RedBet Say Goodbye to Poker by Shutting it Down!

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June has come and gone and so has RedBet Poker. The operator released a statement which details what you should do if you have any remaining and unused tournament tickets and player points. Players will not be able to access poker via the browser nor the download client, but they are adamant that this process will not affect any cash funds which are held in player RedBet accounts whatsoever.

Did you have a poker bankroll on RedBet? Don’t panic! it is entirely safe, and you will be able to access your online wallet as normal. To put your mind at rest, RedBet came up with the following advice on what to do and what to expect now.

Questions and Answers

Q: I have online tournament tickets in my account, what do I do with them?

Use them!

A: RedBet cannot guarantee that the cash value of outstanding poker tickets will be refunded. Please use the tickets with immediate effect.

If you encounter a problem with this or have a good reason for not using the tickets, please contact support asap. All system issued tickets have an expiry date and any ticket that exceeds its original expiry date will not be considered for exchange into cash. Tickets won after 1st May 2019 cannot be exchanged to cash.

If you have been storing satellite route tickets and will not be able to use them in the remaining time, it is imperative that you contact us immediately or you risk loss of this value.

Q: I have player points, what do I do with them?

A: Use them!

Use the facility in the client to change as many of those points to cash as you can. That cash will be in your main RedBet wallet and can be used for any product or withdrawn to your bank. The remaining non-cashable points can be used to buy directly into tournaments, and any winnings from those tournaments will be cash in your main RedBet account. If you have been saving up your points for something specific, contact the operator immediately or you risk loss of this value.

I have live event tickets and the event is not until after 1st June, what do I do?

No problem at all. All live event tickets and packages will be honoured. We will export a manual list of players who have outstanding live event tickets or packages and you will be contacted directly. If you have any concerns, contact support.

Q: I have my whole bankroll on RedBet! What do I do?

A: Chill.

Whatever your RedBet online wallet cash balance was before the poker shutdown, it will be exactly the same afterwards. You will be able to log into the account section of RedBet, no problem, it is only the poker that will be inaccessible.

Q: I have many other worries about this situation, what do I do?

A: Don’t worry, the team are there to help! If anything is stressing you out, just contact them via support.

RedBet are a small poker skin, and their customers can get individual attention at this time if they need it.