Blackjack Common Draw

Playing Blackjack Common Draw

Live Blackjack Common Draw is an innovative blackjack variant from NetEnt and this version allows players to place bets at a scalable version, whilst waiting for a seat at the standard 7-Box Live Blackjack table. Bets from as low as 1.00 can be placed but if you’re a high roller, you can place bets up to a maximum of 1,000! But what makes this blackjack variant different to the others? This version allows every player the chance to play blackjack, thanks to bets as low as 1.00 and you won’t need to wait for a seat when you choose to play Blackjack Common Draw. Live Common Draw Blackjack is a multi-player Blackjack game that is played with 6 decks of cards. Read on to find out more.

How to Play Blackjack Common Draw

To win Blackjack Common Draw, you simply need to achieve a hand of 21 points to beat the dealer. All number cards hold their face value whilst picture cards are worth 10 points. Ace cards can be used as 1 or 11 points – whichever best suits your hand. If you have more than 21 points in your hand – you bust and its game over.

As you take your seat at the table, you will be instructed by the dealer on where to place your bets and how to start the game. Dragging your chips to the table and clicking start will initiate gameplay. The amount you stake per game is entirely up to you – there’s no pressure to bet big or bet small, just bet an amount that you feel comfortable with.

The lower of the table will display chips from 1 to 500 and players are required to drag chips to the table within the specified time. The dealer will draw the cards and players will be required to draw more or stick. Blackjack pays 3 to 2, Insurance pays 2 to 1. The dealer must stand on 17 and must draw to 16.

The cards are shuffled using an automatic shuffling procedure, which means the cards are shuffled at the end of each game round.

Playing Blackjack Common Draw on Mobile

When choosing to play Blackjack Common Draw on mobile, you will have different icons on your screen;

  • You will be required to click the 2x icon to double your bet and receive additional cards
  • Click the icon with a green symbol to receive an additional card.
  • Click the icon with the red symbol to receive no additional cards.
  • Press the icon with two cards next to each other, to split your hand into two separate hands – this will double your initial bet.
  • The chip with the cross on will cancel your bets.
  • The chip with the arrow will repeat the same bet as the previous round.

Other symbols include;

  • Green lines; this indicated the quality of the network and stream connection.
  • Widescreen allows you to play in full screen mode.
  • Settings allows you to adjust audio and video quality, as well as being able to chat.
  • The speaker will mute all game sounds.
  • The ‘I’ icon displays game ruled, game history and the pay table.

Verdict on Live Blackjack Common Draw

In 2014, NetEnt won the coveted Innovator of the Year award at the IGA Awards for their live casino, which includes the Blackjack Common Draw – which was identified as a huge contribution for the award. HD quality streaming and the ability to adapt to the number of customers and its unique design has led to the iGaming specialist being recognised globally.  The way in which the game is streamed, allows players to think that they are sat in a lobby; a sofa is situated behind the dealer and the glass windows give players a virtual look into the casino floor below – which is a classy and elegant feature.

To the left of the screen is where you will find your current bets, balance and wins – it’s a little bit cluttered, what with a chat feature, little messages displaying who has joined the table and left. Your name is featured here and the current dealer. The right of the screen is where the dealer’s last 10 hands are shown, the last hand for all players and actions in the current hand. Unlike other variants of blackjack, you can’t see who is sat at the table (just a code or username within the chat feature) and you can’t see what they are playing per hand – which adds a touch of anonymity to the game play. The sounds and graphics are crystal clear and we can see how this game bagged the software giant an award.


Software: NetEnt
Min. Bet: €1.00
Max. Bet: €1000
Live Chat: Yes
Mobile: Yes
Language: English, German
Game Type: Live Casino

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