Fast Payout Online Casinos

Show me the money! That’s the motto for many online casino fans, and we know from online forums, review sites, and player complaints that waiting for pay-outs is a big bug-bear for online video slots players.

It’s easy to see why too, and there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get your hands on your money pretty damn quickly.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at why fast payout casinos are such a big deal, how to find fast payout casinos, how to get the most out of them, and how to use them safely.

Let’s have a look at fast payout online casinos.

Moving Money Around

Payment technology is at the heart of the massive modern success of the online gambling industry. Without the means to move money around, there’s no internet economy at all, and it was breakthroughs in this technology, way back in the 1990s that immediately preceded the first online casino sites.

There’s an ongoing complaint from casino players though. That is that it can be quicker to pay into a casino than it is to receive a pay-out from one.

There are some legitimate reasons for this; and some not-so-legitimate potential reasons.

To start with the non-legitimate reasons – or at least, non-legitimate from the point of view of players – it is, sadly, relatively standard business practice to receive money as quickly as possible and to delay payments as long as possible. Money in the bank is an asset to a business and they want to keep it as long as possible. Players can’t even start playing without money in their accounts, in most cases, and casino sites want players to start playing and to spend as much time on a site as possible. Slow pay-outs are – realistically speaking – only going to become an issue for casinos should they become a major PR issue. They are, as our experience of reading forums tell us, but the truth is most players accept a bit of a delay on many payment methods.

The legitimate reasons for slow payouts are more complex

There are legal reasons why payments may be delayed: gambling is a good way to launder dodgy money, and delaying payments make a check on the receiving party possible. And some of the payment delays can be fairly put at the feet of payment processors and banks, and choosing your payment method carefully is a way towards even better fast pay-outs at casinos.

Access to your money is an important issue, and you should look for fast payout casinos and make your displeasure known if you don’t receive the service you’re promised. But you need to know what that promise is before you make that demand.

Payment Processing and Banking at Casino Sites

Casino sites know that banking is a big deal for customers. We know that because it’s so easy to find information on it – it’s right there on the front page, usually at the centre and the bottom of the page, next to the licensing details.

This is where you need to start your hunt for good quality and fast payout services. This will probably include a trip to the site’s FAQs page too.

On the front page, you’ll probably find a list of payment methods and logos.

These are likely to include – and you should look for a good range of these – debit and credit cards, bank transfers (perhaps including dedicated bank payment processing services), e-wallets (PayPal is the most famous), prepaid cards, mobile payment methods, and perhaps others, that may include crypto payment methods and other apps.

You should get yourself a working knowledge of the laws on gambling in your country when you do this. Not all payment methods are legal in all jurisdictions, (some are unavailable for commercial reasons) so if you see a payment method that you shouldn’t be able to access then you should turn your mouse around and click your way back home.

Once you have found that list you can check out the banking page of the FAQs and look at what the terms are.

Hopefully, you will find a list of accepted payment methods, and you will also find the terms of use for each one, including a time limit or time frame for payments in both directions.

You may not find that though until you sign up. We’re not great fans of such an approach and reckon you should be looking for sites that give you as much information as possible when you’re just window shopping.

Wherever money changes hands online you’ll find a long list of terms and conditions. We know that almost all people ignore these documents. If you ignore them then fair enough, but if you have the time to read them you may well find it eye-opening.

Safe Sites and Fast Payments

Here we’ll make our first intervention on safety.

Safety should be your first priority when it comes to choosing an online casino site.

We have good information for you on how to check out a safe site in our other guides, but to give you a short version, you need to make sure you’re playing only at licensed and legal sites that are licensed and legal in your country, and that you are legally entitled to play at.

Fast payments are a good thing to have, but they should never be the main reason why you choose a site.

We’ll look a bit more at safe gambling and behaviour monitoring later on in this guide.

How long?

Check payment methods and their time frames as far as you can.

Here is a fairly typical example that we’ve found in an online casino site.

  • Visa Cards take 2 to 7 days to process.
  • MasterCard payments take from 3 to 5 days.
  • PayPal payments should be processed in no more than 24 hours.
  • Skrill transfers should take less than 3 days.
  • Neteller payments should arrive “nearly as fast as a deposit”.
  • EcoPayz payments should be instant.
  • Fast Bank Transfer payments should be processed in less than 24 hours.

And so on. In almost all cases, bank transfers and payments to cards take the longest to process.

Casino sites will often give you a figure for a payment processor that is true, up to a point. For example, if a payment is handled by the casino instantly, it doesn’t mean that the payment method you are using will also handle in instantly. A fast payout is only a fast payout if it’s fast all along the chain.

Other Limits on Payments

Most payment processing methods have other limits on their use.

Casino sites will generally need you to prove your identity either before you withdraw money or before you withdraw over a certain amount. This will be more than just filling in a form, but providing some sort of documentary proof of your id, usually in the form of uploaded scans of identity documents.

Some of the payment limits are also a way to reduce problems with money laundering. Limits may be set daily, weekly, or monthly, and may be different for each payment method.

It’s common practice for casino websites to try to return payments to the same payment methods that were used to make the deposit.

If this is not possible (not all payment methods accept payments) then they will normally default to paying into your bank account.

Limits may also be set by the player as a matter of safety – and we’ll come onto these issues of personal behaviour later on.

Using Fast Payment Casinos

Getting the most out of fast payout online casinos is easy – if you do a bit of work.

