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Gambling in a online casino is incredibly exciting. Many gamblers even find it nerve-wracking when they wait for the ball to stop in the roulette wheel. It is always the question whether you win or lose. And how much you ultimately win is perhaps only a side issue. Because it is mainly the adrenalin kick that so many people like to take a gamble. Are you a real gambler? Or are you just curious and do you even want to try out whether gambling is something for you? Then you can indulge yourself in one of the many online casinos.

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Play safe at Online Casinos with European licenses

In the past, gambling was often associated with alcohol, addiction and crime. The men came together in a smoky cafe. And while enjoying a few glasses of alcohol, fanatic money was used during a game of poker.

Gambling has had a negative image for a long time. Still that is changing now. Fortunately, because for centuries there is gambling with great pleasure. Around 40,000 they used sheep bones to gamble with. Later that became dice and cards. Gambling was only really professionally tackled when the first casino opened in 1763. The Belgian Spa had the scoop. Meanwhile, there is a casino (or several) in almost all major cities of the world. But since a number of years many gambling enthusiasts prefer to exchange the local arcade for the online casino. The expectation is that the number of players will only increase.

What are the advantages of online gambling?

Online casinos are popular because they are much more accessible than ordinary casinos. You do not have to dress neatly before you go to the gambling hall. Stronger: you do not even have to leave the door to enjoy a night of gambling.From your own home you can play all the games you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And your favorite slot machine is always free. That immediately saves a lot of annoyance.

But there are many more benefits. For example, online casinos have relatively low costs compared to regular casinos. You profit from that as a player. Because because the costs are low, they can spend the money in a different way. You often see that online casinos compete fully by giving away bonuses .There is a welcome bonus for new players, while loyal players are rewarded with additional bonuses and temporary promotions. For a real casino, all these kinds of bonus actions are simply not feasible. They need the money to pay the rent of the property and the staff.

For starting gamblers online casinos have something attractive to offer. Many games are free to try out on the website. This gives you the chance to get to know the casino game a bit before you start gambling with real money. You should not play these free games for too long. Because since you do not use any money yourself, the profit will never be credited to your account.

Choose your favorite casino game

In the casino there are always many different games to choose from. That is no different in an online casino. There are, among other things:

  • Classic slot machines
  • Hypermodern video slots
  • Classic table games (such as roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat)
  • Scratch cards
  • Bingo games

In addition to these categories you often find a separate section with jackpot slots. These are well-known slot machines such as Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods, Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune .With these cabinets you can win an extra high amount of money. Sometimes it involves a few thousand euros, but there are certainly examples of gamblers who have won a million or more. These kind of video slots always work with a progressive jackpot. This means that the amount of money to be won increases further as the game is played more often. And who knows, you are ultimately the lucky winner.

The live casino approaches that real casino experience

We previously discussed the advantages of online gambling. Yet there is also one drawback that we can not ignore. The atmosphere in an online casino is completely different than in a real casino. In the local gambling hall you are welcomed by friendly croupiers who accompany all table games in a professional manner. In addition, you are surrounded by other gambling enthusiasts, who, just like you, hope that they will leave the door with a nice sum of money.

This casino experience can never be completely matched online. Although the live casino is certainly in the neighborhood. You always have a choice of different table games. There is roulette, blackjack, baccarat and of course you can also go for a game of poker. Often there are even more variants to choose from. Texas Hold’em poker and Caribbean Stud poker, American roulette and French roulette: there is something for everyone.

In the live casino you are in contact with a real croupier via a video link. You see how the croupier hands out the cards of the poker game. Are you taking a virtual place at a roulette table? Then you see live on the screen how the ball slowly stops at one of the numbers in the wheel. But there is not only image. Thanks to the chat function it is possible to communicate with the dealer and your fellow players. This way you immediately have the feeling that you are part of a group of casino enthusiasts.

Almost every gambling website nowadays has a live casino. Please note that there are big differences. At some online casinos you are simply connected to a small studio via a livestream. There is a game table and there is a croupier present who accompanies the game. Although the cameras capture every action live, there is still something missing. And that is that real casino experience. Fortunately, there are also websites that work together with a real casino. Via the livestream you will be connected to a casino somewhere in the world. You see players who are taking a gamble at that moment. You are just one of them.

