Blackjack Party

Playing Blackjack Party

A low-stakes, party-style variant of Evolution Gaming’s world-leading Live Blackjack, comes complete with a massively scalable Bet Behind feature, music, bubbly chat and game guidance from our TV-trained duo of dealer and co-presenters. Blackjack Party is not as serious as other live blackjack games, instead, the party atmosphere adds a touch of fun for punters looking to indulge in a bit of light-hearted gameplay. Seven players ca sit at one table and there are rich betting features at the table, including 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets, Insurance, Doubling Down, Splitting Pairs, and Pre-Decision. Not only can seven players sit at the table, but an unlimited number of players can bet behind the hottest players while they wait for one of the 7 seats to become free. At the same time, seated players can also bet behind any other seat or seats.

How to Play Blackjack Party

As with all blackjack games, you will need to beat the dealer to win; scoring as close to or on the number 21 as possible. Enter the Blackjack Party room and you’ll be met with an elegant layout with two hosts at the table. Cheerful banter takes place as the game is players and unlike Blackjack in Prive Salon, you can see the other players at the table and the bets that they are placing. Place your chips on the table, by dragging and dropping your desired value and wait for the dealer to draw your cards; placing one card face up in front of ach player at the table from right to left. The dealer will repeat this process until there are two cards in front of each player. The dealers have two cards; one is visible and one is face-down. Players will then choose to draw more cards or stick – the game will end when each player at the table has either won or bust.

Surrounding the gaming screen is where you will find various options and settings. The top right is where the chat options, sounds, game history, side bets and rules on how to play will be positioned. There’s also an option to fill your whole screen with the game. Opposite this is the chat box where you can engage in conversation with other players as well as the dealers and hosts. The lower screen shows your total bet and balance, with options of adding other tables and exiting to the lobby.

Playing Blackjack Party on Mobile

Blackjack Party is a mobile optimised live casino game, allowing punters to engage in fun-filled gameplay on the move. Regardless of where you may be, you can launch Blackjack Party through the browser on any mobile or tablet device, providing you have a reliable internet connection that is. Playing the game on mobile is identical to playing on a desktop computer – the only difference being is that the screen will be slightly more compact and you have the option to adjust the view. If you’re inactive of bets for roughly 5 minutes, live the live streaming will pause and a massage will display that it has been paused due to inactivity – simply press play and the love stream will continue.

Verdict on the Blackjack Party game

Blackjack Party is a great addition to Evolution Gaming’s live dealer portfolio, as it welcomes low stakes and offers a vibrant gaming environment. The studio is designed to offer a touch of elegance; not reminiscent of a party atmosphere we must admit, but it is cheerful and offers something that other live blackjack tables don’t. Think of a swanky hotel where a ball is being held – this is more like the typical party you will experience, instead of party hats and whistles. The concept is perfect and allows you to enjoy a bit of company whilst playing, but for those who like to bet anonymously, you may feel the pressure of having other people seeing your bets. Now and again, you will see a third person enter the studio – they’re sole purpose is to shuffle the cards (two decks of 52 cards are used). Video quality can be adjusted to suit your style of play and the bet behind options you to adjust options such as; double my bet to cover both hands, bet on the right hand only, double my bet and do not double my bet. Familiarise yourself with all the features before you place your bets. Players can log in and watch the game unfold without having to place any bets. All in all, Blackjack Party is a unique live casino game that offers a great community feel.


Software: Evolution Gaming
Established: 2006
Min. Bet: €5
Max. Bet: €1000
Live Chat: Yes
Mobile: Yes
Language: English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish
Player Type: Fun & Party Mood
Game Type: Live Casino

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