You need to find a safe site. And you need to check out their baking details.

And you need to be using the right payment method yourself.

This is very important, and there are lots of ways you can judge a payment method, and speed of access is not the only one you should consider.

We’ve already established that banking and card payments are usually the slowest pay-out methods at a casino site.

The fastest ones are usually the dedicated electronic methods, the e-wallets or payment processors, however, you want to describe them.

That includes most notably PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. PayPal is the biggest e-wallet in the world, and pretty much the internet’s bank now. Skrill and Neteller are both massive in the gambling world. They stepped into the breach when PayPal withdrew from its position at the top of the online gambling market while laws in the US were up for grabs.

All of these methods are instant-payment methods

But there’s a cost. Bank payments are almost always free. Whereas there is usually a charge for e-wallet payments. For example, PayPal commonly takes 6% of received payments.

So, there’s a balance to be struck. If you want the fastest service you may have to pay. Most casino websites advertise their payments as free-of-charge fir withdrawals. However, that doesn’t remove the right of the payment processor to make a charge. And it’s often a bit of a false promise, with payments kicking in once you withdraw over a certain level.

That’s another way to get faster withdrawals: keep your balance relatively low, so you’re never restricted on the amount you can withdraw by the casino site. This amount is typically in the thousands per week, so you need to be playing a lot – or to have got particularly lucky – for this maximum amount to kick in, but it’s something you can consider.

You can also “earn” your way to faster-paying casinos. The majority of casino sites offer, where it is legal for them to do so, a loyalty scheme of some sort. These schemes reward players for the amount of money they spend at a site, and it does so by giving them extra services. Among the extra services are faster cashier services. We find it a bit concerning that you can buy what we think should be the bare minimum from a casino site, but that’s just the reality of how capitalism works.

So, if you sign up with a loyalty scheme and keep your play to one site then you have a chance to work your way up the levels, and you will undoubtedly be offered at some point faster pay-outs.

Playing at Fast Payout Online Casinos Safely

We make a big deal of safety on this site. We’ll never apologise for it, although it’s something that casino sites would rather be made rather less of we think.

There is a reason why gambling is legally regulated almost everywhere. That is because centuries of experience have shown the potential dangers of gambling. Online gambling has opened up a whole new way of playing, and with it have come new challenges for regulators and for players, who have the option to gamble around the clock in any location.

So fast payouts are great, but they should never ever be considered as an alternative or even weighed in the balance with keeping yourself safe.

Finding a safe site is a great first step in this process, and we’ve mentioned that already. You should go further though and check out what facilities are available at any site you’re interested in to support you in safe gambling. This should include access to advise on safe gambling, the names of organisations in your country who can offer further advice and support if you need it, and it should include tools that allow you to limit your play at a site, and possibly exclude yourself for a period or even forever.

You can do a lot to keep yourself out of trouble with your own attitudes. Counter-intuitively, the best way to enjoy safe gambling is to ignore money completely.

Gambling is a form of entertainment and like most forms of entertainment, it has to be paid for. Now, with gambling, there is a chance that you might actually win some money and come out on top. That chance is there, but it is just a chance.

Take a look at the gambling industry. It is absolutely booming! Gambling businesses and sites are making an absolute fortune, and all of that profit is lost wagers.

So, if you consider gambling a fun pastime that you will have to pay for then you’re off to a good start.

You should certainly never gamble because you need money. And this is where fast pay-outs may be a dangerous thing. The idea that you might have money in a gambling account that you need elsewhere in your life is a dangerous one. Believe us, you don’t want to get into a situation where you are relying on a gambling win and quick access to that money to pay your bills. Hopefully, if you’re heading in that direction you will ask for help well before you get to that stage.

This is what to do:

  • Play for fun and ignore the money.
  • Never play because you need to win money.
  • Don’t play if you’re upset, to try to deal with difficult emotions or with difficult situations. Be wary about playing if you’re intoxicated.
  • Always have a good understanding of how much money you spend and how much time you spend on gambling.
  • Use tools – like deposit limits – that websites provide for you to keep an eye on your play.
  • Set limits for your spending and never exceed them.
  • Never gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose.
  • Look out for early signs of addiction, like feeling uncomfortable if you’re asked about your gambling, or hiding your behaviour or how much you lose.
  • Ask for help if you’re in the least bit concerned with your gambling behaviour, and if you suffer from persistent low moods or feelings of hopelessness please reach out for professional help.

Fast Payout Casinos are Worth Looking For

So we want you to bear all that information in mind. Fortunately, most players are able to enjoy gambling as an occasional and enjoyable pastime.

Keep it like that and fast pay-outs are wonderful tools to get the most out of your play.

Money left in a gambling account is more likely to be spent. So regular withdrawals are actually a good gambling safety tool. Empty that account!

And money in a casino account is money that is earning them interest – though not much at the moment – and that is essentially lost to you.


Choose the payment method that works for you, factoring in speed, but also the cost of transactions and security.

Check out sites for safety, security and legality.

Look up the banking details for a site and make sure you’re happy with the withdrawal times, the charges for any transactions, and the limits for transactions over different periods of time.

And pick a site you love. It’s unlikely that fast pay-outs is going to be a deal-breaker for most casino customers, so put it on your list but don’t make it your number one priority. Fast pay-outs aren’t going to be much use if you hate a site and it doesn’t have a great selection of the online slot, table, and live casino games you want to play.