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Online Casinos that Accepting Neteller

Neteller is a name you will see at the bottom of many online casinos, usually alongside PayPal, Skrill, MasterCard, and Visa. It only means one thing – it’s a Neteller online casino that accepts Neteller casino deposits! The company is one of the biggest and most trusted money transfer services in the world, part of a much bigger corporation and used by millions of people, including many gamblers to pay into their accounts and to collect money from them. If you’re interested to learn more and want a list of the best Neteller online casinos and Neteller casino bonuses, stay with us!

What is Neteller?

Neteller means many things because the terminology isn’t yet clear. It’s been defined as a “payment gateway,” a “digital wallet”, a “prepaid card”, and a “payment service provider”. Many players use the shortened e-wallet or similar. However you style it, Neteller is a service that allows users to instantly transfer money online.

Online Payment Processing

The systems that are used to process payments are the lubricant of the Internet. What was devised as a scientific instrument of communication has become an economy in its own right. You could play any number of online slot games, or start a blackjack hand right now (without so much as proving your age), but in order to play them for money, you need a way to transfer cash from you to the site. A posted cheque is one way of doing that. As are bank transfers. But players – and businesses – want the money to go straight away. Perhaps the biggest breakthrough in the history of the web wasn’t Tim Berners-Lee hitting the switch on the first web servers, but the first online transaction – in 1994 to buy a pizza from Pizza Hut – that took the system to a new level. Not long after that, the SSL encryption that made online banking even safer was invented, and by 1995 Amazon was up and running and posting out books from some guy’s garage.

Online Wallets

Online payment systems actually date back a little further than the Internet, to a British invention that allowed telephones and televisions to be used to send internal payments in big businesses. But the first online wallets were pioneered as an initial attempt to take quick payment processing online. There have always been a number of issues with a remote money transfer: it needs to be fast, it needs to be secure, and it needs to be trusted by everyone. Online wallets started to address those problems, but the first attempts weren’t very popular. They worked by storing payment card details for customers so they could swiftly click and buy. They were usually tied to one particular company and didn’t really challenge the dominance of bank transfers and simple card use.

From Wallets to Payment Processors

Here our story encounters the giant of the online payment world and an important player in the world of online casino gambling payment processors. Without PayPal, there’s probably no Neteller, and without an interesting decision made by PayPal in 2003, there’s probably no need for a Neteller casino gambling guide. PayPal were founded in Silicon Valley at the end of the 1990s. Like a lot of supposedly innovative tech companies they actually grew by hoovering up other companies that made parts of the breakthrough that they needed to succeed.

PayPal was tied very closely to a single site, but it did the job of handling payments for that site so well, and that site was so influential that they were able to spin out from there to become internet giants. The site was eBay, and they bought the company for $1.5 billion, and PayPal was being used by the vast majority of customers on the site.

PayPal also pioneered with its partnering with MasterCard to give its customers a go-anywhere payment solution. By the time this happened, in 2007, PayPal was raking in nearly $2 billion in annual revenue, and three years later they had more than 100 million active users. Finally, in 2015, the company was spun off from eBay and became independent again. They also launched PayPal.Me function that made PayPal a personal bank for everyone.

Gambling Payment Processors: The PayPal Question

What does this mean for Neteller though? PayPal’s a massive company, and it’s all-but seen off most of the competition in online payment processing. However, there are other companies still out there doing it, including Stripe for example, and there are a lot more competitors in the online gambling payment processing world, including Neteller. And that’s mainly because of American law. PayPal wanted to become a big, legitimate international company, and particularly they wanted to be a trusted player in the United States. (Many of PayPal’s founders have gone on to have outsized political roles.) And gambling is in a complicated legal position in the United States. We’re publishing this guide in the summer of 2019, and the situation around these laws are fluid, but their historical effect and how they have helped make Neteller a big casino payment processor still stands.

Gambling in the United States is only legal in a few places – most famously Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City and the territories of American Indians. The Internet made this geographical line drawing difficult and American gamblers (of whom there are many) flooded into sites that were based off-shore and so not subject to the US’s restrictive gambling laws. The United States had used telegraph and radio legislation as a way of keeping geographical restrictions in place from the 1960s – it was illegal to wager across state lines. The Internet broke that system. And to stop it, US legislators didn’t ban international gambling, they banned the transfer of money for the purposes of gambling – no money, no bets! The law was introduced in 2006, but PayPal stopped offering services to any gambling businesses three years earlier as forces to deal with international gambling were being mustered.

