Bingo has a somewhat dusty image. With this game, you quickly think of a group of elderly people who are bent over their bingo card. And yet that is sin. Because bingo is really such a game in which the tension can increase considerably, especially if the first numbered balls are already favorable to you. It is no coincidence that there have been several variants of the bingo game in circulation for centuries. The latest form of bingo you come across in the online casinos. You no longer have to work with pen and paper, but you can simply play the game from behind your computer. Also think of the low costs for a bingo card and the nice cash prizes that can be won and you are sold.

The rules of the bingo game are so simple

There are those gambling games that everyone can join. Bingo is such a game. The rules are so simple that it takes little time and effort to get everything under control. The game consists of a bingo card and dozens of numbered balls. The numbers of the balls correspond to the numbers on the bingo card. At least, part of it. Because where there are 75 or 90 numbered balls in the bingo machine, only a quarter or a third are on the card.

One ball is drawn one by one from the bingo machine. Is the number on your bingo card? Then you can mark it out. Is the drawn number not on the card? Then it is hoped that you are more fortunate with the next ball. You win the game if you are the first person to remove all numbers. In fact, you play against other bingo player enthusiasts.

From the Italian lotto to the modern online bingo game

The great charm of bingo is the simplicity of the game. Moreover, the rules have changed little in recent centuries. Bingo is derived from the lotto game, which officially originated in Italy in 1530. From Italy, the game spread rapidly over the rest of Europe. In those days there was no question of a rotating machine and numbered balls. The game was simply played with a big bag filled with wooden chips on which the numbers stood. At least as efficient as the bingo machine of today. The purpose of the game is also familiar to you. There had to be a full row on the card and then it was clear who the winner was.

The popularity of the lotto game also did not go unnoticed in the United States. The Americans started working with a form and a hand full of beans in the early twentieth century. These proved ideal to cover the drawn numbers. The slogan ‘Beano!’ then indicated that someone had a full line. And from beano to bingo it is of course only a small step.The basis of the bingo game has always remained the same. What has changed is that you can now play a game of bingo at any time of the day. More and more online casinos offer this game because of which it has become even more popular.

Win prizes with a single row or pattern

The ultimate goal of the bingo game is of course getting a full card. Yet that is not the only way you can get a prize. There are also casinos where you already have enough of a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. Sometimes these rows are even combined with a full card. In the first round you must have one row full, in the second round two rows and that goes on until there is a full card. As an alternative, it may be the intention to make a certain pattern, although this is not so common in online bingo. Anyway, you would be wise to look carefully at the rules of the bingo game that you choose. That way you know what to focus on.

Different variants of bingo

Apart from the different patterns you can win with, there are also different variants of the bingo game. This sounds more complicated than it is. Usually the difference is in the number of balls. The classic bingo game is played with 75 balls (1 to 75). The corresponding bingo form consists of 24 numbers divided over 5 columns:

  • Column B: 5 numbers from the series 1 to 15
  • Column I: 5 numbers from the series 16 t / m 30
  • Column N: the numbers from the series 31 t / m 45.This is 4 instead of 5 numbers; the middle box is empty.
  • Column G: 5 numbers from the series 46 to 60
  • Column O: 5 numbers from the series 61 t / m 75

As a variation on this classic bingo game with 75 balls, there is also played with 90 balls. The 90 ball- bingo game is originally from England and has now conquered all of Europe.The bingo form contains 3 rows and 9 columns, which are filled in total with 15 numbers.It is therefore more difficult to fill a row or the complete card than with 75 Ball bingo.Do you want to try something else? Then go for 30 or 80 Ball-bingo. The variant with 30 balls goes very fast, which has even earned it the nickname ‘speed bingo’. Only has This fast 30 Ball-bingo in most online casinos is unfortunately not yet conquered.

Bingo: a perfect game for every gambler

In a casino you might first go in search of flashy slot machines and exciting roulette and poker games. But if you want something completely different, you should definitely go into bingo. The biggest advantage of this game is that everyone can win. The bingo form and the balls do the job. You just have to show off and hope that you have luck on your side. Many people also choose bingo because it is a fairly cheap gambling game. In the online casinos there are bingo forms available where you can play from 5 cents. It differs per bingo game and per casino how high the required bet is, so with a little research you come naturally to the game that fits your gambling budget.

That a game has a low bet, you will of course see back in the prize pool. For example, Unibet offers a bingo game in which an amount of 20 euros can be won with a stake of 5 cents. Bingo forms that cost 50 cents can, in one go, yield 150 euros. Besides these regular prizes, there are also casinos that connect a progressive jackpot to the games. Who knows, you might win thousands of euros with your bingo form.

Increase your chances of winning at the bingo game

For bingo you do not have to think out complicated strategies. It also makes no difference whether you have been playing the game for years or whether you are participating for the first time. Bingo is all about luck. Yet there are a number of ways to increase your chances of winning:

  • Avoid peak times. In bingo you basically take on other players. The more people participate in the game, the less chance you have of winning. Try to avoid the busiest times so that you have to beat fewer players. For example, the early morning is a perfect time to try your luck.
  • Spread your chances.You only need one good bingo card to make a profit. Nevertheless, the chance that you are already winning with that one card is not that great. You increase your chances of winning by playing with multiple bingo forms at the same time.At most online casinos it is also possible to sit with 3 or 4 cards and see what the draw will bring you.
  • Little gambling budget?Go for a low-cost bingo game! Bingo is ideal for players who do not want to spend too much money on gambling. You also want to play with multiple cards with a small budget. Do research at various online casinos and compare the costs of the bingo cards. By choosing smartly, you can still play with many different bingo forms.
  • Note any bonus actions. Every casino tries to attract as many players as possible. And that means that there are sometimes attractive bonus promotions that you can apply to the bingo game. How about an action like ‘buy two bingo cards and the third is free’? This way you get the maximum out of your gambling budget.
  • Also join a bingo tournament. Bingo is really such a game with a fixed group of players. Once you have been sold to the game, you will automatically return. Some casinos organize special bingo tournaments that are particularly popular among loyal bingo players. This is because extra cash prizes can be won. Read in advance what you have to do, because the rules are different at every tournament.

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