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Online Casinos that Accepting Paysafecard

If you want to play you have to pay! A nice little cliché for you. Of course, it’s not really true. You can play a huge number of online games now, for free, and without even signing up at an account. But we know that most people don’t actually play online video slots for the beauty of the gameplay. They play these games because they’re compelling, but they’re 1,000% more compelling when there’s something at stake in the game. This means gambling. And this means sending money from you to the operator of the site. It also means that you need the means to receive money from the site when you win that big jackpot! For this you need a payment processor or payment company that is safe, secure, trusted, and fast. (Speed is the least important of these attributes perhaps, but players do enjoy getting their winnings in a timely manner. It doesn’t shine a good light on the online gambling industry that the deposit times listed on almost all websites are “instant” while the pay-out times are generally longer.) Paysafecard is one way of transferring money to a casino. It is part of a rather complicated infrastructure of online payment companies that reveal a lot about the way the online commercial world works. Paysafecard casino gambling is a slightly different animal from many other of the systems that we discuss here. Our Paysafecard online casino gambling guide should cover all your questions.

What is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard started its life in the year 2000 in Vienna Austria. It’s been a long time since then, and things have changed a good deal for the company, which is now part of a much larger online payment processing business. Many of the products we write about are electronic wallets (or e-wallets or digital wallets), but Paysafecard is different. The standard way to pay for things online is to use a bank card or supply your bank account details in order to transfer money by wire. More recently services like PayPal offer something like an online bank account: you open an account (almost always for free), you put in money from your bank account or card, and then you can use the online account as a quick and simple way to transfer money online.

It’s really convenient and now almost completely trusted. The payment companies make their money by levying small fees on each transaction that’s made. These can be paid by the company who receives the money or by the consumer who sends it – and usually, it’s the consumer. Paysafecard is not an electronic wallet. It’s simply a card or voucher that you can use online. This makes it a really easy way to turn actual cash into online balances.

Paysafecard for Cash Players

The Paysafecard is a pre-paid payment card. The company doesn’t advance you money and you don’t really have to have a long-term relationship with them.

Instead, you go to a real-life shop and hand over cash, or your card details to buy a voucher with a face value. Each voucher has a 16-figure code on it, which you reveal and then input as you deposit money in your online casino account. Your account will then be credited with the amount you spent on the voucher. Upfront, everything appears to be free, but things are a little more complicated in reality.

Paysafecard works within some countries only, but it can be used internationally and in different currencies from the one you used to buy your card. Paysafecard currently operates in more than 40 countries, many of which are host to accounts that allow you to sign up and upload your voucher codes before then transferring on to the site of your choice.

The History of Paysafecard

Online payment processing is a dynamic business. Unfortunately, this dynamism is not reflected in an amazingly tough competition that gives customers a huge choice of very different products. No, it is reflected in massive consolidation, as the big, powerful players in the market snap up smaller companies, often their competitors, and then leave the company’s brand names running. This is true in the history of the world’s best-known online payment processing company, PayPal, who grew not just by making massive innovations (which they certainly did do), but also by buying up companies who made similar innovations. Paysafecard has been no stranger to this sort of business dealing, and it has taken over companies, and in turn, been taken over by companies.

Paysafecard went shopping when it picked up the Dutch Wallie card and the British brand Ukash. And Paysafecard was in the shopping basket when it was purchased by Skrill. The Skrill story is also long and complex. After a long and winding road of takeovers, Skrill operates as a brand as part of Optimal Payments Group. Optimal Payments Group changed its name to Paysafe Group and is currently regulated in the UK (this may become Ireland if Brexit goes ahead), and the company also runs the Neteller brand.

Paysafecard was born in Austria in 2000, launching soon afterwards in Germany too. The company actually got EU funding that helped it to expand into other parts of Europe, and in 2008 the company set up a UK subsidiary and won a licence from the UK Financial Services Authority (that too has been renamed, and is now called the FCA or the Financial Conduct Authority) to operate across Europe. A license in Switzerland helped them start to operate outside the EU.

We’ve mentioned expansion by takeover, and the Wallie card was merged into the business in 2011. Then Skrill bought Paysafecard in 2013, and in the following year the new company, picked up Ukash, a UK company offering a very similar prepaid card service. Then Optimal Payments bought Skrill and changed the name of the whole thing to Paysafe Group.

