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Highloller Casino is a casino for the real casino fanatic. For a real highroller, the limits can not be high enough. He has a substantial bankroll and puts this money strategically on the various slot machines and table games.The highroller only pursues one goal: to raise as much money as possible with gambling. A casino called Highroller immediately attracts the attention of players with a large gambling budget. Do you have to do with a smaller wallet? Do not skip Highroller Casino with the thought that you are not welcome here anyway. You do not necessarily have to gamble with large amounts to enter into Metrocity .Now we hear you think …. Metrocity ???”Absolutely. This is the fictional city in which your gambling adventure at Highroller Casino takes place.

Enter the dark metropolis Metrocity

Go to highroller.com and you immediately imagine yourself in a different world. It looks like you’ve arrived in the New York hood, where a crime has just been committed. The ribbon with crime scene is still there and the inhabitants are motionless to look at what has happened. The banner Welcome to the Jungle does indicate in what kind of city you go.Metrocity is a somewhat dark metropolis in which it is all about excitement, looting, games and rewards. This is a somewhat curious combination, but it simply describes the assignment you have. You play casino games, plunder your way through the back streets of Metrocity and on the way you collect one reward after the other.This only works if you keep moving constantly. If you do not do this, you can just become the next target …

To be able to roam the streets of Metrocity, you first have to become a Roller .This is how the inhabitants of this city are called. Create an account, leave your data and the first step is taken. But of course, inhabitants of a city do not just have a (hidden) name. You also want a face with it so you know who you have for you. That is why every player has to create an avatar that you can adjust to your own discretion. Are you going for a tough image or do you want to hang out intellectually? Through clothing, hats, glasses, hairstyle and skin color you create a unique character where you can hide behind. You meet the avatars of the other inhabitants everywhere. You will see if someone has logged in or when one of the Rollers has won a prize In this way there is a very own community that you are part of.

Collect coins, play sting games and earn free spins

In many towns and villages, residents try to help each other a little. In Metrocity you do not make friendships and you are not at all ready for them with good advice. What you do is wait for your chances until another Roller makes a mistake and you can hit it.

Highroller Casino works with a system of coins and stings .Every time you play a casino game, you see on the left side of your screen that your progress bar is getting fuller.How fast this goes depends on the games that you choose. The progress bar represents the pace at which you move through the streets of Metrocity .As soon as a third of the bar is filled, you get access to a so-called sting game .The goal of this game is to steal the coins from players who have not been active for 5 days or more on the website of Highroller Casino. It can also happen to you that you appear in the sting game of another player.At the game you get to see the avatars of four potential victims. The number of coins that they have collected until then has been mentioned.You are of course the player with the most coins. Because what you take, you can keep. These are the simple laws of the streets of Metrocity .However, speed is also offered. Half an hour after you get the sting game, he goes again.Make sure you play the game quickly, otherwise those extra coins will pass by your nose.

If you play a lot of casino games, the progress bar will automatically fill up and you’ll collect more and more coins .Even if you do not log in for a day, the number will increase. In fact, residents of Metrocity are rewarded daily with an extra currency. With these coins you can go to the only shop that this fictional city is rich. The store is mainly filled with free spins for various casino games. That is certainly a nice reward. But there is more to earn in Metrocity. Every time your progress bar is full, you reach a player level higher. That means you leave one neighborhood and explore the next neighborhood. Here you will find all kinds of free spins, extra coins and free play credits.However dark Metrocity may be, it is really a city where every gambler likes to stay.

Take a gamble in the casino of Metrocity

With this unique world of rollers, avatars, coins, stings , Highroller Casino has a unique concept.Yet it is important that all that fuss does not come at the expense of what is really important: the game offer.Highroller Casino has made a selection of the most exciting games from providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Quickspin, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft and Play ‘n Go. This provides a very varied selection of games such as Mega Moolah, Jack and the Bean bar, Blood Suckers, Mega Fortune, Starburst, Planet of the Apes, Book of Dead and more. There are hundreds of cabinets to choose from, and you quickly reach the desired category. First of all you can choose between the regular slot machines and the jackpots slots .If these lists appear on your screen, you make a further selection. You go for the latest g ames, the classic slot machines, cabinets with a progressive jackpot or do you only want a game where you can win at least a million?At Highroller Casino you quickly and easily get the right games so you can immediately start gambling.

