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Also the sports enthusiast are not forgotten at the online casinos. In the sportsbook of the casino you can gamble on football, tennis, basketball, rugby, formula 1, cycling and much more. The advantage of this type of sports betting is that every game immediately becomes a lot more exciting. In addition, can give your sports knowledge a lot of money.There are even a number of gamblers who now earn tons with their predictions. You do not have to think of these sorts of large amounts right away. For a few euros you can already enter a sports bet and see what the match will bring you.

Looking for the right sports bet

Gambling on sport is extremely popular. You can, of course, go to a specialized bookmaker, but most online casinos are now also equipped with a sportsbook. This way you can easily alternate the sports betting with a game in the casino. Betting on sports is certainly not new. The old Romans are already investing money in the sport of that time: chariot racing.Nowadays gambling is mainly based on football. Horse racing (the modern variant of racing cars) is also perfect for sports betting enthusiasts. But in fact almost all sports are suitable for gambling. Even e-sports and virtual sports are on the rise.

In the sportsbook you will find the most diverse sports and competitions. Do you go for a football match from the British Premier League or are you mainly interested in big tournaments like a World Cup or the Olympic Games? Once you know on which sport, which competition and which match you are aiming your arrows, you still have to look for a suitable bet. In the football world, the regular 1×2 bet is the best known. You then bet on winnings for the home team (1), the away team (2) or a draw (x). In addition, there are many other bets to choose from. The first footballer to score, the number of goals scored in the first half or the number of cards: these are just a few of the many possibilities. And with every sport there are other bets to choose from. In this way, gambling on sport remains interesting.

How does it work with odds, odds or quotations?

With sports betting you automatically get to deal with odds, odds or odds. These are three different names for one and the same element.And that element is pretty essential for you as a gambler. The odds (the term that we only use for the sake of convenience) determine how much profit you earn on a bet.On the European mainland, decimal odds are usually used. These are numbers like 3.36 or 5.16. The British prefer to use fractional quotations, which are noted as 11/8 or 5/2. The Americans take a very different approach by putting a plus or minus sign on it (for example -160 or +280). In order not to complicate it unnecessarily, we now only look at the decimal odds.

Each sports bet is linked to a certain odds. Imagine as a football fan for a standard 1×2 bet at the Eredivisie match between VVV Venlo and Vitesse. At winnings for VVV Venlo the odds are 3.25, with a draw at 3.60 and with a win for Vitesse at 2.10. These figures show exactly how much each euro invested is worth. Do you put a tenner on Vitesse? Then the bookmaker will pay you € 21 if you’re right. In case of a draw, that one deco can even generate an amount of € 36. The higher the odds, the higher the potential profit amount. But of course there is something about this. The bookmakers make a prior estimate of the game and on that basis they determine the odds. At the match between VVV and Vitesse the expectation is that the Arnhemmers will win. You can see that in the lower odds. Now the difference in this game is not even that big. But when the top rider Lazio competes against the much less impressive Hellas Verona in the Italian league, the odds may just look like this: 1.19 (Lazio win), 7.50 (draw) and 13.00 (win Hellas Verona). Because of the low odds, it is of little use to bet on the profit for Lazio Roma. With a surprising win for Hellas Verona you can win a large amount of money in one go. The only question is whether it is wise to take that big risk.

Select the right bookmaker and start betting

In the base it is very easy to bet on sports. You look for an interesting match, study the odds and then it’s time to bet money. Yet you still have to take a few steps before you are ready. So you first need to look for a good bookmaker. You can choose one of the big names in the world of bookmakers. For example, Unibet and Betsson are truly specialized in sports betting. But you can also go for one of the online casinos that has expanded the offer with a sportsbook. You may feel comfortable at Kroon Casino or LeoVegas.The most important thing is that you choose a gambling company that suits you.

In your search for a bookmaker, there are several criteria that you can pay attention to. Does the design of the website appeal to you? Are there perhaps limits that you will have to deal with? And is there a good mobile app or website? In addition, you also get bonuses. Some bookmakers have plenty of special sports bonuses, while other gambling companies offer disappointingly little. Incidentally, there is usually a welcome bonus for new players. A 100% deposit bonus is most common. The amount of your first deposit is doubled by the bookmaker. Make sure you read the bonus conditions carefully before you count your realm. These conditions can be pretty strict.

Have you ever found a good bookmaker who also gives away an attractive welcome bonus? Then it’s time to take action and create an account. You only need to enter a few personal details and your player account is ready. Yet you are not there yet. Because in order to actually bet, there must be enough money in your account. Money depositing can be done via credit card, PayPal, traditional bank overdrafts and e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. In addition, payments via iDEAL are accepted by more and more bookmakers. As soon as the money is in, betting can begin!

Live betting on sports competitions

If you have little experience with gambling, it is wise to opt for a pre-match bet. These are bets in which you pass on your prediction before the start of the match. You can not change anything during the match itself. So in the first quarter of an hour, are you wrong with the football team that you had a lot of confidence in? Then you unfortunately have to watch powerlessly how the bet is lost.

Live bets are more exciting than pre-match betting in that respect. You can first watch the game for a while and see how everything develops. But do not wait too long before you bet. The bookmaker also looks at it and adjusts the odds during the match. This makes it a really exciting battle between you and the bookmaker. There are more and more gamblers who are betting on live betting. It is of course best if you can follow the game directly. Fortunately, there are a number of bookmakers who have their own livestream. Is not such a service available? In that case you must do it with a graphical representation of the competition.This is not ideal, but still good enough to form a clear picture of what is happening on the field.

Some tips for a successful bet

Do you already feel like gambling at sports? Here are some tips to make your betting even more successful:

  • Bookmakers may determine the odds themselves.The big advantage of this is that the necessary differences arise. For one bet, for example, it may be very favorable to go to Mr Green, while betting on another bet is much more attractive at Kroon Casino. If you keep track of several bookmakers, you will always achieve the highest possible profit.
  • Take a good look at the game you are about to gamble on.Are there injuries or is a player suspended? And is the top scorer actually in shape lately? You really do not have to do an in-depth investigation, but make sure you are aware of the most important sports news. Most bookmakers also have extensive statistics available so that you can really make an informed decision.
  • One match is not the other.Imagine the end of the season is approaching and for a middle-engine there is little more to be gained or lost. Placement for the Europa League is no longer there, and there is no team that can still pass in the final league. If this team then has to compete against a team that will fight to stay in the Eredivisie, the interests will play a major role. It will be a duel between a fanatical fighting team and a team that probably thinks about the summer break. Who would win, do you think?

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