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Online casinos have a very varied selection of games. For example, you can go there for one of the classic table games. Maybe you are lucky at the roulette table. Or are you just such a type that likes to try different strategies during a game of live poker? Of course you can also choose in the casino for your favorite slot machine or a hypermodern video slot. Even scratch cards and bingo games are often available in various variants. We already put together the most popular casino games for you. This helps you to make a good choice.

Online slot machines

You’ve probably thrown a few coins in a slot machine. These classic slot machines were available for decades in many cafés, sports canteens or cafeterias. Nowadays, the control of these kinds of games has become a lot bigger. Because of the more stringent rules, many cafés and cafeterias have also removed the slot machine.

In the (online) casino, these popular games are fortunately still to be found. Maybe you’re going for a game of Bells On Fire or Cash Splash Reel. These slots are equipped with rotating reels with various symbols on it. As soon as you press a virtual button, the machine comes into operation. You have a winning line if, for example, three or five of the same symbols appear on the screen. In the online casino you can find numerous variations on this classic game. So just try out a few.

Hypermodern video slots

Do you enjoy casino games with spectacular graphics and exciting storylines? Then the ultramodern video slots are really something for you. Basically these slot machines look a lot like the classic slot machines. Because often you have to make a combination of symbols to eventually get away with the profits.

Each video slot has a different theme. At Arabian Nights, for example, you imagine yourself in a thousand-and-one-night fairytale. In the game Jack Hammer you just creep into the skin of a detective who is busy fighting evil. Yet not all video slots have such a clear storyline. The popular Starburst should rather have the cheerful colors and the many sound effects. This will really get you dragged into the game.

Cabinets with a high jackpot

Every gambler sometimes dreams of winning the jackpot. Of course, this can traditionally be done with lottery tickets by playing lotteries, but fair is fair: at the casino occasionally also quite large amounts are won. In 2015, a British player even won the astronomical amount of more than 17 million euros. Now this is obviously an exception. But the fact is that winning the jackpot can turn your life upside down.

A high jackpot attracts extra players. That’s why almost all online casinos have a separate page with special jackpot games. Popular games are Mega Moolah, Rise of the Pharaohs, God of Gold and slot machines such as Fruit Fiesta 3 Reel. All these games work with a progressive jackpot. Every time someone plays the game, the jackpot amount becomes higher again. Because of this, a few thousand euros win at the one slot machine, and at the other game the jackpot is already at a few tons.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) determines entirely randomly when the jackpot falls. Nevertheless, gamblers want to estimate their chances. That’s why some casinos choose to mark the games when the jackpot has not fallen for a long time. Because in the end it must be a hit once. Such a sign does not give any guarantee. Although this is for many players the only grip they have.

Choose one of the classic table games

Fruit machines, video slots and other slot machines already provide the necessary tension. But in a casino, the classic table games are of course not to be missed. The most famous card games are blackjack, poker and baccarat. Roulette is another classic that can be found in every casino.

You can also go to the live casino for these classic table games. Via a webcam you have direct contact with a croupier. It is placed at a game table so that you can play a game of baccarat, blackjack, poker or roulette live. You do not have to leave the door for that real casino experience.

Try your luck at the roulette table

Roulette is liked to be played by both novice and experienced gamblers. That’s because you decide how hard you make it.

The game starts at the moment you place the chips in the playing field. This field consists of boxes with the numbers 1 through 36. There are also separate courses with terms such as ‘odd’, ‘even’, ‘black’, ‘red’, ‘first 12’ and so on. Who wants to play safe, chooses to put the virtual chip on a color. Even with odd / even you have a 50% chance that your prediction comes true. Are you going for the big money pot? In that case you take risks and choose one of the numbers.

If everyone has bet, the ball will start rolling. You can not do anything now; determines fate. And that is precisely what causes enormous tension when the ball begins to roll slower and slower.

Blackjack and the magic number 21

Blackjack is one of the most played card games in the world. The rules are relatively simple. You have to collect cards with a total value of 21 points (or come as close as possible to the neighborhood).

In the game of blackjack, it is only between you and the croupier. You get two open cards, and the dealer gets one open and one closed card. You do not know how exactly you stand for it. This makes it very exciting to decide whether you want an extra card or not.