This is how you start with online gambling

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older can go and gamble in an online casino. Although you have to arrange a number of things before you can actually get started. The first step is to register with the casino. This only takes a few minutes. After you have entered a number of personal details (name, address, telephone number, date of birth, etc.), an account will be created for you immediately. From this account you now regulate all matters related to online gambling.

Your own account is one thing. But then you are not there yet. If you want to play for real money you have to ensure that you have enough balance. Only when the account is created and you have sufficient balance in your account, the big gambling adventure can start. You can deposit money in many ways. Most online casinos accept payments via credit card (VISA and MasterCard), PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard and traditional bank transfer.There are even more and more casinos where you can pay via iDEAL and Bancontact.In general, all deposit methods offered by online casinos are safe and reliable. This way you know that you can make a deposit safely and reliably.

Welcome bonuses and other interesting promotional campaigns

Every casino naturally hopes to attract as many players as possible. You can easily win a nice bonus. In the world of online gambling it is therefore very normal to welcome new customers with a welcome bonus. For example, this could be a 100% deposit bonus, where the money from your first deposit is immediately doubled. In addition, casinos are very generous with the distribution of free spins. These free spins give you the chance to try out different slot machines without having to bet any money. The profit is of course just for you.

Some online gambling companies really excel in handing out high bonuses. On the promotion page of the casino you will find all the actions that are currently running. You might benefit from a friend’s bonus or a cash back bonus. A reload bonus or a mobile casino bonus are other promotions that you regularly encounter. Read the relevant conditions carefully in advance. The requirements are sometimes so strict that it is still difficult to get that nice bonus.

Discover the mobile casino

Almost everyone is in possession of a smartphone or tablet. The casino world has now come in handy. Because almost every online platform has developed a separate mobile website or app. This way you can play your favorite casino games anytime, anywhere.

In general, the mobile casinos work fine. You have a choice of different games. And is not there enough money in your account? Then you can easily add that to the mobile casino. The apps and mobile websites are a valuable addition. But they often can not completely replace ordinary websites. The games often load a bit slower, and at some casinos there is even a somewhat limited game on the mobile platform. Even though the technology and the supply have improved in recent years. Most gamblers choose to use the mobile app or website next to the regular platform. This way you profit optimally from everything the casino has to offer.

A reliable casino has the right licenses

Of course you can only play gambling on a reliable website. The online casino has all your personal information. And then we do not even have all the money that goes into gambling.

Fortunately, you really do not have to rely solely on your instinct. This is because the gambling world is closely monitored by various international bodies.  The games of chance authority is such an independent body that supervises. In addition, the games of chance authority is also responsible for granting licenses.Every casino must have a number of licenses before they can offer gambling games on the website at all. Of course, they do not receive this as a gift. The gambling company must meet strict conditions before they are eligible for a license. After they have received the correct permit, the check does not stop. The casino must constantly prove itself. Otherwise the papers will be withdrawn.

You might prefer to gamble at a casino licensed by a gaming controller in the European Union. There are plenty of online casinos that have a British, Maltese or Cypriot gaming license.And these permits in Europe really guarantee that you have chosen a fair and reliable casino. We only show reliable online casinos on our website , so that you as a European player can always bet and trust safe under European supervision.

How do you find a good online casino?

If you enter the term ‘online casino’ in Google, you soon discover that the offer is huge. Royal Panda, Crown Casino, Amsterdam Casino, Polder Casino, Fortune Casino, Leo Vegas and 888Casino are just some of the many names that you’ll see passing. So how do you make a choice from all those different websites?

The most important thing is that you have a platform that suits you.Can you find yourself in the game offer? And do you easily find your way on the website? Perhaps it is even important to you that the casino has a good VIP program or many different bonus actions. Thanks to our reviews, you are at least quickly aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the various online casinos. This helps you to make a good choice. Also try out multiple casinos before you decide to deposit money into your account. This way you immediately notice whether the platform suits you or not. Good luck!

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