Blackjack in Live Casino

Playing Blackjack in Live Casino with a Live Dealer

Playing live blackjack is perfect for punters who want to bring the casino floor into their own homes. There are many different online casinos offering a live blackjack experience, but whilst these may differ in player interface, the aim of the game remains the same. Blackjack is a popular choice among online casino players, because of it’s simple gameplay with the possibility of returning some big cash – but knowing how to play before taking your seat at the live dealer table is vital. Live blackjack with a dealer is available 24/7 – allowing you to indulge in this thrilling table game at a time that suits you.

Blackjack has remained a popular casino game

Blackjack dates back to the early 1700’s in French casinos, where it was called Vingt-et-Un which translated to English means twenty-one; the number you need to a achieve to beat the dealer and win the game. Over the years, blackjack has remained a popular table game and is available in a standard form as well as a live casino game.

How to Play Live Blackjack

Live blackjack is a thrilling experience that allows players to not only interact with the dealer, but they can interact with other players too. Real dealers will welcome the players to the table and you can enjoy top-class gaming through HD quality streaming and in real-time – with no buffering.

Take a seat at the virtual table and place your bets using the coloured chips on display. When the count-down timer reaches zero, no more bets will be taken. You will be able to see the best that other players are staking and there will be empty spaces appearing when players leave. The live blackjack dealer will shuffle the standard deck of 52 cards and draw the cards before dealing. All hands will be visible and its at this point that you can choose to draw more cards or stick – with the goal being; get as close to or on 21, to beat the dealer. You won’t be competing against the other players at your table, you’ll all be competing against the dealer.

The cards 2 through to 10 are worth their face value, whilst all picture cards are worth 10. Aces can be used as 1 or 11 – whichever is the most valuable.

The standard live blackjack table will be a half-circle shape and the dealer will be sat or stood at the top of the table. Up to seven players can take a place at the table in the hope of beating the dealer. You will also find an option on the screen which shows you the pay outs and history of the game.

Customise Your Live Blackjack Gameplay

Regardless of where you choose to play live blackjack, you will be able to customise your screen to suit your style of play. There will be options for sounds, allowing you to hear the dealer – they don’t just deal the cards you know, they talk to the players and engage in conversation as the game is in full swing. Other options allow you to chat to the live blackjack dealer and the other players sat at your virtual table. Rules on how to play and settings will also be shown on screen – some even allow you to customise the lay out of the screen, so you may want a bigger table view with a small chat feature or vice-versa.

When accessing live blackjack on mobile, the lay out will differ ever so slightly. The screen will be more compact and you will be required to rotate your device to landscape mode, to get a better gaming experience. Use the buttons to the lower of the screen to set your bets. The chat feature is available, but you’ll need to click into the sub menu to bring this feature into view – which of course will hide the live dealer table until you’ve finished using it. Click the lobby button to switch games or home to finish playing altogether.

Verdict on playing Blackjack in the live casino

Live blackjack is certainly a must for players who love to play blackjack. Why play in complete silence with an animated dealer table and synthetic sounds, when you can engage with live dealers, players and have a great time. Both standard and live blackjack games are the same in rules, but the player interface is totally different. Standard blackjack games offer a virtual feel with tables that can be customised, but it certainly isn’t as good as playing live. Get that one-on-one personal experience when you choose to play live blackjack.


Software: Various providers
Min. Bet: €0.50
Max. Bet: €5000
Live Chat: Yes
Mobile: Yes
Game Type: Live Casino

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