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Strategy for playing in Online Casino

There are gambling lovers who only trust their instincts. Although this is generally not always the best way to make a profit! A proper casino strategy can and will help you increase your odds of winning. Are you wondering how to go about doing this with an decent casino strategy? Then keep on reading this article and maybe you will find your own winning strategy for playing in the online casino!

Select a casino with the proper licences

Some gamblers are rather sceptical about the concept of an online casino. After all, it is nearly impossible to verify whether the game is progressing fairly. Or is it with a proper casino strategy? Once you select a legal online casino, there are various gambling commissions and gaming authorities keeping an eye on its activities. These do, for instance, verify whether the casino is actually making use of the Random Number Generator (RNG). This system determines at random which symbols appear on your screen or which hand you are dealt. Such a legal and controlled casino has another advantage: you can rest assured that your winnings will, in fact, be paid out. And this happens to be the most important thing if you decide to gamble and play in an online casino.

Get to know the game first

Casino games largely rely on luck. Technically it should not matter whether you have never played the game before or whether you play it every single day. For online slot machines it does not matter indeed. You push the virtual button that puts the machine into operation. After that, it is up to the Random Number Generator to determine the outcome. Each gambler can win, even if they never played on that particular slot machine before.

For the classic table games (such as blackjack, roulette and poker) this is slightly different. For these, you do in fact have some influence on the game. You would do well to first get some experience before going ahead and betting with real money. Luckily, plenty of special demo versions of common casino games are available. Do use those! After all, once you know the game well, you will instantly benefit from it.

Determine your budget

It can be rather easy to lose yourself in a game of gambling. After all, after losing five games of blackjack or roulette, luck has to finally be on your side, right? There are far too many examples of gamblers who keep playing in hopes of finally scoring their big win. Often against their better judgment. Chances are that you lose more money than you can actually afford to. It is therefore wise to decide on a budget ahead of time. This way, you will prevent a situation where your emotions take over while gambling.

One more tip: also determine ahead of time at what profit you will stop gambling. It would be a waste to lose this amount because you keep going for too long.

Spread your chances

Sometimes your first turn will immediately lead to a gain. But what if you bet your entire budget right away and you end up losing that game of roulette or blackjack? In the gambling world it is always a good idea to spread your chances. Per game, you only bet a small percentage of your total budget. The height of this percentage obviously depends on your own financial situation. As a result of betting only a relatively small amount per game, your winnings will never be excessive. Yet this strategy has one big advantage. Because of you spreading your chances, you will actually not lose as much either. This is why this casino strategy will be the most profitable in the long run.

Smart strategies for your favorite casino game

You can follow a different strategy for each casino game. The Martingale strategy, the Red Bet strategy and the Labouchere strategy are examples of some popular strategies amongst roulette players. For card games (and even for online slot machines) you can employ various smart strategies as well. Below, we shortly discuss the best casino strategies.

The Martingale strategy for roulette

Are you regularly spending time at the roulette table? Then you probably already heard of the Martingale strategy. This strategy was already used in the eighteenth century for heads or tails games. However, it has proven to be very effective for roulette as well.

With the Martingale strategy, you always assume an initial bet. You gamble with this money in the first round of the roulette game. If you lose, double this initial bet in the next round. Keep on doubling your bet until you win a round. And it might surprise you that, at that point, you are guaranteed to have made a profit. Just look at what happens when you lose some rounds in a row:

Imagine you are gambling 10 euro in the first round of the roulette game. You lose a number of rounds in a row, as a result of which you already gambled away (10 + 20 + 40 + 80) 150 euro. You win the last round. Once you win a round in the roulette game, you will be rewarded with double your bet. This means that the casino pays out 160 euro, while your total bet was ‘only’ 150 euro. All in all, you made a profit of 10 euro.

The Martingale strategy only works if you choose a square with 50/50 chances of winning. So, these are only odd/even and black/red squares. Moreover, you should never blindly follow this strategy. In theory, you might lose an infinite number of rounds in a row. Your budget most likely will not be as infinitely big. A table limit might also wreck havoc on your plans. Therefore, ensure a clear plan of action before the game starts.

Even more convenient strategies for the roulette game

The Martingale strategy is only one of the strategies that you can apply on the roulette game. The Labouchere strategy and the Red Bet strategy are some other well-known names.