Before 2003 PayPal had been doing as well in online gambling markets as they had in any other. They were trusted, quick, and people liked using. So when they left the market – to return in 2010 – they left a big hole to be filled. And that is why there is a considerably more vibrant market for payment processors in the gambling world than in almost any other. Since returning to the online gambling market, PayPal has been very picky about the companies it works with. So companies that specialise in gambling – the likes of Paysafecard, Ukash, Skrill, and our friends Neteller – have survived and prosper and offer a service that really challenges PayPal on the prize, quality, speed, and availability.

Introduction to Neteller Casino Gambling

Neteller’s story is an interesting one, and if you’re a student of economics and the internet it’s worth studying. The company has gone through a number of ownership changes and has had challenges around the legality of its services in the United States too. Through all this, it has remained popular though, and customers obviously enjoy using its services and trust it to do what it promises to do.

The History of Neteller Casino Gambling

Neteller is currently part of a company called Paysafe Group. This was not always the way though! Neteller was originally a Canadian company, founded in 1999. They soon moved to the Isle of Man, setting up there in 2004. For its size, The Isle of Man plays a disproportionate role in the financial services industry and the gambling industry. This is largely for tax reasons. The Isle of Man is part of the UK, but semi off-shore for tax and regulation purposes. This is still a very high-quality regulated sector though, and the company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is here that history gets a little complicated. On moving to the Isle of Man, Neteller also floated on the London Stock Exchange (raising $70million in the process). It also started to buy companies. In November 2005, Neteller bought Netbanx, a 1996-founded company. Then in 2008, the company changed its name to Neovia Financial PLC. In February 2011, that company bought Optimal Payments. A Canadian company founded in 1997. Neovia (which had formerly been Neteller PLC) now changed its name to Optimal Payments PLC.

Optimal Payments PLC started to expand into the US by buying payment processing companies there for hundreds of millions of dollars. The big one came in March 2015 when Optimal Payments PLC coughed up more than €1 billion to buy Skrill. Skrill were a major player in online payment processing, but specifically in the gambling market. They also owned the Paysafecard brand (and others) that was one of the easiest ways to turn real-life cash into internet money. The company changed its name again, to Paysafe Group. This company was sold to a private equity group in 2017 and left the London Stock Exchange.

It is possible that more changes will follow the exit of the UK from the EU – so-called Brexit. A new company, called Paysafe Payment Solutions Limited has been set up in Ireland, and businesses may be transferred there. That company is licensed by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Online Payment Processing Consolidation and the Consumer

If you’re just a gambling fan who wants a quick way to cash up your account you may wonder what this has to do with you. It could very directly affect your experience, though the company’s offering the services don’t really want you to think about that. That’s why we think it’s important to tell you about it. Go and click on an online casino gambling site now and you will probably see both Skrill and Neteller listed as possible payment options. The theory goes that those companies will try to offer better services to customers and keep their prices as low as possible in order to win customers.

But how does that work when both companies are owned by the same shareholders? This sort of consolidation (basically, big, rich companies buy smaller, poorer competitors) is a real issue in the gambling industry. A few large casino operating companies own a huge number of sites that are branded as if they were separate entities. And here, we have a payment processing company owning a number of brands that they continue to brand as different companies that consumers might reasonably think are in competition with each other. Like everything else in modern capitalism, there isn’t a great deal you can do about this, but it is important that you know how the business operates.

Neteller Online Casinos

Neteller has been used at gambling sites since July 2000. Immediately, it made a big impact on the market, being used at a staggering 85% of the gambling businesses in the world. The industry also had a big impact on Neteller, who were massively dependent on cash from this business, which was worth 95% of its business. Enter the United States Congress! We’ve mentioned the impact of these laws before, and they were pretty bad news for Neteller, which basically had to ditch its US businesses. There are still restrictions on customers in some countries using the service to transfer money to gambling businesses, so check your legal location and status, please! The result of this was that Neteller diversified its business, but it remains a major player in the European and global gambling markets. Right now, there are plenty of Neteller online casinos that do take Neteller casino deposits. Some even have dedicated Neteller casino bonuses!

How to make a Neteller Casino Deposit

The reason these services are so popular is that they are very easy to use. This is the case with Neteller. Tomake a Neteller casino deposit, you must first open an account. This is free, and all you need are an email address, your name, and a password. Password security is extremely important with online payment processing accounts so please use every possible security protocol to set a good password and to keep it safe. The Neteller password guide tells you that you must have at least one capital letter in an eight-character password with one number of a special symbol. That’s a good start, but you should probably go further.

