Become a Hero and Win Big Rewards

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Casino Heroes thought long and hard about their name – they wanted to deliver a unique gaming experience which cannot be found anywhere else, and when online casinos claim to have this, they really don’t. Unless they’re called Casino Heroes. You gaming adventure begins when you sign up and from there, you’ll embark on a legendary journey across three fantastic islands. You and your avatar will progress as you play your favourite games until you come to a stop – the boss stop.

Each island has a goal for you to reach, and these are accomplished by completing all three island regions, and you do this by defeating the bosses. Each region could see you unlock princely prizes with hidden treasure bags containing amazing prizes.

Playing any casino games will see you advance further on the prize-winning trail. Each spin of the reels will add to your progression meter, so the more you play, the further you’ll go. The minimum real money spend per spin for points is set at €0.20 – perfect for low stakes players.

Ready to Engage in Battle!

When you come to the end of a region, you will face the boss, I think we’ve already said that. You’ll be presented with a grid with 9 clickable boxes and all you need to do is to pick a box at the start of each round. Here’s what you can expect from those boxes (which can contain Rubies, free spins, weapons to help you win, health or a boss):

  • Weapons – When you receive a weapon, it will be added to your weapon inventory (bottom left of the screen). Weapons consist of 1 – 3 strikes and this is shown by lightning bolts
  • Using your weapons – When a boss tries to strike you, you can use weapons in your inventory to fight them
  • Shuffle – this is a new feature that will randomise your boxes to add to the excitement of the game
  • Health – Your health is shown in the top left and the Boss’ health is displayed in the top right. In order to defeat the Boss, you need to bring its health number to zero
  • Boss – If a Boss appears from one of the boxes, he will strike you and you’ll lose one health point, unless you found a weapon in a previous box
  • Boss fight win – You get to keep your treasures and progress to the next area and play your way towards the next Boss
  • Boss fight lose – You lose the treasures from the Boss fight and get pushed back to the region you were in. By playing more you will soon get to challenge the same Boss again.

Rubies are the currency of the land which allows you to exchange for casino gameplay. The more you stake, the more you’ll gather and before you know it, your bankroll will be awash with dazzling gemstones. What will you unearth at Casino Heroes?