For blackjack players, it is important that they have the value of the cards in their heads. The cards with the numbers 2 up to and including 10 obviously represent their own value. The farmers, women and men are each worth 10 points. And then we have the Ace. This card has an exceptional position because it has two different values: 1 or 11. You can decide for yourself which value the card will eventually receive. Please note that the number of points does not exceed 21. Because then you have automatically lost.

Discover the popular poker game

Large poker tournaments are regularly organized around the world. Well-known poker players such as Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey have already won millions of dollars with these kinds of tournaments. Now this is impossible in the online casino, but the tension of the game is no less.

Poker has a completely different image than the other card games you play in the casino. It is not only about the cards that are on the table. Bluffing and understanding the opponents are essential factors in the game. At least if you take on other poker players. Because in the online casino it is also possible to play against the croupier or the computer.

The poker game has different variants. Yet Texas Hold’em poker is by far the most popular. With this game, each player is dealt two cards. In addition, there are five cards open on the table. From all these cards you have to choose five to make the best possible combination. The Royal Flush is the best combination in the game. You then have a 10, farmer, wife, lord and an ace of a single card type. Other good combinations are Straight Flush, Four of a Kind and Full House. You have several rounds of time to find the perfect combination. So if the cards are not good then it is wise to skip the game.

Scratch cards and bingo

At an online casino, you might not be thinking about scratch cards or bingo. Unfairly. There are a lot of people who like to play these games.

Scratch cards and bingo are very accessible casino games. This is mainly due to the low minimum effort. From 10 cents you can, for example, already buy an online bingo or scratch card. With scratch cards, the goal is to find three identical images. All images on the card are covered with a scratch layer. With a virtual coin you can then scratch this layer away from the box. Do you already have two of the same images? Then the tension increases. Because you only win the game if you find a third box with the same image.

Online bingo is available in various variants. So you often have the choice between 75 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo. The principle is the same with both these variants. You have to ensure that you get a full bingo card. Even if you have a smaller price for a smaller price, it is sometimes enough to fill one row. The numbered balls are always randomly drawn by the computer. If the number is on your card, you may omit it. Simple and yet very nice!

Gambling on sports with Sportsbetting

Online casinos are mainly known from the many slot machines and the classic table games. Yet there are more and more casinos that also offer sports betting. Take a look at the website of Kroon Casino or LeoVegas. 888Casino has even launched a separate name for these sports betting: 888Sport.

Football is by far the most popular sport to gamble on. Although it is a shame if you look no further than that. Because it is certainly interesting to take a gamble at tennis, basketball, horse racing, boxing or Formula 1. You can choose to place a bet before the match starts. Do you want something extra exciting? Then go for a live bet. You put your money in while the match is already under way. So you can directly respond to what happens on the field or the job. In addition to these pre-match and live bets, some casinos also show virtual sports competitions. This is a kind of combination between a slot machine and ordinary sports betting .In a virtual game you really do not need much knowledge of the sport. It is more a matter of luck if your prediction comes true.

Free practice with a demo game

Happiness is an important factor in online casino games. With slot machines and video slots you are even 100% dependent on the lot. But if you choose one of the table games then you still have some influence on the course of the game. It is therefore nice if you have the game in your fingers before you actually gamble with money. Fortunately, you can choose a demo game at many online casinos. The rules and odds are exactly the same as with the real casino game. The only difference is that you do not have to invest any money. This obviously has consequences. Because if you win the game you will not receive any money.

The demo games are mainly meant to practice. Although it is also useful that you can try different games in this way. One game is better than the other. And with the demo game you quickly find out where your chances are. If you have enough confidence, you can better switch to the regular casino game. Since you play with real money, the tension only gets bigger.

Free spins and other bonus actions

The demo game is not your only chance to try out the casino games for free. Just register at one of the many casinos. Chances are that you will receive a nice bonus as a reward. Who knows, you might receive a number of free spins. With these free spins you can immediately try out a slot machine. And of course you can keep the money that you win.

If you deposit money into your account for the first time, this amount is doubled by many casinos. That means you have extra play money to try out the different games. Please note that strict deposit conditions often apply to this deposit bonus. Therefore, read the conditions carefully so that you know exactly what you are getting into.

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