Of course, the casino is not just about the many slot machines. For fans of other games, Highroller Casino has plenty to offer. There are about 35 variants of the various popular table games. This makes it easy to exchange a game of classic blackjack or French roulette with Carribean Stud poker or Multi-hand blackjack. Most gamblers who go for these table games visit one of the busier places of Metrocity .And that’s the live casino. You may find it nice to take it seriously and just choose standard roulette, blackjack, poker or baccarat. For those who like variety, there is speed roulette , double ball roulette, three card poker and controlled squeeze baccarat .The different VIP tables are specially designed for players who like to gamble with large amounts. Because at this casino the real high rollers are of course not forgotten.

Deposit money a get a nice welcome bonus

Do you already want to become a resident of Metrocity because of the excellent game offer and the many free spins? Register yourself as a player and immediately deposit money into your account. Highroller Casino accepts deposits from 10 euros. But if you want to deposit 500 or 5,000 euros directly, that is also possible. Although this may not be high enough for a highroller. You can deposit money via well-known payment methods such as VISA and MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Sofort Banking and ordinary bank transfer.

The first deposit immediately gives you a welcome bonus. Compared with other online casinos, Highroller Casino is pretty generous. It is a 200% deposit bonus with a maximum value of 100 euros. When you deposit 50 euros, then you already have 150 euros to gamble with.As an extra you also get 50 free spins. These are spread over 5 days, where you get 10 free spins every day for another game. This way you can fully discover the various slot machines on the website.Every time you put the slot machine into operation or play a game of roulette or blackjack, there is the chance that you will win money.As soon as you want to request a payment, you immediately notice that this type of business is well organized at Highroller Casino. Applications are usually processed within 24 hours, and you only have to save 10 euros to put the payout process into effect.With this, Highroller Casino shows that recreational gamblers are valued just as well as players with a large gambling budget.

Need help during your journey through Metrocity?

In the dark Metrocity you are basically alone.You have to be smart and cunning to take extra coins and thus increase your own chances of winning.In that world of cunning and looting it is nice if you can sometimes fall back on someone. You can contact customer service for that. Highroller Casino simply has excellent customer service that can be reached via e-mail (crew@highroller.com) or live chat.As it is in Metrocity , customer service also has its own avatar.Wherever you are on the website, at the bottom right of the screen is always the avatar of a pigeon with a headset. The Highroller Casino customer service is at your disposal 24/7. For general questions there is a FAQ page, but this is somewhat hidden. Moreover, the FAQ page is not very extensive so it is often easy to click directly on the avatar with the pigeon.

The perfect casino for every gambling style

Every gambler is different. One goes for the big money and gambles with enormous amounts, while the other person thinks it is exciting to work with a decade. The place where you prefer to gamble is also different for everyone. Maybe you like to crawl behind the laptop at home to play a game in peace and quiet. Or do you use every free moment and do you always want a mobile casino at hand for a game of Starburst or Mega Moolah?

Highroller Casino takes into account every gambling style. That can already be seen in the wide limits. Payouts start at 10 euros, but you can even withdraw up to 50,000 euros per day. With this, Highroller Casino really ranks among the online casinos with the highest limits. In addition, there are separate roulette, blackjack and poker tables for each gambling style. Tables with a low limit are ideal for players who are just watching in the gambling world, while gaming tables with an extra high limit attract plenty of professional gamblers.

Whichever game table or slot machine it will be, it is especially important that you can play a casino game wherever and whenever you want. Highroller Casino has developed a website that works fine on both laptop and mobile devices .You can easily navigate from one page to another and the games generally load quickly. Even if you want to visit the live casino from your smartphone, this is flawless. And do you want to deposit money, chat with customer service or play a sting game to collect extra coins?The mobile casino does what it has to do. You have to love the comic style of the website and the idea that you move through a fictional city like a character. Do you want to focus purely on the casino games without being distracted by avatars, coins and such things? Then Highroller Casino is simply not the place for you. Anyone who likes to immerse themselves in a unique world is right here. In that case we can only say: create an avatar and move to Metrocity!


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