’s a NetEnt back office. These are facilities that are needed to run a site. Games need to be organised. Players need to be rewarded, incentivised, counted, and so on. Money needs to be collected – and paid out!

Playing NetEnt Casinos Safely

After going over NetEnt’s product line it seems an opportune time to remind you to play safely. Every product in this range is designed to make the player spend more – and thus more money – on a NetEnt casino site. As we make clear time and time again, this is not illegal, and neither is it a scam. However, the reality is that players spending time at sites is profitable because most players lose money in the long run. In fact, games are set up mathematically to guarantee that. So as you consider a NetEnt no deposit bonus, also consider the purpose of that bonus to the site.

Never play at unlicensed or illegal sites. Never play at sites you don’t trust. Look for safe gambling advice and for tools to manage your play safely at any good site. Play for entertainment not to make money. Play for limited amounts of time and with set financial limits. Never bet with money you cannot afford to lose. Don’t bet if you’re intoxicated or in a bad place financially or emotionally. Don’t bet to try to manage your emotions. Enjoy your play, but always play safely.

NetEnt Casino Sites

The number of NetEnt casino sites is huge. There’s no reason why you should choose a casino by its operating software, but NetEnt does offer a lot of positives. The company is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, the Gibraltar gaming authorities, and the Malta Gaming Authority. They are a member of eCOGRA the industry body. NetEnt are legal then. They’re also very stable, and international. They have offices in their home country of Sweden, the casino site’s favourite jurisdiction, Malta, and Ukraine, Gibraltar, America and Poland.

We warn players about fly-by-night sites that may not last long enough to pay out your winnings. A NetEnt site shouldn’t be that. It’s fair to say that they don’t want to work with bad partners, so the use of their software – while by no means a guarantee – is a good indicator of quality and stability in a site. A NetEnt Casino list would go on for pages – whole websites are dedicated to just this purpose.

NetEnt Games

NetEnt games are massively dominant in the world of casinos. It’s not possible to list anything like their full portfolio of titles. They cover all genres and styles of game. Every possible theme for a slot is probably available from NetEnt. At the last time of checking the company had about 15% of the games in all casino sites in the UK market (just as an example). They had an even higher number of games in casino lobbies. This makes their games massively visible. Some sites are all-but dedicated to NetEnt games. Their top titles are a who’s who of the games industry: Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Twin Spin, Vikings, Mega Fortune are all in the UK top ten. And they keep adding new titles. The Scudamore’s Super Stakes game (another tie-in, this time with an individual British jokey and trainer) was up at the top of the UK charts because of the tie-in with the Cheltenham horse racing festival. These people know what they’re doing and you can expect a good experience when you sit down and load up one of their games.

There are a number of special features that are unique and branded to NetEnt slot games. Things like cluster pay’s, plus all those unique live casino games innovations we’ve covered. Most NetEnt games fit the standard industry model of a 3-row by a 5-reel grid, but you can rely on them for innovation and a deluge of new titles across all types and styles of gameplay.

Çlaim NetEnt Online Casino Bonuses

Good quality games and great back-office services put NetEnt at the front of the field for a lot of players. But they also offer great promotions – both as a network of linked sites and through individually branded sites. If you really can’t get on with the NetEnt experience then you’re going to have to avoid these sites completely. That seems unlikely to us though, and there’s nothing wrong, in so far as you can, in cruising around looking for the likes of a rare NetEnt casino no-deposit bonus, or just the best NetEnt casino welcome bonus you can find and checking out those sites.

We’re happy to recommend NetEnt as safe, legal and high-quality suppliers of games and casino experiences. You could spend your whole life playing NetEnt games and never get bored. All we would advise is that you remember that NetEnt online casinos are as keen to get your money out of your pocket as any other company, and the evidence is that they’re very very good at doing so. Remember to play safely and you’ll enjoy many a happy hour running through our NetEnt casino list.

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