Then, you need some money in your account.

It’s no possible to list all the ways you can do this here. As with PayPal, you can link a credit or debit card to the account in order to use Neteller as a buffer between that and the big bad world of the Internet. Currently, about 60 ways of transferring to your Neteller account are listed on the company’s website. They include banks, other online payment processors, card providers, and so on. The fee for most of these transfers is 2.5%. Finally, you can start to spend your money with Neteller. To do this at a Neteller casino, you’ll need to set up an account there, then when you’re asked to pay into your account you just need to select the Neteller online casino option and fill in your password to confirm your account and the amount. As we say, very simple. Neteller Casinos Fees

This is very simple. But is it free? No! Online payment processors and similar businesses make their money by charging a fee. The simplest example is of a money transfer, which have a 1.45% fee on transactions made by accounts that were set up before 17th June 2019. The minimum fee is 50cents (US). Accounts created after that date must pay a 5% fee on every transaction unless they have put cash in their account, in which case the fee is the same 1.45%. After this, things get complicated with a number of geographical restrictions.

Security for Neteller Casino Gambling

Safety is everything when you’re transferring money online. It should go without saying that you need to take this stuff seriously, and we urge you to do so. Neteller claim that they are doing their bit too. The company is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The money that you spend with your Neteller account is always your money. The company keeps the money in a separate trust account, never putting it in its own bank account. The company’s regulation also means that it never lends money. Essentially, Neteller works simply as a temporary container for your cash – you put it in, and you pour it out, there’s a small fee along the way, and that’s it. Along with regulation you need to have the best online security. Neteller uses Norton as part of its security offer. You can also be assured that all your details are sent using the best encryption in the industry.

Security Advice for Neteller Online Casino Gambling

Neteller offers some excellent online security advice, and it’s worth repeating here. The company urges Neteller customers to keep their account safe in these ways. Updating your software. This is just good practice for any computer user. It’s particularly important to make sure that you have automatic updates on your browser software, but as most apps and programmes access the internet these days you need to have the latest patches installed. Do regular update checks, set everything to update automatically, or use an updating app.

You should also monitor your Neteller account. It’s much easier to steal from someone who doesn’t check their wallet! By the time they’re complaining that they’ve got no money to buy that next lovely item, the thief has done a runner! We don’t want anyone to be paranoid, but we do think that you should keep an eye on the balance in your Neteller account and that you should keep an eye on each transaction and make regular checks. It does no harm to log-in to your Neteller account every day to see that you know every transaction.

You also need to keep our computer safe. This is good general advice, but we don’t apologise for repeating it. Keep your Neteller account safe by keeping your computer protected from viruses, ransomware and more with the latest antivirus software and firewalls. You should never share any of the details of your Neteller account. Even if it’s a mate or a family member, you should never share your password or log-in details. This will almost certainly stop you from getting any compensation if anything does go wrong with your account. As soon as you share those details – even if the person is completely trustworthy and does nothing wrong – you have immediately doubled the risk to your account.

Sign out of your Neteller account each time you finish using it. Logging out deletes the details from your browser and stops someone else rocking up to your computer and piggybacking on your session. Some browsers offer automatic fill-in for passwords, which is very convenient – and very frightening if you leave your laptop on the bus!

Passwords must be strong! No words, no names, no dates. A password generator or password safe might be worth considering, and you should certainly exceed Neteller’s minimal standards for password strength.

Don’t use your Neteller account on a shared computer if you can help it. For most gamblers, this isn’t too much of a problem, as they will want to play on their own machine. But if you are on holiday or playing from an internet café, library or school then you are probably best advised to switch to your phone for any personal business like account management of financial transactions.

You can add two-step authentication to your Neteller account. This sends a code to your phone whenever you try to use your account – or someone else does – so that it is impossible to sign in to your account without physical possession of your phone. This is a good thing to do!

Neteller Casino Gambling: the Next Level

We think Neteller is a great payment processing system. It’s available at a huge number of online casino sites and it’s very trusted. Check it out. You don’t need to keep the account if you don’t like it, and we think you’ll enjoy the experience. Neteller even offers an extra to regular users in the shape of a VIP account. This offers lots of benefits, including discounts, reduced fees, faster processing on some payments, and opens up new areas of spending to you. So if you like Neteller maybe push it up a level and become a Neteller VIP casino gambler – the high roller of the payment processing world!

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