How Paysafecard Works

Paysafecard has remained in operation as an apparently independent brand for all that time. The thing is a numbers game. You go into a shop with a Paysafecard sign up and buy a card valued at between €10 and €100. Then you go home, or outside (it’s rude to use your phone indoors) and navigate to the online store, games server, or casino that you want to use, select Paysafecard as your payment option and input your code with the amount you would like to spend. You can split your total amount into any number of transactions until you’ve used up the full amount. You can also tie cards together online in order to pay large amounts, so with 10 (the maximum you’re allowed in one transaction) €100 cards you can pay up to €1,000 in one transaction. And you manage your card through the company’s own website.

Paysafecard Earnings

Paysafecard isn’t doing this for fun, or for the good of their health, they’re doing it to make money, and they do this by levying fees. They take a small cut of transactions as part of their fee. Customers are not directly charged for using the card, but there are admin charges after a while. There is also a fee for converting currencies.

Paysafecard regulation

Paysafecard works in a slightly different way from other online payment systems so it is regulated in a slightly different way too. This is rather technical, but Paysafecard transactions count as a form of banking, and so must be regulated by banking regulators.

Prepaid Services Company Limited is a UK subsidiary of Paysafecard that was founded in 2008, and they hold the necessary licenses for use across the European Economic Area. A similar arrangement with a Swiss company allows the company to issue its cards in a number of other countries. Paysafecards in the United States are run by Bancorp Bank, which operates as regulated banking operator.

Paysafecard where you live

Paysafecard is also unusual in combining a real-life and an internet iteration. The Internet was supposed to give us infinite variety. Instead, it has made everything look the same and made the standardisation of services, sounds, and design around the globe ever more obvious. Paysafecard operates in nations so it has to respect the differences between countries in a way that lots of internet companies don’t really have to pay too much attention to.

Cards were sold as scratch cards in most territories, but now they are more likely to be printouts of a unique number generated by a terminal in the shop you use. These networks of sales sites are another unique feature of Paysafecard. Look for signs in a shop or search online to find the nearest one to you if you want to start spinning slots now via Paysafecard. There are around 600,000 sales outlets so you shouldn’t have to walk too far.

Paysafecard accounts online

Although it operates in a dual world between the Internet and the real-world it does have an online site. Online payment services – e-wallets etc – usually operate on an account-only basis. You can now apply for a PayPal credit card, but most people never receive a single physical thing from the company. Paysafecard went the other way around. By having an account you can manage your card more carefully. We’ve mentioned that you can monitor your balance if you’re using your cards in multiple transactions. You can also set up repeat payments, something like a standing order or other regular payment from a bank, through this account.

When you use a Paysafecard casino payment system you will be given a choice: input your 16-number pin number, or use a password to open your account and pay via that. An account also makes you eligible for Paysafecard loyalty programme called Paysafecard plus.

The Limits of Paysafecard Online Casino Gambling

While you’ve been reading this you’ve probably spotted a number of problems with this. Or at least you will if you’re a regular casino player. The first question you’ll be asking about Paysafecard casino gambling is, “where do I get paid?!” That’s right, there’s the chance that you might win money remember. And Paysafecard does not accept payments on its own. There’s also a bit of a red flag here. Gambling regulators are getting stricter, and they’re very keen that gambling sites should not be used by people who aren’t entitled to, or for purposes they’re not supposed to be used for – chiefly money laundering. One of the big attractions of Paysafecard is its inherent anonymity. If you want to spend thousands of euros gambling and never have your partner find out when they check your bank account then Paysafecard is for you!

We don’t recommend this of course. Always be honest! But anonymous payment systems come with this possibility. And it’s something that regulators are aware of. They don’t care that you might be lying to your husband about where your money’s going, but they do care that someone could earn millions selling drugs, for example, and then hand over that cash in a shop to buy loads of Paysafecards, and then chuck those through a casino slot machine (accepting the house edge as a price for the laundering) and then take the money out. So there are limits in the way Paysafecard can be used. You need to check these when you open an account at a Paysafecard online casino. Most recently, the limit on deposits in casino sites has been cut from the €1,000 that Paysafecard itself is limited to a smaller €250 limit. In Germany, you must prove your ID once you start to spend over €100-a-month on anonymous payment systems like Paysafecard.

