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Welcome to OnlineCasino.eu . We are the number 1 website with the best and most reliable online casino overview for Europe. We offer a trustworthy online casino overview for online gambling in Europe. Online gambling is constantly increasing in popularity and with that the range of online casinos. Through us you compare the best online casinos for the European market and you will also find extensive information about these casinos. The casinos shown all have a European license, so you are sure that you always play with a safe party! In addition, comparing online casinos is sensible as you enjoy various current bonuses and promotions through us. So you always benefit from the latest online casino deals!

Online casinos are popular because they are much more accessible than ordinary casinos. You do not have to dress neatly before you go to the gambling hall. Stronger: you do not even have to leave the door to enjoy a night of gambling. From your own home you can play all the games you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And your favorite slot machine is always free. That immediately saves a lot of annoyance.

But there are many more benefits. For example, online casinos have relatively low costs compared to regular casinos. You profit from that as a player. Because the costs are low, they can spend the money in a different way. You often see that an online casino compete fully by giving away big bonuses. There is a welcome bonus for new players, while loyal players are rewarded with additional bonuses and temporary promotions. For a real casino, all these kinds of bonus actions are simply not feasible. They need the money to pay the rent of the property and the staff.

For starting gamblers online casinos have something attractive to offer. Many games are free to try out on the website. This gives you the chance to get to know the casino game a bit before you start gambling with real money. You should not play these free games for too long. Because since you do not use any money yourself, the profit will never be credited to your account.

OnlineCasino.eu is a website created for and by casino enthusiasts and offers a full online casino overview for European players. Our website   OnlineCasino.eu  is 100% independent and always offers a quality offer. We therefore only compare the best online casinos available for the Dutch market. That way you as a player always make a safe choice and play with a reliable party! Besides our online casino comparison, you will also find the most current casino bonuses. Online casinos often try to distinguish themselves by offering a unique welcome bonus to new players. These casino bonuses are often very spectacular and sometimes run up to hundreds of euros which you as a player benefit from free of charge. This is of course a fun start to playing in an online casino and gives you extra leeway and therefore bigger odds.  Find the right online casino for you as a player and in advance we wish you lots of fun and luck with your future bets!