Three Fantasy-Filled Islands with Massive Rewards – It Can Only Be Casino Heroes

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Casino Heroes is a unique online casino experience where playing your favourite games can see you progress through three fantasy levels. Guide your avatar through the levels and defeat the mighty boss to progress and win huge rewards. Each of the three islands has a mission for you to complete and you achieve this by completing each of the islands but standing in your way is a boss and he is extremely tough to take down.


Play any online casino games listed to begin your adventure. Every spin you take on the slots will see your avatar move further into the island. The more you play on CasinoHeroes, the further you go and to benefit from this, you’ll need to play real money stakes with a minimum spin value of at least 0.20 a spin.


The end of each region is a boss and he’s waiting to thrash seven bells out of you. To begin the battle, a new screen will appear with a grid of 9 boxes; simply pick a box to begin the round. Hiding within the boxes are rubies, free spins, weapons to help defeat the boss, health to give you more chances of winning or a big old boss!

When you receive a weapon, it will be added to your weapon inventory which is positioned at the bottom left of the screen. Weapons consist of 1 to 3 strikes and this is shown by lightning bolts. When a boss tries to whack you, you can use your weapons in your inventory to attack them.

Shuffle will trigger a new feature which will randomly shuffle the boxes to add more thrills and excitement. Keep an eye on your health and the health of the boss to the top right; to defeat him, this umber needs to reach zero.

Reveal a boss in a box and he will deliver a strike and reduce your health count by 1 point, not unless you find a weapon in a previous box!

Revealing a boss fight win will allow you to keep all your treasures and will see you moving on to the next region and you’ll be working your way towards the next boss.

Naturally, if you reveal a boss fight lose, you lose all your treasures and the fight, and you’ll be pushed back to the region you were in.

Rubies are the currency of the regions and you can collect these by playing casino games. The more you play, the more you collect, and these can then be used in the Ruby Store to purchase items to further enhance your online casino experience. If you’re yet to join, new players receive an exclusive welcome bonus worth €100.