Paysafecard for Anonymous Gambling

This cuts both ways of course. We’re all more and more aware that we’re being tracked and traced by businesses and maybe even governments whenever we do anything online. You can be sure that using a payment card that can be tracked to gamble with will soon see you getting loads of adverts for other gambling services. Paysafecard cuts that out. It also makes your personal details personal! Accounts can be hacked. You can use this payment method as a buffer, and even a buffer to a buffer. Your Paysafecard is a unique, single-use thing that cannot open up your bank account for return visits from a fraudster or hacker. If you use a system like PayPal to pay into a casino you can use Paysafecard to load up your PayPal account, so your bank account will never be exposed to the internet at all.

How to make a Paysafecard casino deposit

Let’s have a look at the process for getting started with Paysafecard. Firstly, and unusually, you need to get off your phone and go walking! Yes, the first step in spending with Paysafecard is to find a shop that sells the vouchers. You can do this by scouting around for the signs, or you can do it by searching on the Paysafecard website. I checked my address, which is in a major UK city, and found three stores selling the vouchers within about 10-minutes’ walk of my house. Obviously, things might be different depending on where you live, but most people will have a pretty good opportunity to find a store. Then you hand over the money to buy a voucher. Then you can head to your favourite Paysafecard online casino and type in the voucher code in order to fund your account. That’s pretty much it for the simple process.

You can check for Paysafecard casino sites and online casinos that accept Paysafecard online. At the moment, my UK version of the site offers me just six gambling sites to choose from, but you’ll need to check the list for your home country to get a selection that works for you. And remember, you can also use Paysafecard to put cash into another online account that will be accepted at your favourite Paysafecard online casino.

My Paysafecard

Now let’s have a look at the account feature. This is now called my Paysafecard, and it’s a way of keeping your pins together and to pay without using the 16-digit code that comes from your voucher. If you’re no good with pieces of paper then you’ll want to go down this route rather than having to keep a relatively small voucher handy all the time.

You can open your account at the Paysafecard website. This will give you an account where you can upload the pin codes you buy in your local Paysafecard retailer. Then, when you want to use the balance you just select the account option at the retailer and put in your password and username when prompted. This is an easier way to manage multiple vouchers and a way to keep track of your money. The standard account has spending limits, with a free upgrade to Unlimited status that takes those limits off. For this, you’ll need to provide more evidence of your identity.

The Paysafecard App

Everyone needs an app today, and you can download the Paysafecard app onto your smartphone and have an even more convenient way to spend money. This method of payment means using a QR code on vouchers. Scan this on your phone’s app and you’ll be credited with the amount on the voucher. They are pushing this method quite hard at the moment. It’s certainly easier to use than any other Paysafecard management system, and you may feel that your phone gives you better security protection than your web browser does. You can also use your Paysafecard app to work with the company’s own MasterCard.

Paysafecard MasterCard

So let’s have a look at that. The Paysafecard MasterCard can be used just like any other card – as long as you cash it up. The Paysafecard is as accepted as any other MasterCard card, and you can use your Paysafecard to load money onto it. You need an account on the website to get a card, then you’ll receive it in the post, and you’re in business. There is an annual fee for the card.

Making a Paysafecard online casino deposit safely

We’ve looked at some of the security plusses with Paysafecard, but we always have to let you know that there are possible downsides. First of all, be aware of scams. This payment method works in a particular way, and it happens to be a way that is useful to people who want to get around the rules of Paysafecard online casino gambling. That’s not your fault if you have legitimate reasons to use Paysafecard, but it makes users more likely to be targeted by scammers. The people who are most likely to make bad decisions around money (or anything really) are those who are most desperate or vulnerable.

A Paysafecard is completely legitimate. But it can be misused. So it’s a signal to scammers that a person owning might just be showing that they’re in the business of looking for legal shortcuts. Or perhaps they see it as a signal that they don’t have a bank account, which might suggest some financial vulnerability. So please do be careful about the Paysafecard casino sites you use. In fact, just be careful when you’re spending money online. Never use the fact that this payment method is relatively anonymous in order to try to get around any restrictions on a site. Making a Paysafecard casino deposit has some security plusses, but you can never be too careful.

Paysafecard Casino Gambling – In Conclusion

Paysafecard offers speed, privacy, and a unique way to pay for things online. Not everyone has a bank account and it’s a great way to transfer actual cash into cybercash. Paysafecard is completely legitimate, reliable, and backed by one of the world’s biggest payment companies. It is licensed to operate all the jurisdictions where it operates and you can use it in complete security. The best bet to get started is to head to the site and set up an account. Then check out the list to find the nearest Paysafecard outlet to you. Then head online and start to look for a great Paysafecard online casino site with a great Paysafecard casino bonus, go and sign up and fill up your account and start playing.

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