With the Labouchere strategy, you determine ahead of time how much profit you would like to make. You only stop once you obtain this amount. In order to reach this goal, you use some kind of mathematical formula. This formula contains a sequence of numbers that add up to the determined profit amount. Would you like to make a 15 euro profit? Then you might opt for the sequence ‘1-2-3-2-3-3-1’ or ‘2-4-5-4’. The height of your initial bet will be determined by the two outer numbers (so 1 + 1 = 2 euro or 2 + 4 = 6 euro). Once you obtain a profit, remove these numbers from the sequence. Then your next bets should respectively be 5 or 9 euro. Once you lose a round, place the bet amount behind the standing number sequence. The sequence ‘2-4-5-4’ will then become ‘4-5-6’. Continue until all numbers are removed and your profit is in your pocket. If you lose often, you will have to bet a rather big amount of money in order to get a profit of 15 euro. We therefore recommend to also keep a maximum loss in mind. Sometimes the best thing to do is to withdraw from the game in time.

The Labouchere strategy might sound somewhat complicated. Luckily the Red Bet strategy is much simpler. This is why there are quite a few starting gamblers willing to give it a try. The Red Bet strategy is all about the colours red and black. In the first round, you place your chips on the color red. When you lose, double your bet on red, and at the same time place your initial bet on black again. The goal of the doubling is to offset the loss you suffered. Once you lose multiple rounds in a row, you keep on doubling your bet on red. Your bet on black will remain equal to the initial bet. Once you win, the game starts over again. With this strategy, you spread your odds of winning, since you place the bet on both red and on black. This way, your losses will always be limited. The Red Bet strategy works best for European roulette. This is because there is only one 0 in the game, whereas American roulette has two. The 0 is the only green number in the game. So if the ball comes to a halt here, you will lose your entire bet.

Blackjack: playing offensively or not?

Obviously roulette is not the only game in which you can employ such a strategy. For the card game blackjack, there are even entire number tables that players like to use. These number tables indicate exactly whether or not it is advisable to request an extra card.

In this blackjack strategy, the focus is on the card last drawn from the bank. The cards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are low dealer cards, whereas the higher dealer cards represent a value of 7, 8, 9 or 10. Besides, the ace is considered a high dealer card. This dichotomy serves a good purpose. Chances are rather big that the dealer ends up above 21 points if the first card is a low one. This is because the bank has to draw a new card once the total ends up below 17 points. For 17 points or higher, the dealer is obliged to pass.

Let’s take a look at how to use this blackjack strategy in practice. Imagine the dealer opening the game with a low card. In this case, you can cleverly play into this favourable situation by (where possible) splitting and doubling. Splitting means that you create two separate hands once you are dealt two cards with a similar value. Once the first cards have a combined value of 9, 10 or 11, you can double. This means that you double your bet, after which you automatically get one extra card. And the higher the bet, the higher the profit you eventually make. Besides, you might also opt to pass at a lower points total. In this case, you gamble on the dealer buying himself ‘dead’ and ending up above 21 points. Does the bank start with a high card? Be very careful and play as defensively as possible.

What to watch out for in online slot machines?

We already mentioned before that online slot machines cannot be influenced. The Random Number Generator actually determines everything automatically and completely randomly. So, is there absolutely nothing you can do in order to increase your odds of winning? Sure there is! Some casinos indicate at the slots that it has been a long time since the jackpot has been paid out. CasinoEuro does this, as does 888Casino, which has a special symbol for such slot machines. The idea behind this is fairly simple: if there has not been a winner in a while, then the jackpot is bound to fall soon. And who knows, you might just be that lucky winner!

There is something else to watch out for in online slot machines. New players often receive free spins once they sign up for a casino. With these, you can try out the slot machines free of charge and with no strings attached. In order to qualify for these free spins, you do not even have to deposit money in your account. Just leaving behind your details suffices. This gives you a real shot of winning, despite not having to bet anything. For most online casinos, you can only use these free spins on certain slot machines. Starburst is an example of a game that is often selected. These free turns are actually completely different from playing a demo game. With this, you actually get to keep the money that you win. Good deal, or what.

Developing a suitable strategy

After reading all of these casino strategies, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. And then to think that we have not even discussed all of them! There is an endless number of different strategies that you can employ. Although, you do not have to employ all of them. Most important is that you develop your own strategy, that is the best fit for your playing style. So just try a number of different things and see what you like best. We have one final, important tip: never ever divert from your fixed strategy. A casino strategy might actually be the only support you have. If you let go of it during the game, you might unleash chaos. And very few gamblers benefit from a chaotic playing style. Good luck on your next bet with a proper casino strategy!